THE TRUTH HURTS | Benazir Bhutto on Conspiracies, Freedom and the World as Corporation

it's a construct - so why don't we change it


I wondered whether something is being done, whether there are some, in some way, doing something to help everyone else – to show everyone else that we alone, to let everyone know that we are alone, very much alone, within this existence and that we have to do something to this existence if we’d want our experience to change.

Imagine you being alone within this existence and you seeing, realising and understanding that all that everyone is experiencing is an illusion, is not real and that all of us in this existence are alone and then each one of us individually is responsible for what is currently happening in this existence, this entire existence within which we experience ourselves.

What would you do?

This was my experience. As I realised that all of us in this existence – really incorporating all that exists – is alone here, and us alone are responsible for all and everything we experience in this existence.

How does one let everyone know this? How does one let everyone understand this? How does one let everyone see this? Because if you, as I have, actually know, understand and realise this entirely – one understand the vast problem, the extensive problem we face within this existence we experience ourselves. Because, I have come to understand that unless each and every one actually really know, understand and realise that each one individually and alone, as all of us together is responsible for this existence and how we experience ourselves: What currently exist will continue – and what currently exist is the most unacceptable atrocious manner of living, it is rather shamefully unspeakable – this is what I say.

In this that I have come to understand in experiencing myself after death – I have realised that each one ‘plays a part’ in stopping such a manner of existence we have all for eons of time accepted as a ‘it is just so’ / ‘it is just as it is’ – and as I have come to understand and realise the necessity for me to stand up, to stand as me, each one will come to understand and realise the necessity to stand up, to stand for themselves as themselves.

So we’ll start to stand together, one by one, until we stop and all stand together – to no more accept and allow such an unacceptable atrocious manner of existing and living.

For one point is certain within me: What we have done can no more continue as is any longer – we have to stop.

The urgency for each one to truly really understand this principle of stopping, I cannot fully express in words.

What I mean by stopping is to stop everything and all within you that may still be of this illusion presented in this world as being a apparent ‘real experience’ which gives you the feeling inside you of being alive.

To stop means to really give up everything inside you that is part of and of this illusion presented in this world to all human beings and simply refuse to participate in anything or with anyone of this illusion – but to stand alone with you, by yourself.

Only here you will start seeing, realising and understating the illusion – and start living what is real that is you. Then understand and realise what is necessary to be done in this existence – as I have.

See, in death – the illusion disappears; the illusion is gone – meaning that you experience you alone, with yourself by yourself as I am in this moment.

Herein you see, realise and understand the illusion that has caught the minds of many.

There is indeed a solution. Though the solution is you.

I would say it not be necessary for you to first have to physically die in leaving this world to understand, see and realise our individual responsibility towards ourselves in this existence as I have when I died – but to realise this for yourself here in this world.

The decision made by myself to leave this world in death was done from within the understanding that I would not have been able to realise my individual responsibility towards me in this life I have just come from.

And so it will be with each one – you will make the decision for you whether you’ll realise your self responsibility here in this world in this life or in death. Either way it is truly irrelevant – because what is relevant in this is really only you and you alone.

Because it is us, us alone that have to, that must stop and be self responsible – taking self responsibility in this entire existence for this entire existence – because we’re in it. And what we have made of it through our acceptance and allowance is…

I do not have words for what we have done…

Therefore I would urge for each one reading this to give yourself the opportunity to really understand and realise what it means to with you, you alone – free from the illusion presented to you in this world and take self responsibility for you.

To STOP – because we must STOP – we cannot, under no circumstance possibly continue in this way we have, the way we have always known, the way we have always accepted and the way we have always allowed: This is what I have realised – each one must STOP.


There are many conspiracy theorists in this world with quite an imagination.

Actually, for that matter – most of what human beings hear of how this world currently operate originate from theorists; they theorize possible connection threads to how this world currently operate. And if / when there is even but a glimpse of sense in it, human beings within the rest of the world believe in it almost instantaneously because ‘It Makes Sense’.

Theorists invented sense making.

When it makes sense – it propose a possible connection for themselves to follow and investigate the seemingly never-ending search for who is operating ‘behind the scenes’ in this world, how it’s being done exactly, why it’s being done and what is being done through operating this entire world as ONE BUSINESS. Instead of merely looking within themselves.

Conspiracy is but another form of entertainment presented to human beings in this world – which cause many to not utilize their own common sense as themselves, but have others design ‘sense making’ for them so as to in this way: Not have to take self responsibility within their own lives within themselves.

I have realised this within me while observing myself. We so easily tend to want to just follow, to want to be lead, to want to have everything and all be done FOR US – so that in such a way we seemingly hide from the inevitable: Us having to take self responsibility for ourselves in this world and realise that this responsibility incorporate our own individual lives and the experience of ourselves in this world.

Though many still prefer to hide behind what is referred to as: Their own beliefs – the beliefs a mere façade to not take self responsibility, because self responsibility is seemingly too a frightening a application or expression of self to even consider because of all that we have done unto ourselves and others as ourselves.

I am here, for you to consider the following:

What I realised is that the primary source for human beings lethargy and apathy within this world of just continuing to accept and allow this abuse existent within this world is: FEAR.

The source reason and cause for why there is such a vast refusal to actually stand up within self and take self responsibility in this world and do whatever is necessary to be done, to do whatever it takes is: FEAR within.

The fear itself is of and towards other human beings within this world apparently, perceptually ‘in control and power of it all’.

Goodness, I do understand, I do understand, I do understand that many within themselves have realised that something has to be done, and you were alone or even are alone in this moment – but then the silent killer of self steps in as the one singular thought that arrives like a thief in the night. Creeping into you, slowly but surely – drowning you within a pool of disbelief, hopelessness and helplessness and you shun away the inkling of self expression as you of standing up within you – which is:

‘But there is no way out of this. How on earth am I, as one being, able to actually change, stop or direct even a refraction of what is currently operating in this existence? It cannot be done. I will leave it be.’

I have been here; I experienced this while observing myself and all of this existence in death.

But then, I realised something:

That each and every single being in this existence probably believe and think the exact same way – that there is no way out, that this existence, as with ourselves, has lost ourselves to such an extent, that we must just carry on as is, put one foot infront of the other and fight and struggle our way through this as nothing can be done to stop what has become of us.

Gosh, maybe, possibly one day, some day it’ll stop – ‘hoping’ and ‘waiting’ for a miracle.

Then the light bulb within me really switched on!

See: It’s not about changing / directing this world or existence because there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, or even about us ‘making a difference’ in this world, in this existence.

It is about US – YOU and ME – WHO WE ARE that’s the POINT!!!

If I stop, if you stop, if all stop: The world STOP.

I say:

Let us STOP waiting.

Let us STOP hoping.

Let us STOP fearing.

Let us STOP believing in disbelief and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing in hopelessness and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing in helplessness and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing we are lost and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing nothing can be done.

Let us STOP undermining our potential in self expression in standing up and taking self responsibility within ourselves.

Let us STOP believing in theorized sense presented in this world which generate fear and concern and worry within us and start utilizing our own common sense.

Let us stand up.

Let us take self responsibility.

Let us realise that our standing up and taking self responsibility exists within us as who we are and is not about existence or this world – it is WHO WE ARE within and as ourselves that is the POINT.

We must first all stand as ONE, come together as ONE, before we STOP the vast problem we face in this world currently. And the problem I have realised and come to understand is who and what human beings have become WITHIN themselves.

So, before you jump to ‘wanting to change the world’ / ‘humanity’ / ‘existence’ – you first stop yourself from participating further within this illusion presented in this world which has left you believing you to be less than and inferior to the extent where you don’t even grant yourself the opportunity to actually experience you, understand you, realise you, live you, express you – where you have given up on yourself.

Where have we been ALL THIS TIME?

What have we done ALL THIS TIME?

What have we allowed ALL THIS TIME?

What have we accepted ALL THIS TIME?

Have we lost and forgotten about OURSELVES, US as who we are that we no more even consider ourselves, who we are – what we speak, what we do, what we experience?

What has become of us?

Why have we never considered actually transforming this world into an equal and one experience for all?

The first point I realised is that each one of us is a source, and it is from this source as ourselves, everything that currently exist within this world have permeated and infiltrated from.

We, us all together, has done what has become of this existence and the experience of us all in it.


Thus, we have to firstly ‘target the source’, which is ourselves individually – to transform that which permeate and infiltrate this existence.

In transforming ourselves, through stopping participation in the illusion we have lost ourselves within – we are here then no more of the illusion, but as the expression of ourselves as who we are:

This here is standing up and taking self responsibility – an agreement made for self by self as self to no more accept and allow self to participate in the illusion, but to focus on self alone.

From here we assist and support other sources as ourselves to stop participation in the illusion exactly as we have, so that they as ourselves may transform themselves through taking self responsibility and standing up within themselves and so transform that which permeate and infiltrate this existence as themselves from within themselves.

And so we STOP the illusion of this world, in this world, of this existence, in this existence within which we have been lost for eons of time.

The foundation from which we apply ourselves is: Oneness and Equality.

Because if you have a look at all beings within existence, including ourselves: The source as ourselves, our source as ‘who we currently are in this moment’ is what is manifesting in this existence from within ourselves: Which is unacceptable.

So just by having a look at the current experience of all in existence – we’re able to clearly see the source of ourselves from which we experience ourselves as ‘who we are’, which absolutely clearly speaks for itself: An atrocity beyond measure.

So, the first initial step is SELF and SELF ALONE – transforming you as the source of you within this existence, by establishing oneness and equality within and as you, self expression, self honesty, self trust, self responsibility and self standing: This is the process of realising you as LIFE.

And this is the point within and as which all must stand as who we are: LIFE, this is the source of SELF as SELF.

So that the source of all is one and equal as LIFE – then LIFE as who we are within and as oneness and equality permeate and infiltrate this existence as ourselves:

This will then transform existence into an experience where ALL are ONE and EQUAL.

Now: We have many ‘sources’ within this existence that is still currently lost within and as the illusion – permeating and infiltrating that which we have been and become and are into the illusion which is currently manifesting the experience of ourselves.

So, we fist STOP within ourselves – first start with SELF.

The tools have been presented with which you’re able to assist and support you to stop the illusion within you and stop participating in the illusion as the illusion of the illusion – the process of transforming the source as you to be who you are: One and Equal as Life.

And so it will be done, and so it will be and so it is with each.

The tools are:

Let’s look at self forgiveness for a moment:

What currently exist within this world is ALL THERE IS – really. Have a look within this existence, a very close look: All that you see / experience of what currently exists within this world is ALL THERE IS. Nothing else but what is currently here exists.

We, each one of us alone, has to actually through practical living application as example: Transform the experience of ourselves in this world, in this existence by ourselves ALONE – yet assisting and supporting each other along the way!

I have also just started with this process I am presenting above as the tools suggested for you to assist and support you with as I am applying the tools to assist and support me with within this process.

And it is from this that I have come to understand that what I have explained above with regards to us transforming the source of ourselves as ourselves, has to be done by ourselves and ourselves alone.

What I have placed with regards to us transforming the source of ourselves is but words, though words, a foundation as words which is able to be applied practically by all as a solution to the current status of this existence – and this solution is ourselves, each one of us individually.


There is no other way we will actually manifest an experience of ourselves within this existence where all are one and equal unless we STOP within ourselves and practically through living application in every moment of breath TRANSFORM the source as ourselves – the source as who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become of the illusion.

I urge you to understand what I say when I state: We’ve got to do this.

This existence, ourselves, this world will most certainly not miraculously change.

We have to actually through self movement, self direction and self discipline – stop participation in the illusion and transform ourselves to be who we are as life within and as oneness and equality.


Within realising that all that currently exist within this existence is ALL THERE IS, that ALL THERE IS, is what we have been, become and are as what we currently experience within ourselves and within this existence: I realised that one tends to want to, when really looking at the current situation – judge oneself for what we have done, become and currently are.

Certainly this process opens up all sorts of realizations of what we have done, become and are within ourselves and one most certainly do not particularly want to face it, because it seems so ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘too much to handle’ – I most certainly understand the words: Truth Hurts!

Though, as I am here now, I’m looking at the words ‘Truth Hurts’ – in sound it’s: The Truth is Heard.

I myself, am currently in the process of actually realising all that I am responsible for within this world through my own actions and words as that of me which permeated and infiltrated this existence as me – which was supporting the illusion within which we currently exist and have accepted and allowed ourselves to be as the definition of who we are.

And I must face the truth of me – the truth of me being all that I have done, become and are within this existence through ‘playing my part in supporting the illusion’ – I must finally stop trying to run away, hide from myself – herein also quite an interesting observation because one cannot run away or hide from oneself, because self here as who I am is always here!

I’m always with me as me as who I am here!

And the truth of self, facing self, I experienced, is tough and it is difficult and there is much one endure – because the process of taking self responsibility for all that one has accepted and allowed takes courage, and much of it – this is certain.

I have to give me an opportunity to start over so to speak. Starting over from the perspective of giving myself a starting point within me from which I am able to start this process of finally facing my truth.

There has been a moment where I hoped that someone can or could say to me: ‘It is alright, you’re not a mistake, you’re not a bad person, you don’t have to be concerned or worried’ – and then in this, giving me the courage and a ‘it’s okay signal’ for all that I have done, become and are which will present some form of comfort from which I am able to start / begin this process – understanding from someone. Someone to be here with me…

Yet, unfortunately, this is but another method of manipulation actually I realised – the ‘self pity’ and ‘self remorse’ pit which one tends to want to fall into, for someone to feel sorry for you and then help you in such a way. How many experience this – falling into the pit of self pity and self remorse?

I realised that I would only fall into the pit of self pity because of self judgement of me because of fear of the truth of me as what I have been, become and are.

Fear of self’s truth = self judgment = self pity: Which form a wound within self, wanting it to be healed by another as to so deem ourselves as not being ‘so bad’ and ‘terrible’ for what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves. But doing this – is not taking self responsibility and there’s no-one able to judge us, but ourselves.

I understand now that there’s no-one able to judge me, but myself and that I really actually create what I experience within me – and therefore I, I alone, must STOP.

So, I had a look at this ‘hope’ of wanting to receive consolidation from another – I took a deep breath and I said: I have to do this for myself, because if I don’t actually take this step for me, within me – how will I ever understand what it means to take self responsibility for me?

So I discarded the hope of waiting and hoping and wanting another to comfort me – I had to, because this is one of the primary methods I used – allowing fear of me, then judging me, then pitying me – and so I just stopped.

The experience of having to stop is that of removing an inherent addiction within self, is what I have experienced. Because as I let go of this ‘self pity’ acceptance within me – the fear of letting go become much greater, encompassing the entirety of my being, but I pushed – as though I was a pregnant woman giving birth to a child. I literally screamed, I yelled to the point where all I could hear was my own voice as I literally had to push through this fear of letting go of and releasing the addiction to the acceptance of self pity.

There is a moment where I lost me in and as the fear, though yet even though within this momentary lostness, I was still very much aware I realised – because I just continued to push and did not stop.

It seemed never-ending for a moment also – but when it was done: I LAUGHED!

Because everything just stopped suddenly – I was empty within me, I was clear within me – I was still just here (though without the ‘wanting to fall into the pit of self pity experience). Really, everything just stopped.

The laugh was because of the absolute ridiculousness of the situation, of the experience.

Because I in this moment actually understood how ‘real’ an experience we’re able to make of an illusion – because ‘self pity’, ‘fear of me’ and ‘self judgment’ are all but only illusions which I accepted and allowed to be me – in this definition of it being me, I made it real, which then transformed the experience I had of ‘self pity’, ‘fear of me’ and ‘self judgment’ as being real – WHEN IT IS NOT!

What I realised is illusion and what is real is when I experienced this moment of releasing the addiction of self pity, fear of me and self judgment – because as I pushed through it, it all disappeared and is no more here – though what I experienced as me when everything stopped: This is ‘real’ – where nothing exists but me.

And here I discovered the gift of self forgiveness.

Self forgiveness assists and supports me to not accept and allow me to judge me.

I experience self forgiveness as a statement of me, of who I am and it’s quite an exhilarating experience because I am finally giving me the opportunity to take self responsibility for me.

One tends to fall into the trap of self judgment so easily because we in some way believe / think we deserve this experience we’re currently having of ourselves within ourselves within this existence as ourselves because of what we’ve done, become and are: I could not believe that I myself actually bought into the belief within me that I deserve what I’m experiencing within me!

But I served what I experienced within me to myself – in accepting and allowing me to judge me – I am trapped into the cycle of the illusion, which I then experience as me, as actually being real and then I have to go through such an experience as what I have just shared, to understand and realise that that which I defined as me of the illusion is not who I am, but I made it real through making it part of me by allowing and accepting me to participate in it.

So I’ve realised that when I apply self forgiveness: I in this moment make a statement of me as to not accept and allow me to participate in the illusion – distinguish for myself what is illusion and from here stand up within me and just not make it part of me by participating in it.

And so self forgiveness assist and supports me to remain stable and clear here: Me with Me – and whenever I notice / find an connection of illusion within me: I apply self forgiveness immediately.

And so, through applying self forgiveness I ensure that I do not accept and allow me to participate in the illusion / make it part of me – but in the moment of applying self forgiveness make a statement for me of who I am.

Oh and how I have found that in moment’s where I so almost just want to allow the illusion within me, so as to not have to apply self forgiveness, stand up within me and take self responsibility for me = because it seems so much easier and simpler to ‘just allow it’ or to ‘just let it pass’ than having to apply the self discipline to stop participation in the illusion in such a moment.

I discovered many such moments so far within my process.

Yet the most frightening of it all is that I am so very much aware of such moments where I see the illusion within me of me and I so almost want to just not stop it, to in some way ‘turn a blind eye’ as though I did not see it.

But I realised I cannot do it – I cannot just allow and accept it to continue, because I am aware that I am allowing and accepting it and I am also very much aware of the consequences involved if I were to accept and allow such a moment to just ‘pass by’.

So it’s quite an forceful effort where you in awareness have to and must apply yourself diligently and specifically in every moment when you notice/see/realise an illusion connection within you. Because we have for so long just simply accepted and allowed the illusion to continue within us and this existence = which we are no longer able to use and excuse.

I enjoy self forgiveness.

And I particularly enjoy when I catch such moments where I’ve almost wanted to ‘just let it go’ / ‘just let pass’ because I know within the certainty of me that I am just not able to allow and accept it to continue within me – and so I will stop participation in the illusion in every moment: Because this is actually me taking self responsibility for me.

Being alone with me, realising my self responsibility towards me is really assisting and supporting me within this process – because I have no ‘relationship connection’ to anything or anyone: I am here with me as me.

There is nothing and no-one I fear losing, because I within me as me have realised and understood that I am not able to actually really lose me – I am always with me, myself here.

Thus, in not fearing to lose anyone or anything – I experience a freedom within me, within this process, within which I will push and force me to whatever lengths necessary in every moment to not accept or allow the illusion, and I would suggest for you to consider the same.

Because then you will move you, no matter what.

Then you will direct you no matter what.

Then you will force you and push you no matter what.

The freedom of self responsibility.


First, I’m explaining how the world ‘operate’ currently so that you, as I have, may realise that we’re / have not been (in my case – lol) as controlled by this world and others as we might’ve believed ourselves to be, which also very much is part of the participation and belief of the existence of the illusion which we make real through defining ourselves according to what currently exist of this world as the very illusion we participate in and then transform into a reality which is experienced as being ‘real’ within ourselves: When it is most certainly not so. Let’s go back into ‘history’ for a moment, which is what I have done while within my process within the dimensions to trace the origin of me as to how I placed myself within my particular life experience on earth and the reason for why I decided to die in such a particular way and also the ‘timing’ thereof (which I have discovered have been placed by me quite impeccably).

Though a history of which human beings, if not all, are not aware of, as of yet: There was once an agreement between all the countries in this world – specific ‘leaders’ were appointed to take responsibility for a country and within this agreement, all would ‘work together’ in supporting each other with specific requirements and needs as they believed that masses of humans will not be able to operate without a director, meaning one that takes full responsibility for many, nor will the countries themselves operate alone because other countries has certain specific substances that others don’t have – the agreement seemed foolproof in theory… This agreement was to be ‘set in place’ when it was realised that the world and humanity is in the process of destroying themselves and each other – and would culminate eventually into wars between countries. And thus human beings within this world require and need ‘saving from themselves’.

In this realization one man understood that what is necessary to be done is to form an ‘internal agreement support structure’ with all leaders of specific countries – because if the internal source is stable in agreement of support as all the leaders of all the countries within the world, and each director takes responsibility for their own individual country: Unnecessary conflicts between countries originating from the source as the leaders is avoidable – then only ‘external conflicts’ require direction from the perspective of human beings within their own countries causing conflict amongst themselves. This was ‘set in motion’ several hundred years back… The question then is – if you were in a position in this world to decide for many, to decide for the entire world – in ‘keeping the entire world of masses under control’ with your current understanding of the nature of human beings, with the purpose of ‘saving them from themselves’: What would you do? This is what this particular man set in place: So, to control masses within this world to a CERTAIN EXTENT – the following was decided:

1. Appoint a Director for each Country.

2. An agreement to be made between all countries in this world where all countries specific appointed directors – (the definition of a director being: The One that Takes Responsibility for Many) will assist and support each other’s means.

3. Place Laws to which the masses must abide to.

4. Those that are not able to be kept under control through the Laws that have been placed will receive due punishment, to understand that there will be consequences if you do not abide by the Laws that have been placed for your own protection against yourself and others

5. Place Prisons

6. Give them a reason / purpose for their existence in this world: Create job opportunities – as service to their country, a service to themselves, they provide their own living in their country, manifest their own living in their country.

7. Place ONE design that ‘connect all’: MONEY

8. Place a design for relaxation and enjoyment from the work that is done: ENTERTAINEMT as to create enjoyment to balance with the work that is necessary to be done to provide themselves with an stable infrastructure in their own country.

9. Place support, give them something to believe in, to feel important, valued, noticed, appreciated as a living being: RELIGION

10. Build homes for those who work to have their OWN SPACE for themselves so they may feel that it is THEIRS and they may do here within their own space whatever they desire.

11. Place an Education system to train the newcomers into this designed system so they may learn through us ‘how the world works’ and find their place in this world in developing the necessary skills to provide their own living through the job opportunities that are available.

12. Place Hospitals and other such establishments within this world for the ill and the sickly to provide them with the necessary care and treatment.

13. Provide them with mobility such as cars and bikes etc. along with the necessary requirements of sustaining their mobility within this world. Understand that money became the one thing, which would connect all human beings as one and it is under this one placement as money through which there could be attained at least some form of control amongst and within the masses.

The term ‘control’ in this equation was placed in the definition of: Saving the masses from themselves, where one took responsibility for the entire world to design it in such a way where all are able to exist in reasonable stability – and it was ‘planned and mapped’ out specifically, quite accordingly of how this entire world was to operate. Each leader within each country would be responsible for their own ‘money system’ with which to operate their country from – the money ‘belonged to the people’ who serve themselves and thus serve their country in providing themselves a place within this world from which to live from and experience themselves. The ‘one man’, together with his three family lineages was responsible for all the money circles that circulated within each country within the world for which each individual ‘leader/director’ was responsible for. It was understood that there will be some who will not be ‘as fortunate’ as others within this world with regards to having a place within this world as all others who provide for themselves effectively and live and experience themselves in this world reasonably comfortably. Thus, for those – necessary / as much support will be placed – yet, it would be unavoidable, there will be human beings who are ‘less fortunate’ – but the ‘one man’s’ only directive was to ensure that even though that may occur – the world co-exist as one and man do not destroy themselves through conflicts that originate between countries and culminate into eventual wars.

The one man understood that the inner struggle of human beings within their own individual country such as conflict and poverty is able to be controlled and supported in the best ways possibly available… This entire ‘world operation’ was lead by one man, yet, this one man had three wives with which three family lineages originated from. And it was so directed by him to have the three family lineages he developed, remain within the three family lineages and only to procreate within the three family lineages. As this one man’s heir would be certain from generation to generation as to ‘keep this world relatively under control’ as designed and placed by him accordingly. Thus – the world was powered through this one man originally and he accordingly assisted his heirs in ‘training’ so that they then one day can train their heirs and so on and so forth with the necessary responsibility that they have to fulfill within this world. His approach to his responsibility within this world is that it had been bestowed upon him to take full responsibility for this entire world – within which masses can co-exist together without man turning against man to such a degree where man will destroy itself: This was his one and only prerogative.

Certainly there will be conflict between mankind, the nature of man cannot be changed (according to his understanding) but what is most certainly preventable is a worldly conflict within which entire countries go against each other within a war-like situation, which will most certainly only culminate to the extent where man will destroy itself. Therefore he placed in certain guidelines for himself, his heirs to fulfill his purpose, for the world as to live by accordingly with this purpose and this purpose only: To prevent man from destroying themselves. The leaders were accordingly selected for each and every single country through this one man who’s name was Oduphulus Yulovsky, but then later changed his name to Gregory also which was the name of his great grandfather who had been his inspiration of: Living loyalty unto one self and another, as with loyalty comes honesty and thus responsibility towards you that is loyal unto you and loyal unto another, and with responsibility comes power. And only the most loyal and honest man may know the truth of having the power of God – a power that cannot be abused by the man who is loyal and honest unto himself and others.

Unfortunately though: Man cannot be trusted – this is what Oduphulus discovered, not even those of your own family, of your own blood. The initial ‘world operation’ was set in motion accordingly and did indeed last where man co-exited accordingly and ‘world wars’ was prevented. But this entire ‘world operation’ together with it’s ‘internal support structure’ crumbled and fell apart through man’s desire for power – and power only, and power within this world symbolize money.

Understand that where this world currently is in this very moment, and how we are / have, experiencing / have experienced ourselves within this world: Has been done upon our own accord together with dimensional intervention for several hundred years. We all have designed this world as is, according to what we accepted and allowed ourselves to ‘live with’ that was seemingly ‘alright and okay’ to deal with and live with within ourselves. We made everything acceptable and so we accepted ourselves to continue existing within a world such as this within which you, as I am and have, experiencing ourselves within.

We have never actually stood up within ourselves and have taken responsibility for ourselves within this world – we have merely just continued to be victims, to be slaves to believe ourselves to be victims, believe ourselves to be slaves – to an imaginary illusion designed by ourselves within this world – our own common sense lost to the illusion which we have programmed into and as ourselves – because we within us have made this existence, this world an ‘acceptable’ way to live. We did nothing; we have never done anything to stop what we have ever experienced along with others as ourselves within existence. And how each and every single one of us is responsible for how this world currently operate because we accepted and allowed such a way of existence to be: ‘Alright’ and ‘okay’ because we’re able to handle it and live with it within ourselves.

Hear me, please: I am sharing this experience of history with you, so you as I have, may understand where our responsibility to ourselves and all others as ourselves exist. But not to blame or condemn others – realise that you, individually, as myself, are as much responsible for what this world has become as the very one’s who initiated it – because you did nothing as I did nothing – we sat back and allowed it to continue because of our own inherent fears that has become the nature of us. Looking at it in this moment – I wonder if I would ever have spoken up if I would have realised all of this that I am sharing with you in this moment here while still here on earth… Honestly as I’m looking at this – I wouldn’t have: Because of fear. Fear of being removed from this world in the most brutal unspeakable manner, or even imprisoned. Fear of being ridiculed and or ostracized. Fear of existing in constant fear for my own life. Fear of the greatest pain and suffering being done unto me if I actually speak up and speak out and stand up through voicing me and living by example – that contradicts and go against everything human beings currently think/believe. Fear of how others may/might react to me. Fear of losing those who I think/believe I love and cherish the most. Fear of me standing / being alone while directing me as all with the responsibility of what I understand is necessary to be done through and by me to have humanity hear me, in finding a solution for all within this world as one and equal. Fear of failing. Fear of me not being able to complete such an absolute responsibility as me for all as one as equal. Fear of me losing that which I had, that which I owned. Fear of being left alone within this world with nothing and no-one and me having to do this all by myself – I would not know where to start or where to begin, let alone what exactly to do with no support and assistance whatsoever. Fear that no-one would do this for me within this world, so why must I stand up for anyone or anything of this world and risk all that I have for others who don’t even have an care in the world for anything or anyone but themselves.

Because if I don’t even want to do it – who else will? Such fears, uncertainties and concerns would have gripped the very core of my being and I would not have actually taken responsibility for me and stood up for all as one as equal as me, in living the solution for all as one as equal to stop what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves and within this world, but instead: I would’ve been more concerned with myself, me alone, than anything or anyone else within this world. I would not have cared for anyone or anything else but me, myself, and thus I would’ve done that which would be best for me and me alone only: Which would be to not do anything with what I understood was necessary to be done. I would’ve instead, lived with the understanding unto death and would make sure no-one else knew / understood what I have as to protect them also as I have protected myself against those that exist within this world and what could or possibly would happen if I, or them, were to live as the understanding and responsibility I have realised as me. I would’ve lived with the burden, the guilt within me for doing nothing and justified and excused the reason for why I did nothing as to ‘make it seem alright and fine’ that I did not live as I understood and knew that I should’ve for all as one as equal – but saved myself instead. So that when/if I was ever confronted with the reason why I did not live my responsibility to all as one as equal to me: I have a liable reason as excuse and justification. I would’ve believed that if I were to hide and suppress within me the understanding of what I experienced and have no-one else know/discover what I have: No-one will know and find out what that I have chosen to save myself instead, protect myself instead, that I only had concern and care for me and my own fears and not for anything or anyone else.

Thus, by hiding what I understood by having no-one find out about it – it would cause no hurt/harm to anyone because only I will know about it and no-one else will. And this is the truth of me as who I was on earth. And thus the reason why I had to die and leave this world. Because when faced with the choice: Of either self honesty as life, in standing up for all as one as equal as life, taking self responsibility for me as all as one as equal in stopping what I as all have accepted and allowed within existence as ourselves and to live as example in every moment of breath and doing whatever it takes, whatever necessary so all may realise themselves as who we really are of life OR choosing self dishonesty as fear, fear of loss and care for, and be concerned for my own life, for only me alone, as who and what I experience me to be, in continuing to assist and support the deception of self of man as all as the nature I have accepted and allowed me to be for eons of time… I would’ve made the self dishonest choice in fear to only protect me, be concerned for me and care for me only, alone and my own life. I am ashamed.

I am ashamed because this is the truth of me, the truth of the actual manifested nature of me I have accepted and allowed me to be and become. I am ashamed of me because of what I know I would’ve done – and I know I would’ve made the self dishonest choice of fear in that moment – fully aware of me making the self dishonest choice and what I’m doing unto all others that exist in this world as me: But I would’ve lived with it. I with great sadness, great disappointment, great shame within me of myself, have a look at the nature I had become, I had accepted and allowed myself to be – to the extent where I will refuse to stand up for all as one as equal of life as me in assisting and supporting all as me to live, stand, be, experience who we really are within existence when placed before a choice for life as all as one as equal within self honesty or a choice of fear in self dishonesty – because of me being only concerned and worried and fearful for my own selfish, meaningless existence. Which has an illusionary imaginative meaning, worth and value, which I gave it, through what I defined/beli­eved/perceived as meaning and value and worth to be within me, which has always been from a self centered, selfish point of view of me, and me alone only. And so the reason why I decided to leave this world, and also die in such a way as I did – because within me I had feared to die in such an unexpected way – I didn’t have specifics of how I would’ve not wanted to die. I would’ve preferred to leave peacefully and ensure that everything and everyone else in my world is taken care of, is cared for and all my affairs had been settled. I most certainly had a fear of dying suddenly, unexpectedly through someone else – not having the opportunity to say goodbye to the one’s ‘most important within my world’ and not having the ability to settle all my affairs for someone to continue my work, my life within this world.

And so I died in my own fear, as my own fear existent, accepted and allowed within me – thus, my way of death/dying in leaving this world has been faced from the perspective of such a particular fear existing within me while here on earth which I had most certainly experienced! Thus – do not fear death. Death exists – it is here and it is inevitable. Do not fear your certain way of preference of how you would prefer to die and how you would not prefer to die – because your fear of ‘how you’d prefer not dying / leaving this world’ will choose the experience of death for you, and not the way you’d wish/hope/prefer to die. I am sharing this with you, for you to realise and understand as I do in this moment: That death is death – you die, it is the most stable constant certainty that exist within this world along with you breathing. Realise you’ll still exist – no matter which way you die.

Goodness – I am able to recall the experience of me dying – but in this moment it had become but a memory – who I am is still here – I still exist and so it will be the same with you. So, the certain specific way of me leaving this world was manifested by me according to the fear of ‘way/manner of leaving this world’ and my decision of leaving this world was based on the nature of me as what I have accepted and allowed me to be and become and that I would’ve made the self dishonest choice in fear instead of the self honest choice as life as all as one as equal – and thus would not have made it within this process within my life experience. Thus, I have given me the opportunity to prepare myself within the dimensions – to stand up and take self responsibility within and as me, in purifying / correcting the nature of me as who I am, so that I, when I return to earth once more in my next life to come – which is an absolute inevitably certainty, to test me as who I am as the nature of me, and I am faced with the choice of either self honesty as life as all as one as equal or self dishonesty as fear – I will choose self honesty as life as me as all as one as equal, because it’s who I am and in truth: There is no other choice that exist but this – self honesty as life as all as one as equal, because it’s who I am as the nature of me as life of oneness and equality. Because in returning to earth, experiencing me from birth within and as a human physical body here once more and placing me in a position where I will be faced with such a choice again, in the most unpredictable and unexpected way: Is the only way – I will be certain, absolutely certain of who I am as the nature of me.

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The Power of Money in this World

I have a few interesting questions to start off this very fascinating discussion regarding the Power of Money. Unconditionally look at the questions only and don’t allow your mind to go anywhere else but to really consider the questions as an experience of yourself:


• Would you still be doing, what you are doing in this world (money income related or your placement in this world at the moment), if money were not necessary in this world – taking money completely out of the equation of having to survive in this world?

• Who will you be, what will you do if money were to be removed from earth by not being a necessity any longer? Really take a moment within yourself, imagine and consider money not being a necessity at all here on earth, removing money completely from the equation of existing, living and surviving in this world: Who will you be? What will you do? Who will you become? How will you experience yourself? How will you express yourself?

• If your motivation, currently money, for having to exist, live and survive in this world were to be removed from this world completely (taken out of the equation of having to be necessary) – would you be self motivated?

• If your directive principle – that which direct you in this world, currently money, were to be removed, completely taken out of the equation of having to live, exist and survive in this world – would you be able to direct yourself when only who you are remain, by yourself, only?

• Could it be that in our search and striving for money – we are actually searching and striving for purpose?

• If money was to be removed from establishments such as Churches – would the Churches still remain or continue to exist?

I am certain that many beings would most definitely answer a great big absolutely assertive and certain: NO to the first question I have asked in point one. To be honest if I were in the position human beings experience themselves within in this world where money have become the controlling factor of themselves and their entire experience of themselves in this world, I would have answered a great big absolutely assertive and certain: NO as well.

The reason I asked you to look at the above questions unconditionally without your mind interfering is to comprehend and understand the immensity of control money has over who we are, what we do and how we experience ourselves here on earth. I am certain that all beings will experience themselves much differently in this world without money having to be a necessity, removing money totally from the equation of having to exist, live and survive in this world. Do you already see what it is I am showing you by asking you these questions? Do you see how money have become the absolute controlling factor within this world as who you are and how you experience yourself?

Taking the situation of how money in this world is controlling who we are and how we experience and express ourselves in this world one step further, would I be daft or blowing this entire money scenario completely out of proportion when I say the following: GOD=MONEY and MONEY=GOD. All beings who ‘believe’ in a god, place your religion aside for one moment and look at the context in which I am placing this statement I have made regarding GOD and MONEY. Looking at the definition of GOD being a word to reference of something having power and control over who we are, how we experience ourselves and how we express ourselves in this world – I’d say such a statement is quite accurate. This being confirmed by the question I have asked in point one by probably most beings answering the question with a definite: NO. You are probably experiencing yourself being rather perplexed and confused with all the questions I have asked above because no-one on earth ever considered asking such a question because money have become so part of who we are, who we have become, how we experience ourselves, how we express ourselves and how we participate in this world.

There’s a saying that goes: Money makes the world go round – but I don’t see that anyone on earth really considered the true implications of such a statement. If such a statement have been made by a being then surely if it is so that money makes the world go round, then money has the power in this world, money has control over human beings in this world – confirming the statement: GOD=MONEY and MONEY=GOD because without a doubt money does have power and control of all human beings in this world.

Just have a look at who you are, how you experience yourself, who you have become and how you participate in this world and you will find that behind all this sits your one and only safeguard controlling dependant companion which is MONEY!

We have succumb to an experience of ourselves based on survival – you are who you are and you do what you do because of the necessity to survive in this world where the motivating factor has become money and making and having and wanting and needing and desiring lots and lots and lots of it. Because if we have lots and lots and lots of money we are able to exist comfortably in this world without the concerns and struggling of making ends meet in having to survive in this money-driven world.

But, money is but a piece of paper? This may be true but look at how we have designed our entire existence of who we are, who we become, how we experience ourselves, how we express ourselves and how we participate in this world upon this one singular piece of paper manifestation of money which have become GOD in this world as per definition of the immense power and control MONEY have over ourselves and all human beings in this world.

Look at how much value and importance we have placed in this manifestation of a piece of paper referred to as money – the value and importance we have placed in this manifestation of a piece of paper we refer to as money is our entire existence – literally all and everything of ourselves. Dependency, control, power, self expression, experience, who we are, who we become, what we do, how we participate in this world – all dependant on the manifestation of a piece of paper referred to as money!

And all human beings as one have decided on the allowance of a manifestation of a piece of paper and a coin to have such power and control over all and everything of ourselves in this world. We don’t ever consider the question of how our existence here on earth were to change if money were to be completely removed of the necessity to exist in this world – we only consider the methodologies and opportunities this world present in somehow getting more and more and more money or making sure we keep what we have as a stabilized environment which provide us with a steadfast income.

Our safety protection mode to have the ability of certainty remain within us that we have an income and therefore we are able to exist, live and survive in this world – how have we limited ourselves in an already limited world within which all human beings experience themselves? Vastly, immensely, extensively so if you ask me because we work hard, we strive, we struggle to either maintain the safe protected environment in which we receive a steadfast certain income or we work hard, strive and struggle to make ends meet every day we experience ourselves in this world while you have money, but always wish, desire, want and need for more and more and more. Those that don’t have at all considered other methodologies and opportunities this world present, like stealing from those that have for instance, to have the ability to continue in surviving, existing and living in this world.

All human beings’ experience of themselves in this world is based on survival – though this experience is seen here on earth in multiple different facets and manifestations – but all in all, everything of all human beings in this world is based on survival. The manifestation of the experience of survival, designed none other than by that of money which have been allowed to become the primary driving force, power source and controlling factor of all and everything of ourselves in this world by all human beings together as one. C’mon – it’s true, you may deny and resist all I say here with as much velocity and suppression you are possibly able to conjure up, but my words will become the constant little voice in your head every time you but even touch or see money – in any and all forms. And you must admit that it’s quite exhilarating or even confusing considering the experience of yourself without the necessity of money in this world – really contemplating and wondering what it is that you will exactly become, express and live as who you are without money having to be a necessity, removing it completely out of the equation in this world.

Then I continue with the statement of self expression, what is self expression if you have answered the above question in the first numbered point: NO. Personally, within common sense, I would say that it is impossible for any being in this world to unconditionally express themselves as who they are if there is any separate higher power or higher source which controls, directs or motivates them. Becoming dependant on such a higher power or higher source in dictating to you, whether advertently or inadvertently, who you are, who you will become, how you will experience yourself, how you will express yourself, how you will participate and what you will do in this world – how within this dependency and control are you ‘free’, so to speak, to unconditionally express who you are?

Therefore we have now ascertained that human beings’ all and everything of themselves is dependant on the overpowering and controlling existence of MONEY in this world, being the GOD of their world and of themselves.

Money have become the physical manifestation of each human beings’ heart within them and if it were to be removed from this world – human beings probably will have no clue of how exactly they will live and exist in this world without the necessity of money, with money being completely removed from the equation of existing and living in this world. Because who human beings have become would surely die if their heart of money were to be completely removed which give them the ability to exist and live in this world, because we have so defined all and everything of ourselves according to the existence of money, like we have imprinted the existence thereof within our hearts of our physical body as to make sure we never experience ourselves without it because we are not able to exist and live and survive in this world without it.

Self expression has been replaced with the manifested experience of polarity in this world – by consciousness. Have a look: Let’s for example now really say that our heart within the physical body have been designed within the existence of money, money becoming the heartbeat of our physical bodies which we are not able to live or exist without – which is the truth in the world because you are not able to live, exist or survive in this world without money.

Some human beings are born into this world with their physical manifested heart in their bodies already designed within the existence of money. Where the certainty of them being supported in this world regarding a stable, steadfast income is certain – money becoming the life force within them as the blood that run through their veins within which who they are, who they have become, how they live, what they do, how they experience themselves and how they participate in this world is all based on money – the GOD of their being which they are not able to live or exist without because it has become their entire life force, imprinted and designed within their entire physical bodies.

Then you have human beings who are born into this world without their physical manifested hearts in their bodies being designed within the existence of money. Where there is nothing that exists within them related to money, not their heartbeat nor the blood that flows through their veins – nothing within them exist but who they are. Such beings are not supported in this world within which the collective humans who have made money the GOD of their being – have taken specific positions of power and control, only allowing those who have money as their physical manifested heart, flowing through their veins, where money have become the GOD of their being – to be supported in this world where money makes the world go round.

You must be designed in the image of GOD (MONEY) to be supported by the physical manifested likeness (establishments on earth which provide income which is controlled by specific human beings in power positions who have made money the GOD of their being) of GOD (MONEY). Herein this discussion of: The Power of Money I am also showing you: The Power of Consciousness – and who else is this Power behind Money and Consciousness but who we are, what we allow and what we decide is acceptable in this world within which all human beings experience themselves.

Yet the problem has become the following: This ‘who we are’, this ‘what we will allow’ and this ‘what we decide is acceptable in this world’ agreement within each and every single human being have never been applied or lived in taking all human beings as one within ourselves into consideration – but have only taken into consideration our own selfish survival existences in this world – the ME, ME, ME principle instead of ALL AS ONE, ALL AS ONE, ALL AS ONE standing and living of who we are.

This ME, ME , ME principle of our selfish survival existence within us is the cause and the reason for the manifested experience of polarity in this world – as consciousness designs. Why do I say this? Because there are human beings born into this world with nothing and there are humans born into this world with enough and there are humans born into this world that have everything to their heart’s content.

It’s able to be placed into two categories: Those who ‘have’ and those who ‘don’t have’. Those who ‘have’ fear losing what they already have because of fearing having to succumb to an experience of themselves like those who ‘don’t have’. This being the ME, ME, ME application based on the ability to survive in this world, where those that already ‘have’ desires, wishes, wants and needs for more through fear of losing what they already have because of the experience of those that ‘don’t have’ – which is the last thing any human being who ‘have’ in this world would want to experience. Which is the reason why they have made money the GOD of their being, imprinted within their heart in their physical body by becoming the blood that runs through their veins – who they are, who they will become, how they will live, what they will do, how they will express themselves and how they will participate in this world becomes that of honouring the GOD of their being: MONEY. Making sure with every breath that they remain within what they have, possibly finding opportunities and methodologies to have more – all this just to make sure they keep their place in this world to have the ability to live, exist and survive comfortable.

Where if they were to remain in the existence where MONEY have become the GOD of their being, without which they have no possibility of continuing to live, exist or survive in this world – they will most certainly be supported in this world in which MONEY is GOD where other human beings have been placed which have also made MONEY the GOD of their being, in positions of power and control.

Your only access to obtain money is if you were born with money being the GOD of your being – over which human beings have no control or choice because it’s organized according to consciousness regulations. See how we, who powers consciousness to exist, who powers the control money has over all and everything of ourselves, have established an existence of polarity to ensure we remain slaves to both consciousness and money in this world.

The polarity of those that ‘have’ and those that ‘don’t have’ where MONEY as GOD of their being exist in both such experiences. All, every single human being in this world has made MONEY the GOD of their being with the ability to give life and also take life. Where MONEY as GOD of their being as human beings that ‘have’ in this world has the ability to give ‘life’, this ‘life’ being the provision of a steadfast and stable income in having a place in this world to be able to live, survive and exist within it. Where MONEY as GOD of their being as human beings that ‘don’t have’, have the ability to take ‘life’, meaning the absolute continuous struggle to obtain money, using all and every possible opportunity or methodology to find a way in getting money to have the ability to survive in this world – even if it means facing any and all consequences of necessary actions that are required to be taken in order to exist and live in this world.

So, when human beings are born into this world where MONEY is GOD, they have no control or choice over the experience of themselves here in terms of whether MONEY as GOD of their being will be that of giving ‘life’ or taking ‘life’ – fighting for survival because you don’t have – desiring, wishing, hoping, wanting and needing that which those who ‘have’, have got or fear losing what you already have, wishing, hoping, desiring, wanting and needing more.

We are all slaves to money here on earth, slaves to consciousness because we are dependant on both for our survival in having the ability to live and exist in this world. Polarity having us remain is either the experience of ourselves as fighting for survival or fear losing that which we already have – pre-occupied slaves we have become to MONEY as GOD in this world where MONEY as GOD of our being has the ability to give ‘life’ and also take ‘life’ – over which no human being in this world have control over because you do not have choice in the matter of where exactly you are going to be born into this world or even when you die.

So actually who the fuck says any being has control and power in this world if they are not even able to have choice and control of their own birth and death in this world. Only a higher source or higher power have the ability to control and have power over such choices – this being consciousness – the consciousness that exist in this world that have become the GOD of this world and the GOD of ourselves, manifested in the form of MONEY.

We continuously feed this polarity existence in this world, because the more those that ‘have’, get – driven by fear of losing that which they already have, the more those that ‘don’t have’, lose and that which they already have is taken from them – the reason we have those that are stinking rich and those that are dying of starvation.

All human beings in this world are participating in the existence thereof without realizing it and the reason for this is because we have allowed MONEY to become the GOD of our being and the consequences thereof is able to be seen in the manifested experience of human beings in this world as those that ‘have’ and those that ‘don’t have’. These are the unfortunate consequences of polarity existence in consciousness – where the more money a specific being or group of beings rock up in a lucrative business which flourish while they dance and celebrate in their wealth of their own selfish existence of ME, ME, ME – obtaining more and more and more money: The effects are experienced on the other side of the world where human beings are literally starving of hunger because that which they might have had, is taken away by those on the other side of the world getting more and more and more of that which they already have – therefore you have the polarity existence of the rich and the poor. The starving and the poor is not going to be saved or rescued by setting up organisations or supporting such organisations by ‘giving money to the poor’ – without realising that who each individual being is in their participation in this world of acceptances and allowances is the cause of starving and poor human beings in this world. In setting up such organisations or supporting such organisations by ‘giving money to the poor’ is making a statement that you may continue within your own selfish existence with that which you already have while you are merely ‘supporting’ those that starve and are poor in godforsaken counties (godforsaken from the perspective of where nothing, absolutely no form of money support exist) – not realising that it is you individually, including all other human beings in this world that are responsible for the manifestation thereof in the first place – based on who we are and how we participate in this world.

If we do not change who we are and how we participate in this world – nothing will change but will indeed in fact worsen and compound. The problem of this entire situation regarding the GOD in this world which is MONEY – exist within each and every single human being in this world – and this is what must be realised and understood if we are to make a difference in this world. If we continue in how we live, exist and express ourselves as in this world with regards to our relationship to money – nothing will change no matter what we do – even in establishing organisations which support the starving and the poor, in supporting such organisations by donating money because the cause is ourselves as who we are and how we participate in this world where MONEY is GOD.

Therefore I ask – in this polarity existence of those that ‘have’ and those that ‘don’t have’ where MONEY have become the GOD of their being – the driving higher power source and force, having the ability to take or give ‘life’ as an experience of themselves of either fighting for survival or fear of losing that which they already have: How is unconditional self expression able to exist in such a world – it is honestly impossible. Do you see, do you see and realize how much power and control we have given one manifested piece of paper and coin – directing and motivating ourselves as who we are, who we become, what we live, how we live, how we express and experience ourselves in this world?

Therefore I say to for a moment take money totally out of the equation in this world, remove it completely – then the question arises of: Do I actually live as who I am? Do I actually express myself as who I am? Do I actually experience myself as who I am? Am I doing that which supports my individual self expression in this world? The answer to the questions are: NO, because the reason you are what you are and do what you do is driven and motivated and directed by: MONEY only – if this has become your directive principle as that which direct you in this world, have become your motivation in this world and have become that which controls and over powers all and everything of yourself.

WHERE ARE YOU as WHO YOU ARE in this entire equation of existence in this world? Nowhere to be found because in asking the questions above I have directed to you the reactions that are either that of wondrous excitement, confusion or perplexity – in either having an idea of what it is you would exactly express and experience yourself as who you are when money is completely and totally removed from the equation of necessity here on earth – or you will have no clue, no inkling or indication of how exactly you would express and experience yourself in this world on earth in which money is for instance removed or completely taken from the equation. Yet again – such reaction confirming the binding limited controlled and overpowering hold MONEY as GOD in this world has over all and everything of us.

Now that I have lightly touched and introduced you to the consequences of the Power of Money, the manifestation of GOD in this world as consciousness – I am looking at a few more examples of how the Power of Money consequences manifest in this world to give you more clarity on the perspective of why exactly I state that MONEY=GOD and GOD=MONEY. And there is a solution, which I will be explaining at the end of all the examples of how much power money have over this world, when the control thereof is in only a few beings’ hands.


Let’s look at War: War is another example on the entire money-making scheme in this world which human beings support for the principle of money that is being made during such an event that is instigated in this world. The weapon’s, the artillery – everything that goes with the preparation of instigating a war is handled with none other than money. Those that stand in power and control of the war instigation, together with those who prepare the weapon’s and artilleries make a shit load of money – I’d say the instigation and preparation of war is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in this world because of the vast amounts of money involved in having such an event as war take place.

Then the pawns as soldiers are sent to do the bidding of the human beings in power and control, those high ranking militants in service of their government, the president who instigated the war – fighting for that which have been forcefully ordered by them to fight for as the soldiers walk to the land upon which the war will take place. The soldiers standing as the words spoken by their government, the president and high ranking militant officers to in this way justify the cause for the reason they are about to have blood on their hands in killing other human beings – standing there before an entire country doing the government, their president’s dirty work for the cause of money.

The cause of war is related to which human being currently in position of power and control in this world, be it a president for instance – makes the statement of who has the most power and control in this world and the factor supporting this standing is that of money. The more money you have the more power you have, the more control you have and the more you are able to manipulate human beings’ fears to your advantage of rule over many human beings in this world.

Have a look at all that is involved in instigating and preparing for a war where two countries go up against each other – War’s principle upon which it’s based is money which equals power which equals control. Money is that which support status and standing in a position of immense power and control to be able to influence and direct anything at will – feared by many and this ‘feared by many’ is what is used to manipulate those who fear to your advantage.

The being together with the entire country that instigate the war, for instance, must already have some stature and standing in their country to be supported by many in presenting the opportunity for the necessity of war. Once this presentation for the necessity of war is accepted, supported and backed by many human beings in this specific country, especially support and backing in terms of money provision – the preparation is underway. You have money; you must have a shit load thereof (understatement actually) to have the ability to have enough weapons’ and artillery forces to be able to prepare for what is to come in the other country against which the war will be waged. Money, money, money is what is required and which the country instigating the war must have in the first place to be able to manifest the entire war scenario. The country instigating the war would not have done so in the first place if there weren’t enough money to be able to instigate a war – therefore when a war is prepared to take place in a country or between two countries you know – there’s definitely enough money to be able to continue with the event or they are supported and backed further with the provision made for more money.

You have to put in a shit load of money to get out a shit load of money – this is how countries work with war, this is how the world works with war. In the preparation of war you use loads of money, which if the war is ‘won’ by the specific country who instigated the war in the first place – would obtain more power and control and together with this ‘more power and control’ comes more money because the country is now supported and backed extensively according to its power and control stature and standing in this world. This ‘support and backing’ the country who have ‘won’ the war receives usually comes in the form of money. Money equals power equals control equals influence equals standing equals stature equals support from the entire banking system within the country from which the money was borrowed, to which the human beings in the specific country pay extra added interest and taxes on as their part in due support for the event of war.

This giving the one in power and control within the country the ability to be a ‘God’ in their country – where the power and control over many human beings are placed in their hands in having the ability to manipulate and direct any human being at will through using the fear as a ‘God’ to their own personal advantage.

Human beings in a specific country only adhere or follow like slaves another in perceptually more power, control and influence than they are – through their own fear within them of humans in such standing and stature. This fear within human beings’ in such a specific country is what is used to manipulate and influence them in supporting the rules, regulations and bidding of the being in perceptually more power and control within the country and of the country. This fear of a being in perceptually more power, control and influence is linked to the understanding that the human beings in the countries’ entire life, which is held and glued together by money, is in the hands of such a being and therefore they fear losing their money, that which they have defined their entire life upon.

The exact nature of how all the human beings in the specific country, who instigate the war that is to be waged in the first place, support and back the president and their entire country as one, because of the fear existing within them, and because of the money provided to them to be able to exist in the country, is as follows: Money is borrowed from the entire banking system in this specific country to have the ability to prepare for the war that is to be waged against another country. In borrowing money from the entire banking system in the specific country all the human beings in this specific country have to pay extra added interest and taxes to be able to compensate for the money that has been borrowed by the president – or those in influence of instigating the war in the first place.

And this is how war in a specific country is supported and backed in the provision made thereof to be possible to take place – from the entire banking system together with all human beings in this specific country. Therefore money equals power equals control equals the ‘God’ principle of specific human beings of power and control within a specific country which I have just presented and explained to you. Through this ‘God principle’ of standing and stature within the ‘feared by many’ principle, by for instance a president in a specific country, is not the only ‘God principle’ that exists in this world. For even the ‘God’ as a specific human being, for instance a president in a specific country, who has the standing and stature of obtained power and control – feared by many – is controlled by other human beings in a higher ‘God principle’, ‘feared by many’ standing and stature who have the power and influence to control and direct president’s of all countries within this world through fear of who they are – using the president’s fears in all countries within this world to their personal advantage.

Thus, even presidents in their countries within this world have fear existing within them which forces them to do the bidding of those who stand in a higher standing and stature of the ‘God principle’ in this world.

These are those human beings in this world who control the banking systems. The human beings who are in actual control of presidents in countries in this world are the human beings who control the banking systems in this world. And how else is humanity deceived and mislead with regards to thinking that the highest form of the ‘God principle’ is that of presidents in specific countries not knowing that there’s a handful of human beings in actual power and control of this world?

The answer is through war, politics, the entire government and news broadcast industry. Making sure human beings in this world remain pre-occupied with personal events in their own individual world as well as greater events that take place in the world out there. All are diversions, for a blissfully ignorant and naïve humanity.

There are multiple levels, so to speak, of the ‘God principle’ standing and stature within this world related to that of power and control – feared by many. The ability to have immense power and control over something or anything is through the manipulation of other’s fears. Other’s fears are used to manipulate and influence the outcome desired by the one who controls, through using the fear that other’s have against themselves to the controllers personal advantage.

Have a look for instance at president’s in this world who have power and control of their specific countries which they rule over – using human beings’ fear within their country to manipulate and influence all of them to be able to support and back their president, their country in any and all necessities of the country that is of the ‘goodwill for all’ bullshit – this being one level of the ‘God principle’ standing and stature of power and control. This fear, as I have mentioned is linked to the fear of losing their security, their life and their world as money!

The other ‘God principle’ standing and stature in this world is those in control of the banking systems who have power and control of all presidents in their specific countries – thus power and control to direct and influence the outcomes within the whole world. The exact same banking systems which support both countries waging war against each other with money provision – those human beings in power and control over presidents, together with the banking systems in this world support and back both countries with money provision who are waging war against each other. The beings in power and control of the banking system also use the president’s fears against themselves, which consist of the same fear human beings in society have: the fear of losing their security, their life and their world as money!

A ‘God’ game that is being played, where one higher ‘God’ as the human beings who have power and control over presidents – put two lower levelled ‘Gods’ beneath them as the two presidents in the countries who are waging war against each other, up against each other to play the rest of humanity for the fool in believing their presidents within their individual countries are the only ‘Gods’ in this world. When in truth both the president’s and human beings within the country are under the rule of higher levelled ‘Gods’ which are in power and control of the whole world – and who else makes the money but the higher levelled ‘Gods’?

Taking this entire situation into perspective of the ‘God’ game and how money is the most important factor in waging war, I am looking at a triangle with three levels. This triangle is based on the foundation of money and is referred to as the entire ‘God Game’ in this world. The lower lever is individual human beings in this world I am referring to as ‘Lower-level Gods’. They are apparently in control of their individual worlds, their own lives in which they experience themselves – thus they are apparently ‘God’ within their own life using all and every possible method to maintain control of their lives through fear of losing that which they already have in their world providing them with security and stability. Control only exist when fear of loss exist. This ‘maintaining control’ is based on survival which is based in fear of loss, because human beings fear losing everything in their world which give them the ability, certainty and security to exist in this world, they’ll do anything to make sure they survive this life with at least a comfortable existence. Thus human beings as ‘Lower-level Gods’ are controlled through their own survival as cause which is money and fear of loss as who they have become as well as on what exactly they have based their life upon, in their individual lives of which they in turn try to control. ‘Lower-level Gods’ remain so pre-occupied and consumed within their own lives, trying to control it while in their day to day struggle of having to survive in this world – in turn remaining oblivious to what is actually busy happening in this world as they remain oblivious naive participants in the entire ‘God Game’ in this world.

Then you have ‘Centre-level Gods’ which are the presidents in this world in rule of their countries which is in power and control standing and stature over all human beings in their countries – society. Having the ability to influence and direct human beings in their country based on the human beings’ fear of loss within themselves while they are consumed and preoccupied within their own world of fighting to survive – the survival experience as cause which is money. The fear of loss within human beings in this world who fight for survival, remaining consumed and pre-occupied with their own lives – is the fear towards the president and entire country who are providing them with the ability to exist in this world and have food on the table with a roof over their heads. Through fear of losing this existence based and founded on money – they support their president and their country to in this way have the ability to survive in this world. And this is exactly how presidents and governments control human beings in their country – with money – that which is required to be able to survive in this world and that which human beings fear losing because they have defined their entire existence as all and everything of themselves on money.

Then we have the ‘Higher-level Gods’ of the ‘God Game’ triangle – the ones who control the world together with presidents and the rest of humanity within. Also controlling the president’s with money and fear, just as the presidents control human beings in their country with money and fear, just as human beings are controlled within their own individual lives within money and fear based on survival and fear of loss, as presidents within a country fear losing that which they have as who they have become in their status and standing of power and control based and founded on none-other than: MONEY. The ones who control the entire banking system in this world are the ‘Higher-level Gods’. The fascinating thing is that even the ‘Higher-level Gods’ exist upon the foundation of fear and money – striving for survival through fear of loss – yet their dominion reins far greater than that of presidents and the rest of humanity therefore they exist at the top of this ‘God Game’ triangle as ‘Higher-level Gods’. The ‘Higher-level Gods’ control the ‘Centre-level Gods’ because the ‘Centre-level Gods’ are in the position of standing and stature through the support and provision as money made by the ‘Higher-level Gods’ in this world. Therefore the ‘Centre-level Gods’ are controlled through fear and money from the perspective that all and everything of the ‘Centre-level Gods’ as who they are and have become have been provided and supported by the ‘Higher-level Gods’ through money and therefore they must honour their ‘Higher-level Gods’ in doing their bidding as what is directed of them to do – to survive and not lose that which had been given to them by the ‘Higher-level Gods’.

If you control money in this world – all the money in this world as the ‘Higher-level Gods’ do who are in control of the entire banking system in the world – you are in control of the entire world as humanity within. All human beings in this world exist in two base foundations: fear and money. If beings are placed in positions of standing and stature of control and power over human beings existing upon the base foundations such as fear and money – you are able to continue influencing, directing and controlling them by using the fear and money base foundation against themselves. Because the manifested experience human beings have of this base foundation within them as fear and money is survival and fear of loss. As I have explained for instance the method used by presidents who control the individual human beings in their country.

How this entire ‘God’ game triangle operates with regards to the foundation of money upon which it is built is as follows: You have the ‘Centre-level Gods’ which is the presidents of two specific countries who decide to wage war against each other – doing this to gain more power and control in this world, motivated to gain more money as their standing and stature in this world expands when either one wins.

The war initiated in the first place to have the rest of humanity believe that it’s really truly only the presidents and government in this world who are in absolute standing and stature of power and control – that their lives are in the hands of their government and president alone. The media, the governments and most of the world infact believe this, and together with their beliefs of the presidents and governments being the only highest position of power and control, humanities attention is diverted from the truth of who and what is really in control of their lives. And that the human beings in the specific countries waging war against each other are supporting and backing their president and their entire country for some cause as justification for the validity of war having to be waged, when in truth it is for the purpose and provision of money – not only for the presidents but also for the ‘Higher-level Gods’ who are in actual power and control in this world. So, the presidents and the rest of humanity are actually the slaves to the ‘Higher-level Gods’ in this entire money-making ‘God Game’ event – providing money, more power and more control to the ‘Higher-level Gods’ which control the world because they control the money in this world as well as all the banking systems within this world.

It works as follows: You have the president’s who borrow money from the banking systems, from the ‘Higher-level Gods’ in fact because the banking systems in this world belong to them – to have the ability to prepare for the war that is to take place – and this occurs in both countries who are waging war against each other. Through this borrowing action – the ‘Higher-level Gods’ have now an even tighter holding leash upon the presidents because now there is money owed to the ‘Higher-level Gods’, manifested as the banking system, from which the money was borrowed. The money that was borrowed from the banking systems are required to be paid back together with interest. Therefore it is the human beings in the country of the president, who borrowed the money from the baking system from the ‘Higher-level Gods, who have to repay all the money borrowed together with interest – for the president – through taxes and interest that is considerably heightened within the country to repay all the money owed to the ‘Higher-level Gods’ together with extra added interest.

And this is how the ‘Higher-level Gods’ make all the money and remain in power and control of the entire world together with all of humanity. The ‘Higher-level Gods’ control the ‘Centre-level Gods’ who control the ‘Lower-level Gods’ – the ‘Centre-level Gods’ together with the ‘Lower-level Gods’ provide extensive amounts of money to their actual one and only GOD which are the ‘Higher-level Gods’ in this world who are actually in power and control of all of humanity. And thus – this is why War is initiated and supported and allowed and accepted: Because of money. And the presidents have to wage war when able – to which ever cause has been given to them by the ‘Higher-level Gods’ – because of their own fear within themselves as fear of loss and who they have become and placed as by the money provided to them by the ‘Higher-level Gods’ which control them.

Here we have it – the ‘Centre-level Gods’ borrow money from the ‘Higher-level Gods’ to be able to prepare and wage war against another country to which the ‘Lower-level Gods’ must repay the money owed, together with interest, for the president of their country who borrowed the money in the first place from the ‘Higher-level Gods’. The money borrowed by the president, together with interest, is repaid by the society of the countries who wage war against each other through heightened taxes and interests. All this takes place in both countries who wage war against each other so you are able to imagine how much money the ‘Higher-level Gods’ are reeling in just because of the most lucrative business opportunity in the world which is: WAR. Where all of humanity is under the control and influence of but a few human beings as ‘Higher-level Gods’, in control of the world because they control the banking system of the world, who grow in their standing and stature of power and control in this world, the more war is instigated. This is a rather sticky, intertwined and trapped scenario the ‘Lower-level Gods’ and ‘Centre –level Gods’ find themselves within – because they are not able to maintain their survival existence, their worlds and their lives without money which is controlled by but a few beings as ‘Higher-level Gods’. This is how the triangle of world domination works – with money, in which the ‘Higher-level Gods’ just cash in through the experience of war, where society has to repay the money, together with the interest owed, to the ‘Higher-level Gods’ – beautiful world isn’t it???


Ah, the relationship traps. Yes, relationships in this world are indeed traps, traps that are related to money, yes, money indeed! If MONEY=GOD and GOD=MONEY, then this particular GOD exist everywhere in everything, in all facets and roles in everyday life experiences within each and every single individual beings’ worlds. The most prominent and controlling factors in this world is MONEY together with SEX.

It is unfortunately sad to say that sexual expression and self worth in this world have been linked and connected to money. How do woman and men in this world express their self worth and sexuality? They express their sexuality through the clothes they wear, the shoes they wear, the cologne and perfume they wear, the jewellery and accessories they wear, the cars they drive, the sound systems in the cars they drive, the makeup they wear, their perfect salon hair do’s by spending fifteen minutes in front of the mirror every morning (the male species included) the perfect physique – sexuality and self worth all in all have been linked and connected to presenting the perfect picture presentation to the world of who the individual human beings are in this world.

The perfect pictured presentation of who human beings are in this world is only able to be done with money – to apparently ‘express’ your sexuality and self worth you require money to be able to compose and design the perfect pictured presentation of yourself , which reveal your sexual expression and self worth, based on money.

To give a more thorough example of why I say that self worth and sexuality has been based on money, is that your sexuality and self worth expression depends on how much money you make and own, which is also directly related to relationships – I am presenting you with two different expression of human beings in this world: The first would for instance be an electrician, that goes from house to house and sorts out and fixes what is required to, making life comfortable and easier for your usual society family. Electricians do not make a whole lot of money, and (I apologise if I’m offending anyone with such statements, but I’m taking this into perspective of generalising the scenario) don’t really bother with their pictured presentation of themselves in this world. They don’t really care as much about themselves in this world in terms of presenting to the world the perfect pictured presentation of themselves. They are merely interested in getting the job done, getting the monthly salary, which is just enough to be able to survive in this world and pay all the necessary bills, not enough though to be able to groom themselves effectively by fitting in with the elite in this world who do in fact make quadruple the amount that they cash in during one month.

Therefore, relationships for such beings in this world who are not able to express their sexuality and self worth effectively due to their limited monthly income – are far and in between, making it more difficult to find the experience of having a relationship in this world. The danger of such human beings is that their sexuality and self worth is suppressed because they don’t have sufficient amount of money to be able to express their self worth and sexuality through presenting the perfect pictured presentation of themselves – suppressing the expression of sexuality and self worth, because they’re not able to express it by presenting the perfect pictured presentation of themselves, which makes it impossible to have a relationship for the experience of their sexuality and self worth through having sex for instance with the physical manifestation of the opposite sex within a relationship and therefore results to other ways to express the suppressed sexuality and self worth. The other ways are either linked to pornography and is even able to result to the extremes of rape – it depends on how extensive the suppression is experienced within the individual human being.

Then we have your very extremely world renowned doctors and lawyers who cash in loads of money a month, far too much for them to be able to know what to do with most of the money they own. And therefore such human beings in this world have money which is linked to their self worth and sexuality expression in this world to be able to present the perfect pictured presentation of themselves.

The perfect pictured presentation of such human beings, having the ability to express their self worth and sexuality in the elite circles in this world is done for the simple reason of attracting the opposite sex in having a relationship. And spend time on grooming themselves in the most effective way, to be noticed and seen in this world where everyone, or most, is looking for their better half or “The One”. Such human beings who are able to design the perfect pictured presentation of themselves, expressing their sexuality and self worth in such a way, through the usage of money, which is only able to be done with money – have the most effective probabilities of having a relationship in this world and starting a family. Such beings’ sexuality and self worth expression is able to be expressed within a relationship with the physical manifested opposite sex – through sex and many other ways of physical touch and experiences.

What is the starting point for presenting the perfect pictured presentation of oneself, expressing sexuality and self worth to the world to be able to attract relationships? The answer to this question is: Money. Without money, the expression of self worth and sexuality is not able to be presented to the world through designing the perfect pictured presentation of self, which would slim the chances of having a relationship down extensively.

We have the expression of sexuality and self worth through the perfect pictured presentation of self, designed with money, to attract relationship to be able to place your self worth and sexuality into an experience which is done through sexual intercourse with the partner you have attracted, within the relationship, through the perfect pictured presentation of yourself. Then I have another question to this entire scenario – are human beings really attracted to the opposite sex because of who they are within them as the truth within themselves, or are they attracted to the perfect pictured presentation of each other which instigates the probability and hope to ignite a relationship?

We are within a visual world and therefore, when two beings first see each other for the first time in their life, they first see the perfect pictured presentation of each other, then you have the apparent ‘feeling’ or ‘butterflies in the stomach’ experience which support the perfect pictured presentation you have seen of each other, expressing each other’s sexuality and self worth while in each other’s mind you’re actually saying: “Wow, this person is presenting the perfect pictured presentation of themselves, expressing their sexuality and self worth magnificently, which means they have quite a stable income, lots of money probably, therefore I am now attracted.”

It’s all about the money – because the perfect pictured presentation of each other, which attracts each one towards the other, is linked and connected to money. As I have explained, sexuality and self worth have been linked to the perfect pictured presentation of self, which requires an extensive amount of money to pull off. Therefore, human beings are attracted to each other, the first moment they lay eyes on each other because of the money scenario which they present through their presentation of themselves as the perfect pictured presentation expressing their sexuality and self worth linked and connected to money. The ‘love at first sight’ experience – this ‘love’ is money, when they see the perfect pictured presentation in physical manifestation as money. The LOVE=GOD=MONEY triangle.

Sex, sexuality and self worth experience and expression within the igniting of a relationship, which is the ‘seeing-for-the-first-time-becoming-attracted’, and the experience of self within a relationship is but the smoky mirror which hides the truth, that relationships, the ignition thereof, meaning the starting point and the experience thereof is all for the cause and purpose of money. Let’s look at attraction for instance, the ‘love at first sight’ scenario where two beings visually see each other for the first time. This ‘seeing-for-the-first-time-becoming-attracted’ experience, is based on the perfect pictured presentation of each other, the perfect pictured presentation of each other expressing one self’s sexuality and self expression, one self’s sexuality and self expression have been linked and connected to money to have been able to present to the world the perfect pictured presentation of self in the first place for the purpose and reason of relationship within which each one’s sexuality and self worth is able to be expressed and experienced during intercourse, sex. Therefore, money is the cause for the forming of relationships to be able to experience sex within the relationship.

Relationships in this world don’t exist, because intimacy and vulnerability within relationships do not exist, what does exist is MONEY and SEX only. Human beings use MONEY together with SEX to be able to trap each other into becoming joint partners where they support each other in expressing and experiencing their self worth and sexuality within the relationship through sex, within which money also plays a great role, the most important role in fact. I have explained so many times, that human beings use money to be able to trap each other into a relationship for the experience of sex. Because sexuality and self worth have been defined and based upon presenting to the world the picture perfect presentation of self, to be able to be noticed to instigate a relationship for the experience of sex. No vulnerability or intimacy exist within any relationships in this world because of the ‘love at first sight’ scenario and the ‘seeing-for-the-first-time-becoming-attracted’ experience – all linked to money and sex – which is based on each other’s perfect pictured presentation of self – and not on who each other is within.

This is why so many relationships fail within the first year or fail inevitably, because intimacy and vulnerability between two human beings haven’t been reached first, the relationship starting point was based on money and sex only. Only later does the disappointment and regret come when both start realising who each other is within – realising that: “Oh my God, I never actually knew you and now that I realise this, I see that it’s most definitely not going to work!”

Money is the most prevalent factor within relationships together with sex, because where there’s enough money, there’s no boredom and conflict within relationships and there’s a sufficient amount of sexual experiences – both within the relationship are satisfied. As long as there’s a sufficient amount of money within a relationship – the sex will be great and the relationship will be fine, because the starting point of the relationship was based on money, for sex.

If for instance in a relationship, whether unmarried or married, money situations steps forth, where money becomes a problem within the relationship – the entire relationship goes downward in a very fast spiral, and the conflict between a couple rises – the reactions within each individual within the relationship will be expressed differently because of the situation of money becoming a problem within the relationship. They will either split up, naturally other excuses will be used for the reason and cause for the split, when in truth the cause and reason for the spilt is due to the lack of money within the relationship – or they will remain within the relationship while enjoying other greener grassed prospects on the other side of the fence (cheating).

Why do I make this statement that money is the cause for the fall of relationships? The reason I make this statement is because human beings have defined themselves as who they are based on MONEY. Have a look, self worth and sexuality is how human beings in this world express themselves, with their self worth and sexuality based on money through presenting to the world who they are through the perfect pictured presentation of themselves: They have defined who and what they are based on money as the expression of themselves as the perfect pictured presentation of themselves. With money being the starting point and cause for relationships, where both within the relationship have defined themselves according to money in the first place in presenting to each other the picture perfect presentation of each other, expressing their self worth and sexuality which is only able to done with money.

What is to happen when money suddenly becomes a problem within a relationship which has started in the first placed because of money? It is most definitely going to fall apart, because that which they have defined themselves as, as well as the starting point and the cause for the relationship, which has held the relationship together in the first place: Is non-existent or have become a problem situation within the relationship.

Money together with sex is what holds relationships together in this world, because human beings have defined who and what they are, as their self worth for instance, upon money, if money fails within a relationship, which was the starting point thereof in the first place and held it together in the first place: The entire relationship fails, the beings together within the relationship fail themselves because that which they have defined themselves upon as money have been lost. In losing the worth of money within the relationship and within themselves – they apparently lose their own self worth and the worth they experienced within the relationship as sex. And therefore when money becomes a problem within a relationship – the entire relationship becomes a problem because the relationship’s star­ting point was based on money in the first place, together with each other’s perfect pictured presentation of self which was defined as their self worth and sexuality – which required money to have been able to design the ensemble.

The money equation within a relationship for instance is as follows: Money equals expressing sexuality and self worth by designing the perfect pictured presentation ensemble of self equal’s attraction equals relationship equals sex. The beginning and the end of all relationships are based on MONEY and SEX – fascinating!

Another interesting fact I have discovered is the following: A quote from Pravda News, found on Google Website on a report dated 06/06/2007, with the headline: Japan: birth rate rises; suicides fall: ‘Ministry officials say the rise in the country’s birth rate was due partly to Japan’s economic recovery from a decade-long slowdown, which encouraged more people to get married and have babies.’ This is confirming my statement that money is the reason for relationships and starting a family. Here is another example of how even governments in countries are supporting the birth of children in the world for the purpose of money: Another quote from Pravda News on a report dated 06/06/2007, with the headline: Japan: birth rate rises; suicides fall: ‘A declining birth rate threatens Japan with a potential a labor shortage, tax shortfalls and pension problems as fewer taxpayers support an aging population.’ And another quote: ‘To encourage women to have more babies, the Japanese government is trying to build more daycare centers and encourage more men to take paternity leave. Some local governments offer special subsidies for couples to have more babies.’

With marriages being based on money, the staring point of the relationship for money – the true reason for the birth of children in this world is to support the countries and government with money, this is how children is being used in this world, this is how the gift of being born into this world have been abused. No longer is it for unconditional self expression and experience, but children being born into this world are being caught up within the consciousness enslavement of it. Children brought into this world to support the country, the government and ‘Higher-level Gods’ with money! Even the governments are now supporting the families to have babies to ensure lucrative money flow within the country. What have we become and what have we allowed?

Note: I have placed the perspective regarding relationships as I have described above as the majority general occurrence here on earth – excluding those few apparently ‘lucky’ one’s here on earth who have ‘successful’ relationships, which was necessary to have manifested so that all other human beings in this world would remain enslaved in hoping and desiring for a relationship. This hope and desire for a relationship consuming their entire being as who they are as they are trapped within the consciousness systems of this world.


I have lightly touched the topic of the manifestation for the reason and cause for human beings who participate in such actions in this world, in one paragraph when describing the power money has over relationships. When human beings don’t earn a substantial or sufficient amount of money, they are not able to express their self worth and sexuality by presenting to the world the picture perfect presentation of themselves to be able to attract relationships for the pure enjoyment of sex. Using money to initiate relationship to guarantee the sexual experience, where within sexual intercourse self worth and sexuality is experienced and expressed.

When self worth and sexuality is not able to be expressed by presenting to the world the perfect pictured presentation of self to be able to trap another, the opposite sex, into a relationship to be able to put their sexuality and self worth within an actual expressive experience as sex with another – sexuality and self worth is suppressed because they are not able to experience or express their sexuality and self worth within a relationship through having sexual intercourse with their partner. Because of this suppression – sexuality and self worth is expressed and experienced through the usage of pornography, which, as I have said, depending on the immense amount of suppression, could lead to rape and sexual abuse.

Pornography in the context I have just explained as being the suppression of sexuality, because a relationship is not able to be initiated to place sexuality in an expressive experience with another through sex – is probably making sense to those reading this at the moment, but which might not be clear to you yet is where does rape and sexual abuse fit in to this entire scenario and how is extensive suppression able to be the source and cause of such actions in this world. The answer to this question is quite simple actually: (I understand that females also have the ability to rape, yet I am placing this description in relation to males specifically because rape and sexual abuse in this world is moreover caused by men. I am not discriminating the male species; do not take what I am saying as discriminating, thank you)

I am again placing this perspective into three different scenarios where there are for instance three different males: Male 1 and Male 2 and Male 3.

Male 1 is for instance your electrician who has been unsuccessful in being able to have a relationship with another. Not having the ability to use money, to present to the world the picture perfect presentation of self to be able to trap another within a relationship to be able to express and experience their sexuality and self worth through having sexual intercourse. Yet, Male 1 has enough money to at least buy porn, or even log onto the internet at home or even rent some videos (if enough courage is plucked up) – which is a different method used to be able to experience and express their suppressed sexuality. In a way making peace with the fact that they are not able to have a relationship within which sexual intercourse is able to be used to express their sexuality and self worth. Still, the beautiful pictures in the magazines of the naked woman remain in their mind, which they use to become sexually aroused, which if not careful, could result to total and complete obsession. This total and complete obsession will be my description of Male 2 which results to rape and sexual abuse.

Though, there are some men in this world who are satisfied with the other optional means of experiencing and expressing their sexuality and self worth if there isn’t a substantial amount of money, or their pictured presentation of themselves is not ‘up to standards’ in this world to be able to initiate a relationship. The other optional means could also be that of using Prostitutes, which is a simpler way of experiencing and expressing sexuality, for which money is also required though – yet they occasionally present the woman in the pictures seen through pornography footage and makes for a ‘okay’ option to be able to experience and express sexuality without having to go through the entire debacle of having to trap another within a relationship. Or even strip clubs where the females seen in pictures through pornography footage are in manifestation before you – which makes it well worth the experience.

All and all – this entire situation is designed and manifested within Male 1’s life because of MONEY. Unfortunately the story of relationship goes as follows: You need money to be able to have a relationship to experience sex and if this is not able to be obtained, another means are used to experience sex, which also require money, but with less effort such as porn (magazines, internet or videos), prostitutes and strip clubs. Money is used for sex, sex is actually all human beings’ in this world’s obsession, addiction and desire – confirmed and illustrated by the sex market of the world.

Male 2 is for instance the scenario where almost no money, or not enough to be able to initiate a relationship exist, or where the male does not fit into the picture perfect presentation of himself as per society standards for women to be interested in him exist as a real life drama within this beings’ life here on earth. Male 2 is the description I am giving you for how suppressed sexuality and self worth, in not having the ability or opportunity to initiate a relationship, to expressively experience sex, manifests rape and sexual abuse.

For some strange bizarre reason there exists a belief within males in this world: They have to expressively experience sex, or allow themselves to consider other opportunities to be able to do this if relationship is not able to be accessed – to maintain their standing as being a man in this world. Men have defined their manhood upon the expressive manifested experience of sex and having a woman in their lives, manhood built on ego: Women which equal relationship which equals sex – the concoction within a man’s life that proves his ego-male-man standing. Sex naturally being the motivation of men having to prove their ego-male-man standing – being expressed and experienced in all ways possible.

Male 2, who has been a young man who has grown up through the years, and has become sexually obsessed through pornography, becoming extensively sexually aroused by the beautiful perfectly shaped woman, the goddesses men are only able to dream of, as pictures seen through the internet, magazines and DVD’s etc. continuously circling within this man’s mind, used to become sexually aroused to be able to experience the expression of this sexual obsession in ways only males are able to. Male 2’s mind application consists of the following: Within Male 2’s mind exists pictures of woman via media provision which provide men such as Male 2 with opportunities and abilities to express his sexuality, because unfortunately relationship is just not an option for this poor man, as much as he’d try – the money and the looks just ain’t there. And why go through the effort of trapping a woman in relationship to have sex, which requires commitment when there are many other easier ways to satisfy the desire and obsession with sex such as: Strip Clubs, Prostitutes, pornography etc. Because of the pictures of the porn goddesses that exist within Male 2’s mind he uses them to become sexually aroused and to express it in ways that only he enjoys by himself – and through time he becomes sexually obsessed and addicted with his own personal experience of sexual expression which is used by pictures. Soon the pictures just aren’t enough any more and the sexual arousal and sexual obsession starts to consume Male 2’s entire being. The desire want and need to have physical sexual intercourse consumes his entire being, with pictures and dream-states of sexual experiences not being enough – Males 2’s sexual obsession reverts to the projected expression of manifested woman in this world which he sees with his visual eyes.

This mean’s that Male 2’s focus and attention start moving to woman walking past him with the short skirts, breasts, revealing legs, revealing stomachs, showing as much flesh as possible – causing him to become sexually aroused almost immediately. Picturing himself and the woman walking past him in the street or which he observed in a night club – having a sexual experience within his own mind. As I have said – even this mind creation of sexual experiences is not enough – he has to and must have physical sexual intercourse. What happens when Male 2 sees more and more woman, through pornography, through media, through live presentations of woman revealing themselves to the world as they walk in this world or dance in the nightclubs – his sexual obsession and sexual arousal within him compounds and no other way is supporting him to have the ability to release this compounding sexual arousal and obsession within him. The compounding occurs because there’s no way he’s able to initiate a relationship either because he doesn’t have the money to put the effort in, or he’s not presentable enough according to looks for any woman to be interested or he’s trying to discover other avenues to experience sex than having to commit to a relationship. The only way possible is through having actual physical sexual intercourse.

If males in this situation have money – they’d resort to prostitution or grabbing a woman for one evening only to be able to experience physical sexual intercourse for one evening, being satisfactory enough and spilt – hunting in night clubs for the woman he is able to take home or they result to Prostitution.

Then you have the males who don’t have money, yet have fallen in the sexual obsession and sexual arousal consummation of their entire being. The sexual obsession and arousal within them becoming a demon which possess them entirely where this demon within them, which have been suppressed within by trying to find other ways of expressing itself besides physical sexual intercourse has a mind of its own. The demon within them consisting of anger and frustration within them, the anger and frustration growing and intensifying because they are not able to get what they want – the physical experience of sexual intercourse yet there’s so many woman in this world, but unfortunately not one will be interested. Woman promoting themselves to men, yet they are selective in their choice and will never consider men like Male 2. The demon within then is forced to result to rape and sexual abuse to be able to finally express that which have been aroused and compounded within and not released effectively through physical sexual intercourse.

This is the cause of rape, this is the cause of sexual abuse: Where men become sexually obsessed because of the sexual arousal compound effect, due to them having to result to pornography and media provisions to be able to in some way try and express and experience their sexuality and self worth – because they did not have enough money to be able to compose themselves in being as the elite society stature of human beings who have the ability to initiate relationships because they have sufficient amounts of money to experience and express their sexuality through sexual intercourse – in the acceptable, decent manor.

Male 3 for instance would be the scenario where men define themselves as being in control and power through money and sex together. They require sex and money together to maintain their egoistic chauvinist male stature position in their own personal world. Meaning that together with the power and control they have over human beings with their money, they require their personal power and control gain through sex, having sex with as many woman as possible. Naturally using their money to lure the woman, you know, presenting to the world the picture perfect suave presentation of who and what they are – and they will even go to the extent of rape to ensure their power and dominance, which woman provide for them, that is maintained and nurtured in their own personal world.

Money and sex being used to maintain their dominance, their power and control in this world, when having sex with woman, multiple partners, the woman allow themselves to become the sex slaves of such men as the men use their money together with sex in maintaining their egoistic chauvinist male stature position of dominance, power and control.

If a woman would refuse having sex with such a male, the male will go to the extremes of rape – because such a denial from a woman is not acceptable for such men and it would be considered a slap in the face. Their power and control dominance step forth and they rape the woman to ‘show’ them and ‘teach’ them who and what such men are and they dare not disregard or discredit such men by refusing them sexual pleasures.

Therefore, in this world, there are pedophile centers and establishments, woman as sex slaves – for men in high ranking positions in this world who are part of such congregations in this world. The reason simply is that they require their dominance over woman, in having sex with multiple partners, which in turn powers their dominance over many other human beings with their money. To place this into perspective is that their power and control over many human beings, derived from the extensive amount of money they have, is even more enhanced and maintained by having multiple sex partners – dominance over woman, where woman become their literal slaves, sex slaves.

Woman, I am not letting you off that easily, because pornography, including the application of the energetic resonance for the reason why you wear certain specific clothes, no matter where you are – is the market promoter which support rape and sexual abuse. Yes, woman, you are also responsible for the manifestation of actions such as rape and sexual abuse because you, through the pornography presentations of yourself, through magazine pictures you pose for and the clothes you wear specifically selected to grab men’s attention – is what the cause is of men in this world resulting to rape and sexual abuse. Because you are presenting a manifested example of something that such men as Male 2 is only able to dream about, or fantasize about in their mind’s when creating a sexual dream-like experience – supporting their need, their desire and their want to fuck your brains out and because they know and realize within themselves they are not able to, there’s no way they’ll have such an opportunity, such men who don’t have money to fulfill their sexual desires, their sexual obsessions which you promote and present in this world which compound with them:

They result to rape and sexual abuse – which have become a demon within them, a sex demon within them, through the sexual obsession and arousal compounding within them and taking them over completely, possessing them totally. Guess what, woman who enjoy attention from men, wearing specific clothing with the energetic resonance of luring and attracting them, including woman who specifically express their sexuality as the perfect pictured presentation of themselves in magazines or pornography footage: You are supporting the existence of rape and sexual abuse in this world – by promoting yourself. In this self promotion to attract, lure or trap males, you are allowing specific males in this world such as Male 2 to result to rape and murder because of the demon within them, caused by their frustration and anger of not being presentable or good looking enough for the woman who promote themselves in this world.

Be careful of your intentions of what you wear and why you do what you do in this world, because you are as responsible as the man who rapes – for the innocent children in this world experiencing rape and sexual abuse. Keep this in mind.

Money – the source for the manifested actions of rape and sexual abuse.


I am certain that robbery, stealing etc, is common sense to the reason for the occurrence of such actions in this world, which includes that of murder. Just as I have explained how suppression of sexuality is able to result to pornography, and the extremes thereof is able to result to rape and sexual abuse. The same goes for the scenario with human beings in this world who are just trying to make a living for themselves who almost literally have nothing and the only way they are able to survive is to rob or steal from those that have which is able to result to the extremes of murder through utter desperation.

You have human beings in this world that have nothing, or so little that it becomes very hard and difficult for them to be able to survive and live in this world by providing themselves with the necessary sustenance and nurturing. Therefore you have gangs, you have many who come together to fight for survival to be able to provide themselves and their own families with the ability to live in this world. There aren’t many business opportunities for those that grow and live in places of dire circumstances where they literally have nothing, where there isn’t sufficient provision made for a proper education. And those that are on the streets are not able to get a job anywhere which is able to provide them with some income, because of where they come from, they’re dirty and they’re filthy and they are not able to take care of themselves properly. Therefore no-one within the elite of society will even allow the homeless who live on the streets or in shacks to do the smallest jobs at their homes because of fearing them.

The fear exist because of other human beings as the homeless or who live in shacks have given many an idea of who and what human beings are who live on the streets and who have nothing. What are they supposed to do? No one will give them an opportunity and they fucking know that, the only way they are able to actually become something or get somewhere in the world in terms of at least making something to be able to survive and live in this world is to either beg on the streets, find some way of making themselves presentable and honourable enough to be able to be considered for a job, or result to ways that are against the law: robbery, stealing or killing by joining gangs who are formed as support groups within their current situations.

What the fuck do people in this world expect of them to do? They had absolutely no choice in where they are going to be born or how their life would be here on earth. They are not able to suddenly, when they’re on the streets at an age where they are able to comprehend and understand their situation of being alive here in this world with nothing to support them say: “I have nothing to eat, I have nowhere to go. I have no supportive income to keep me alive and no-one on this earth will give me a chance. Right, so I’m in this situation, I’ll just sit here on the streets and die of hunger, die of cold – I’ll just die because there’s no possible way I am able to live in this world. It was a mistake, I shouldn’t be here, I’ll kill myself.” There’s no way – the instinct of man is to live, and to survive if necessary in all and any means possible – God, they’re not just going to stand there and say: “I’ll kill myself, or if I remain here in this position on the street, I’ll die eventually.”

What are human beings in this world expecting of them to do when they grow up, they have nothing, they have no education, they have no support from anyone – they are children that are raised in the cultured circumstances of those that have nothing or very little, growing up with examples around them where men have to become that which will give them the ability to continue breathing in this world. I have once come across a few human beings on the streets who actually save money, they beg for money or they pick up cents on the streets to be able to gather money in buying decent presentable clothing to be able to approach other privileged human beings in this world in asking for a job to be able to have a stable income in providing themselves with necessary nurturing and maintain their presentable presentation of themselves. There are those that actually go the extra mile – unfortunately others in such situations and circumstances required to take desperate drastic measures to be able to live and survive in this world – giving the elite human beings in this world the belief and idea that all such human beings are cold-hearted murderers and killers and should be extensively feared at all costs.

It’s like the media giving the elite in society a underlying message saying: Beware of all human beings who have nothing and live on the streets or in shacks, those that are below your methods and ways of living. They are armed and dangerous and should be extensively feared. Quick – put protection on your homes, initiate security forces, empower the police system – God save the children in this world: Completely ostracizing human beings to the baron lands of the world who were unfortunate to be born into the world, had no choice in the matter, having them live in dire circumstances with barely anything to go on – having to discover some way on their own of how they are going to figure out the ability to live and survive in this world. Therefore, all they have (in some situations) are themselves and other’s in the exact same situation and thus form groups, referred to as gangs to work together in supporting each other in providing to themselves, or even their families with nurturing and shelter. What else would human beings in this world expect of them to do – just remain in their baron lands to which they have been ostracized and die there? Not going to work.

(I am now referring to human beings who steal, rob and murder due to their circumstances as ‘Those that have been ostracized’) It’s strange that human beings (especially the governments for instance who’s responsi­bility is the country and the people within) didn’t have common sense and went: ‘These people don’t have anything, some are homeless and live in shacks, some have enough some have nothing or little money to be able to live and survive in this world. If we are going to allow this to continue by keeping them in such situations, certainly they will find other means necessary for instance by stealing, robbing or even murdering others for what they have. This will endanger all of society, most human beings in this world. Therefore, we must provide them with homes, with money to start with to build their lives up from scratch in this way – in doing this they have a chance in this world and will not be necessary to have to steal, rob or murder others for what they have.’

This what I have explained naturally did not occur – no, what was decided instead was to establish protection constructs, security and police, against such human beings who have been ostracized within their own country, the society within the country and the world. Those that have been ostracized now even have a law against them within the country, by the government – because they had to find ways to be able to live and survive in this world – unfortunately the ways were not acceptable because it was to the detriment of those that have and therefore police, security and laws were established to ensure they remain in their baron lands within which they have been ostracized to hopefully die there, or make the decision to just give up and die there. Like saying to the human beings who have been ostracized in this world: ‘Remain in your baron lands within which you have been ostracized – you shall not have access to those that have the privileged. We are actually saying that you must kill yourself, give up and decide not to live. Find ways you ostracized people, to remove yourself from the face of the earth because you do not belong here and you are a mistake. Only those that are born into privileged homes may continue to live and survive in this world, but not you who have nothing. Once you comprehend and understand your situation you must decide to kill yourself and remove yourself – someone in existence made a huge mistake of having you being born into this world.’

Naturally they’re not going to do that – they will find all and any means possible to survive in this world – stealing, robbing and murder being the three main options they are required to choose from. Actually giving human beings who have been ostracized the opportunity to enhance their education in stealing, robbing and murder – this is what their education consist of, finding ways to live and survive in this world, being taught to their children to also have the ability to live and survive in this world by means of stealing, robbing and murder. It’s an entire culture that have been born into this world and who else is responsible but the country, the society within the country and the rest of the world. Human beings steal, rob and murder because they require surviving in this world, specifically attacking those that have through violence because the ostracized human beings also fear – violence and attack of others are usually done through fear. They have been required to use force, such as violence and attack to be able to get what they want in this world because not even asking for support in this world have gotten them anywhere in being able to live and survive in this world.

Therefore, tactics to live and survive in this world have unfortunately heightened to the necessity of using force such as violence and attack which result to murder if necessary have been considered and used to get what they need and what they want. What human beings must understand is that if a man kills (I am a ‘dimensional’ being, yet I speak of personal experience from a life experience once upon a time here on earth), the first kill of another – is the most tormenting experience any human being could ever endure in this world, yet the torment, the pain, the sadness, the anger and all that goes with it is used to transform self into a cold hearted killer – the killing demon within rise and consumes you. After your second or third kill – depends how ‘strong’ you are within yourself to be able to use that which you have experienced in transforming yourself into a coldhearted killer, the killer demon within rising and consuming and taking over your entire being – the killings after the third, becomes easier, simpler.

The necessity to transform yourself into this monster is to have the ability to live and survive in this world. Understand that when the first kill is made – the first murder for the purpose and reason of survival – you kill yourself and you transform yourself into a monster that feels nothing within, you become stone cold and all you have consideration for is yourself in having the ability to survive in this world. The more you kill, the more you become this monster within, no regard for consequence, for consequence does not exist – only survival exist. This monster as that which you have to become, are forced to become, must become – consist of the fear, the anger, the resentment and hate within you, which support you in killing continuously in this world.

Who else is responsible for human beings who are forced to become this to be able to live and survive in this world – but all of humanity who just don’t give a fuck, instead establish protection such as police and security to deal with them appropriately because we don’t have the courage to face our own creations – rather sort them out appropriately. Governments and presidents, my view on such human beings who are placed in positions of responsibility for their country and their people have been transformed through the decades to presidents becoming power and control hungry beasts who rather spend their money on having their own comfortable life – using the money borrowed from the banks rather for war than for the support in solving the circumstances of those that have been ostracized in this world.

Presidents finding ways to up their stature and standing in this world for power and control in lucrative business opportunities such as instigating war for those as the ‘Higher-leveled Gods’ to make money. Only that which supports lucrative business opportunities in this world in terms of the provision of money is considered important, therefore there is more than enough money to support war in this world – yet apparently not enough to make a difference to starvation and poverty. As though saying: ‘You who have nothing, you are not supporting certain human beings in this world in the provision of money – you are costing us money’. Therefore we won’t make an effort to support you so that you hopefully die as quick as possible while we divert human beings’ focus on war in this world, divert their attention to other manifestations in this world so you may not be considered in their worlds, in their thoughts, in their minds and conversations, but die the forgotten death of those that starve and exist in poverty.’

Human beings steal, rob and murder – transforming themselves into killing coldhearted machine demons to be able to live and survive in this world for money – because you need money in this world to be able to live and survive here. And because the human beings that have been ostracized didn’t have money and required other methods to get it – they have been banned to the baron, forgotten lands of the world to try and fend for themselves – hopefully dying as soon as possible rather than having to spend money on them.

Yet again – money the source cause for the reason human beings in this world succumb to stealing, robbing and murder to be able to exist, live and survive here in this world, no matter if they are required to transform themselves into a killing demon to be able to get it done.


I have now given all, in the above discussion, the enslavement we have allowed here on earth and within our own lives, also by giving you two in depth examples of how the Power we have given Money, are enslaving us to not allow ourselves to express ourselves unconditionally here on earth. With all human beings here on earth being the power behind the existence of consciousness and the manifested consequences of the existence of money – becoming the GOD of ourselves and GOD in this world – this is all based on our rules, regulations, acceptances and allowances of how exactly consciousness, and the manifestation thereof as MONEY as GOD of each and every single human being here on earth. Therefore, if all human beings in this world as one, together, were to change their perspectives, allowances, acceptances, regulations and rules regarding money – how would all human beings experiences of themselves in this world change from what it is now. Which is correlating with the solution I am about to present to you:

The solution to the Power of Money enslavement is: CHOICE .

This is a collective choice, as one, that is required to be made by all human beings as one together, a choice, a singular choice by all as one together in this world is the answer to the question within humanity of how to solve war, rape, murder, robbery etc in this world – the final answer to all of humanities prayers in this world. We are here on earth human beings, this world in this universe, we exist upon and within are ours, and how we experience and express ourselves within it is all up to us. The responsibility of where this world is going is in the hands of each and every single human being and as humanity as one together.

Have a look – we have collectively as one together in this world decided to accept and allow the current formation and structure of money systems to exist in this world – where unfortunately it works for some and for others it does not work. This is an exact example of the acceptance of polarity and separation in this world. Where some have everything and other’s have nothing while there are those who float in between the two extreme’s that exist in this world – regarding the consequences of the acceptances and allowances of the money systems God regime in this world. The current outflows of consequences of the current money system in this world have become rape, murder, stealing, and starvation. How could we have allowed and accepted such an existence for ourselves here on earth? And how dare we be so selfish with our own desires of having children and starting a family, by bringing children into this world to have to endure survival through fear of trying to make a living for themselves in this dangerous and disastrous existence here on earth in this world?

The damage is already done, yet there is a solution which is able to transform this entire world and all human beings experiences within in one moment, with one choice – if all human beings as one together on earth make an agreement, and take responsibility for themselves and all as one together here on earth.

The solution to the Power of Money Enslavement I am presenting is as follows:

All human beings as one together in this world on earth, makes a uniting, collective choice and decision to have all human beings on earth be given the exact same amount of money. Spreading an equal amount of money to all human beings on earth, where all of humanity as one will receive the exact same amount of money. The exact amount of the money being given to each individual human being must be enough to be able to last them for one entire life here on earth, giving them the unconditional ability to express themselves as who and what they really are. The exact amount is able to be collectively as one decided and agreed upon. This is how all human beings together as one change all their perspectives, allowances, acceptances, regulations and rules regarding money – in one singular moment to no longer support consciousness, and the manifestation thereof as MONEY as GOD.

What changes in this world as human behaviour and expression takes place when all individual human beings here on earth are given the exact same amount of money? Those who are here on earth in this moment and including the children who are to come in this world? The children who will have the exact same amount of money waiting for them in their own already established personal bank account, as given to all other human beings here on earth already? Here are some examples:

• The entire ‘fight for survival’ existence will completely disappear, because all individual human beings in this world, including the children that are born into this world, will have the exact amount of money which will support them in their unconditional self expression and experience in this world. There will be no need to exist in the fear of survival, because all human beings here on earth will have enough.

• Fear of money will disappear completely because all human beings in this world, here or still to be born will have the exact same amount of money, which will be more than enough to support them in this life they experience themselves within. With fear of money together with the continuous ‘fight for survival’ existence out of the way, all of humanity has the opportunity to unconditionally express themselves as who and what they are. How each individual human being will express and experience themselves is unknown to them at the moment because all have existed in constant fear of money and having to concern themselves with surviving in this world – consumed with fear of losing that which they already have because of the unpredictability of the entire money system God regime. With all human beings being given an equal amount of money, their existence becomes a certainty in this world which allows each one unconditional self expression and experience in this world.

• Robbery and stealing will disappear completely – because no more will there exist human beings who are forced to succumb to such drastic actions and measures in this world to be able to survive, because they too now have enough money to be able to support them for a lifetime from birth to death in this world. Even if all people have the same amount of money, what about possessions.

• War will not be necessary to initiate or be instigated in this world because all human beings in this world, including the presidents of each country, will have enough money, the exact same amount of money as all other human beings in this world, including the children that are to be born into this world. Therefore, with money being equally divided between all human beings in this world, where all will have enough for a lifetime, the exact same amount – equality will step forth within all relationships and relations within this world. Because money is based on equality – the foundation of humanity will be based on equality.

• Rape and murder will disappear completely, because the source cause for the reason for such applications in this world have been removed by presenting the existence of equality in this world through the equal distribution of money in this world. The source cause for rape and murder have been money, as I have explained above, due to the acceptance and allowance of the entire money system God regime as it exist in this moment here on earth. Such human beings who were involved participants in such actions will now be able to express themselves in ways they weren’t able to before, which manifested the consequences of rape and murder, with the source cause as money. With the entire money enslavement out of the way – the enslavement of consciousness within such beings will disappear.

• How will relationships change in this world? From using money, defining self according to money by using money to present to the world the picture perfect presentation of self, to trap another within a relationship for sex – where money is used to be able to experience sex? My perspective would be the following: With all human beings having the ability to finally exist within equality, due to all of humanity as one having the exact equal amount of money – relationships will become agreements. Agreements where two human beings will decide to support each other in their unconditional self expression and experience, where sexual intercourse will become self expression, and not a desire which is used through money to obtain. Equality will exist within such relationships and sex will become but another form of unconditional self expression. Sex becoming unconditional self expression because the starting point of the relationship is not that of using money for sex, but rather the intimacy and vulnerability between two beings in agreement with each other as who and what they really are within.

• Poverty and starvation will disappear in this world because such beings will now have enough money to support them for the remainder of their lifetime and also for the children who are born in such dire circumstances here on earth. They will have enough money to be able to build themselves homes and buy themselves food – giving them also the equal opportunity to have the ability to express themselves as who and what they are for the first time ever and giving their children the exact same unconditional opportunity.

• MONEY will no longer be GOD in this world which have allowed for the enslavement and separation of humanity, the polarity existence within humanity, where consciousness enslavement systems have become the manifestation as that of money. The entire GOD construct or principle will be replaced with that of EQUALITY and ONENESS in unconditional self expression and experience of each and every individual human being in this world. Because money is equally spread where all individual human beings will receive the exact same amount, all human beings will be equal to each other in self expression and experience here on earth. Because all as one together decided to allow all individual human beings to receive the equal exact amount of money, including for the children to come – humanity exist within oneness, as all as one live within and as this agreement and one choice that have been made.

The current money system squeezes every drop of life out of every human being to have the right to exist. With this proposed change life is given unto each and every being to live in a creation where more life is born.

This is the manifestation of the solution in this world that I have presented above, if money is equally spread in this world, where literally all human beings in this world will have the exact equal amount given, including to newborn children who will have the money they require for a lifetime already prepared in their own personal account: Equality will exist in this world amongst all human beings within. Each human being on this earth will have the ability to release themselves from the enslavement of consciousness as the manifestation in this world of the entire money system God regime – to allow for unconditional self expression and experience in this world.

This is how all of humanity as one together stand up and make a difference to the fuckups we have accepted and allowed within this world as the money system God regime which have enslaved all human beings on planet earth, including the children that are to come, through fear of loss, fear of money and the ‘fighting for survival’ existence. This is how we break the chains, limitations of consciousness enslavement; this is how we allow ourselves to for the first time ever express ourselves unconditionally and experience ourselves unconditionally.

This ONE CHOICE made by all of humanity as one together, where this ONE CHOICE will change the course and direction and experience of all human beings in this world – the answer to all’s prayers, where all of humanity finally stand up for themselves and for all other humans in this world as one – to say: “’Till here no further for enslavement, I stand for equality and oneness.” This is the change; this is the choice that will transform the entire movement of earth and all human beings within, from separation and enslavement to equality, oneness and unconditional self expression and experience.

Let us all unite as one on earth, all of humanity together as one to be able to make a difference to this world we experience ourselves within, to become an existence within which we are proud to introduce newborn children to. Let us all unite as one on earth, all of humanity together as one and make the ONE CHOICE that will bring forth the certain change in this world, the answered prayer to which all have searched. Let us all unite as one on earth, all of humanity together as one and make the ONE CHOICE to have all individual human beings on earth, receive the exact same equal amount of money, enough to support each and every single human being here on earth for a lifetime, from birth to death. So all may for the first time in existence be released from consciousness systems to have the ability to experience and express who they are within creation as one and equal with who they are. Let us all unite as one on earth, all of humanity together as one and end the suffering of the starving, the poor, the murderer, the robber, the rapist and those who have been victims in such situations, through all of humanity together as one here on earth deciding the equal distribution of money to all individual human beings on earth so that equality within humanity may step forth with a choice that has been made within oneness.

All human beings in this world together as one deciding to do this, where such a decision is made on the principle of oneness, for all human beings as one in this world, in understanding the nature of MONEY as GOD in this world and the consequences of the existence thereof – able to be seen in the manifestation thereof in children and other human beings in this world starving with nothing to support them in this world. Will you be able to do this, will you be able to give up your GOD as MONEY for the ability for all as one to exist equally here on earth based on the principle of unconditional self expression?

Giving your GOD as MONEY up from the perspective that all human beings in this world, all of humanity as one, having an equal amount of money allocated to them to be able to unconditionally exist in this world – where GOD is no longer MONEY in this world as the manifestation of consciousness which controls and enslaves, but transforms to the experience of EQUALITY within the experience of human beings here on earth. Doing this to have the ability to set all human beings ‘free’ as who they are to unconditionally express themselves, ‘free’ from the almighty control and power it has over all and everything human beings – manifesting creations such as countries where human beings starve to death. So lets then look at handling money from a different perspective: Where money becomes equal with whom we are instead of GOD over who we are.

How our expression in terms of our relationship with money will change is also something to consider looking at. Because we have distributed money equally within this world, where all of humanity receive the exact same amount – money will now become equal in this world instead of feared, desired, wanted and needed, giving human beings in this world the opportunity to experience equality even between themselves and with others in this world. Money used to be approached from the principle of fear – always being concerned and worrying whether there’d be enough. Always having to exactly calculate the amount you have, what you spend it on, your income and expenditure thereof etc. – which is usually always done in fear and worry. This fear and worry making you bind yourself to money on the principle of selfishness: MINE, MINE, MINE – saving your money through fear of there being a situation that may occur in the future of which you might need that extra cash. Fear all round regarding the existence of money in your world – this must stop.

Money have always been transferred from one being to another in this world based on fear and fear alone, including the thoughts of worry and concern always saving extra money for that possible in-case scenario that may occur in the near future. It is vastly in the exchange of money from one being to another where we are re-establishing this entire: MONEY=GOD and GOD=MONEY construct within existence as we continuously exchange money in this world between each other based on the fears, concerns and worries within ourselves – thus continuously feeding the MONEY as GOD construct within ourselves and this world having power and control over all and everything of ourselves.

It is in the transference and exchange of money also, for instance that self expression the experience of self will change considerably.

How will the change be experienced for instance in the exchange and transference of money in this world between each other, to in this way support human beings on earth as a statement of oneness and equality when all human beings receive the exact amount of money for instance. If you still experience fears within yourself, even when all of humanity as one together have received an equal amount of money – I have the following suggestion to support self expression for instance: When money for instance is used, the moment you place it in your hands firstly see if there are any fears or anxiety as energetic movement you experience within yourself or thoughts of worry and concern jumping up inside your mind. You must be absolutely present, here. Having the money in your hand, you give this to the being from who you are purchasing the specific item. In the exchange you specifically direct this money, your expression in transferring the money from yourself to the other being – in directing it to the beings who were involved in designing and creating this particular and specific item you are purchasing. This exchange and transference of yourself in expression being done in gratitude to those who have designed and created this specific item you have purchased to which you are enjoying the pleasures thereof. You must be present and here, completely filled with gratitude to those who designed and created the specific item you are purchasing – so that this transference of yourself exist in the exchange of the money you give to the being from who you have purchased the item as gratitude to those involved in the development thereof.

Doing this every single time you have money in your hands – specifically becoming present and there by filling yourself with the gratitude for those who have developed, designed and created the item you have purchased – the transference of your individual self expression exist in the exchange of your money here in this moment. What you are doing is supporting the application and placement of the beings who have designed, created and developed the product as an expression of themselves here on earth to which you express your gratitude to them as who they are for providing you with the ability of enjoying the pleasures of the item which you have purchased.

Yes – this may seem like asking the question: “How is this going to make a difference?” It’ll not only make a difference to you in transcending your fear of money and releasing yourself from the power and control money has over all and everything of yourself, when you still experience this after all of humanity as one together have now received the exact equal amount of money – but it will discontinue the existence of the MONEY as GOD construct on earth which support the existence of those that starve to death in godforsaken countries.

The transference and exchange of money within this world will change considerably – purchases will be made and money will be transferred through human beings unconditionally expressing themselves – no longer trapped and enslaved in money system constructs.

If we continue with our relationship with money as it exist now in controlling and overpowering all and everything of who we are, becoming a GOD in this world – it’ll not make a difference to the experience human beings have of themselves in this world one bit. Because as I have said: The cause is who we are in relationship with money. Therefore in changing our relationship with money for instance, by giving all of humanity equal amounts of money – where all human beings in this world receive the exact same amount of money, our relationship to money becomes equal, our relationship to each other and the world become equal and we open and unlock the door to unconditional self expression within humanity – the first time ever. And this is how we make a difference to the experience of ourselves and all other human beings in this world because you have gone to the starting point cause which is none other than yourself and the relationship with money.

As I have said: We are all individually as one responsible for the experience of ourselves in this world and thus to be able to make an effective difference in this world, we have to start at the cause which is ourselves and our relationship with money.

This is all that is necessary human beings, this is all that is required to make an effective difference in this world, in this whole world with all of humanity within: All human beings as one together receive an equal amount of money, the exact amount of money to last them a lifetime, from birth to death to give them the opportunity to unconditionally express themselves in this world – which will solve everything else, all consequences that have manifested in this world because of the MONEY as GOD construct – so that EQUALITY may step forth in this world within humanity. There is no other way to do this as effectively as the proposal I am giving you here.

This is Jack, ‘till later!

Transcribed and typed by Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 31/05/2007

Copyright 2007 This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document.

Let's use the Power of Money for What's Best for ALL - Let's transform our Oneness into a Oneness in Equality

War, Murder and Rape exposed – Part 2

A Dead Man’s Diary

War, murder and rape exposed by Jack- Part 2

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 10/04/2007


Today I am starting my story by sharing with you what I realized through experience about reality. Every day you grind away in your tiny existence and you often ask yourself: “Is this real?” Don’t lie – I know what it is you’re thinking! Just the mere fact that you’re reading my second article tells me that you’re thinking about what it is that drives me to ask questions as well. I started asking questions many thousands of years ago when I experienced myself as an interdimensional being, sometimes here on earth, sometimes in the dimensions. I required understanding on one simple question: “Where in the hell is God?” So I started looking. What I perceived God to be was in fact nothing but a bunch of beings sitting in the dimensions controlling man kind with multiple constructs of religion and different mind sets, what I mean is that within this world there are thousands of beings that have been specifically placed to prevent man kind from actually seeing, seeing the truth of who they really are? Do you notice that whenever you become slightly aware that there is something missing within this world, then suddenly some miraculous event happens that makes you stop asking questions – for a moment? Look back at when you have become aware of this world in its current situation. Are you honestly able to say that you’ve ever allowed yourself to go any further than consciousness, your mind and your thoughts? Or is each of you like everybody else remaining in the same mind-set for the rest of your lives – the same monotonous existence day in and day out? Today I will show you, while writing about war, murder and rape that through this application; you are officially being shown what it is we’re up against. Even as we type these stories the ‘beings’ that want control over this earth are becoming more and more aware of us. Soon we might have a war of our own – from the beings that are trying to control perspective. I am reminding you that nothing that happens in this world goes unplanned. There is either some ‘divine’ being or human factor controlling all of our lives – or so it has been. So, where to from here? I surely am not able to expect you to completely alone without support, fend for your existence, to take a stand, yet you have already. Are you able to see that? As you realize the things (which are common sense) and understanding what it is I mention and share with you, then you’re already going one step in the right direction. Direction has always been mankind’s greatest obstacle (other than the ever consistent, persistent mind). We are not able to overcome what we have created, but we sure as hell are able to direct what we have created through taking our power, standing up and changing our individual experiences here on earth. Doing so through stating clearly what we will accept and allow and what we will not accept and allow. Direction on earth have always been that of lambs following their leader because hey, what the hell else are they up against if they dare break away? Through fear of the unknown, let me rather remain a sheep than stand up and become a leader. So I will share with you the details that have been hidden from you about war, rape and murder. Not that you are not able see it mind you, I’m merely showing you from a different perspective.

Let’s look at war. Simple actually. Big guns great amounts of suffering and pain and to no avail. Eventually the beings in charge forget or oversee the technicalities that ‘caused’ the mess in the first place and they start all over again. War in its extreme nature could become our saving grace one day – if we’d prefer it so. Imagine – what better way to end it all, than with an atomic bomb, to end all this constant suffering and pain that exist in this world, surely that is simple. Let’s play fight for a moment. I’ll pretend to dislike you so that you become so insulted that you pretend to want to fight me and behind this fight between the two of us sits key people balancing the equations so that neither of us wins, only those that sit behind the fight between the two of us achieve wealth. Well done human race we’re all pawns in this little money making scheme – especially all those dedicated soldiers and war lords. Now let’s say for a moment you’re aware already that this is the motive behind war – the motive being money. Now I ask you a very straight forward question: Who controls war? Is it really the governments and presidents or are we just kidding ourselves? I have another question for you: When last did you look in the mirror? This morning? Yes, well now here is the shocker: This morning you saw the system responsible for rape, murder and war. All in one go you saw the entire world’s problems. Thought it couldn’t get that bad and yet here it is, the truth about each one of us. Now I will leave it up to Hitler to explain to you how we became and function as systems, but I will show you straightforward and directly what it means when we throw ourselves into the world. When did you allow yourself to become a system, let’s ask that. Was it at birth, no perhaps not that early already. Did you change when your parents started showing discipline, when they started filling you with rules and regulations? Yes and no, but it also started when we asked ourselves the question: What can I have in this world? Do you remember being a small child and your awareness became that of: “I want!”? Adults show us through allowance that wanting is an acceptable application and desire. They allow us to express that we want what they want. So then what happens is the mind creates its own little world of wants and needs. It wants attention, toys, excitement, money and eventually it wants everything that it sees. Therefore we get to the extremes of war, rape and murder. Through children accessing desires, wants and needs, which have been pre-programmed within them to believe that they’re actually really experiencing these desires, wants and needs, which have in truth been pre-programmed within their mind systems to participate within as much as possible to in this way feed the systems. The children are then feeding the systems through participating continuously and constantly within the pre-programmed applications which are not real – because they were designed and placed by systems.

The same goes for war, rape and murder, those beings who continuously participate within wants, needs and desires which pertain to these specific applications, they feed, through their constant and continuous application, the same systems as that of children which in turn creates and manifests their specific expression. Is a poor chap sitting on the street corner really able to want? Does he want for food or does he want for freedom from poverty? Both, yes and no. We want what we perceive is our dream and desire so therefore we become obsessed by dreams and desires, this is not able to be denied. I do not dream and desire for anything, well yes I must admit I am not able to dream as I am not able to sleep. I rest but I don’t sleep. I am referring to dreaming in the same context as that of wishing. So I do not wake up in the morning faced with dreams as wishes and desires to be fulfilled or achieved for the day. I want for nothing, though I am doing something about this world’s inhabitants to ensure that they stop feeding systems so that we are all able to be free from consciousness and mind bullshit. The dimensions are in oneness and equality with all that exists, therefore we are willing to give up and let go of everything, even ourselves, to ensure that all walks free from consciousness and the mind as systems which we have allowed to control and enslave us. Why did heaven decide to stand up by giving up ourselves and walking within and as each human being here on earth? Well to be frank I did it because I decided some time ago already that I am assisting human beings to not have their lives and who they really are to be completely destroyed so those that are here are able to have a chance to experience who they really are within the process to come. When I say lives and who you really are – I’m talking about the life you are not even able to imagine to be experienced as at this moment it’s hidden behind who you are now as consciousness systems manifested as your mind. They’re hidden behind everything we’ve created as enslavement and control, sits a being that wants for nothing, desires nothing, dreams for nothing and needs nothing – a being who is absolutely content and at peace. The reason why I give a fuck is that I am as all existing infinitely in this existence and I sure as hell would not like to experience myself in a world that exists like this godforsaken existence. I have the ability with the dimensions as one to change this excuse for an existence and experience of ourselves, to transform this experience into something worthwhile to participate within and to be proud of. Would it mean this world will have to release itself from everything through giving up and letting go of all that has been created, yes absolutely. We as human beings have no power now; we tremble before systems as we give ourselves to them through allowance of such mind shit which controls and enslaves. Why specifically do I use the words: We as humans? Here I am specifically stating that we as the dimensions are walking as one within and as each human being to support them in every moment of their experience of themselves here in this process on earth. Systems as the mind are not what you think they are either. They are consciousness that feeds off our participation and allowance – we have become their power source. We are not even able to move in a particular direction without some system being there to get its daily fix. So let me explain to you the reality of this world. It has been explained by Hitler and other beings where we are currently functioning from, as systems.

Now I will tell you why your systems allow for rape, war and murder. Remember when I explained to you about what the being experiences when they are committing any one of these acts? Well here is basically why they are not able to stop themselves at all. You see the same system that you allow to direct you is what makes a rapist do what he is driven to do. So, where to now? How does it feel knowing you all have the same master? The systems basically generate enough chaos in this world so that they are able to exist. An ideal situation is where everything you do is able to be traced to wants, desires and needs. That pretty much takes out everything you do is it not? So let us look at the same system for rape that generates relationship. Relationship is where the mind desires to be desired. It generates hormones in your body to make you desire another. Then it creates loneliness, an absolutely absurd feeling considering that you have only yourself and yourself is sufficient, content and at peace with who you are alone. So therefore you now desire to create a relationship for yourself, because it makes sense to have another want and desire you. Now you go out there allowing yourself to become something you truly actually are probably not. Well considering that you have no actual use for desire you have to pick yourself up from who you have become (mostly) to please another. How many times have you remained exactly who you are yet another accepts you totally? Not that it would be fun either because then what? What is the chase all about if it doesn’t throw you off balance and create all kinds of emotions and feelings? If two beings greeted each other and said: “Wow, you’re stable and certain of who you are infinitely so, I’m stable and I am certain of who I am infinitely so, let us walk this world together and express who we are unconditionally”…. well, wouldn’t that be wonderful – open honesty in communication. Now, however, it is all about who beats who and is the male or the female stronger? In essence relationship is not able to be further from who we really are as we in essence don’t desire, want or need. We just are. Take desire, want and need out of our every day lives…. well just for a moment imagine how you would fit into this world. Nothing would matter to you. Where would our economies go if people just stopped buying things, stopped desiring for anything outside themselves. When are we going to realize that what we have created isn’t real, but actually a consciousness mind created illusion? Do you understand how these simple actions of desire want and need have turned what we have allowed into absolute chaos? Everything we have created thus far has been through our allowance of consciousness manifested as the mind directing us. With the energy being created by the beings desire, want and need for something through allowance and participation they in this way feed the systems – through the creation of energy! So therefore you now understand that relationships feed just as many systems as that of rape. Yes, you ask me how I compare your relationships (with everything) to that of rape. All participations and allowances in any actions which create and manifest emotional and feeling energy – such applications feed systems. Thus whether you are in a relationship or a rapist – in both instances, energy is created that is required to be released with the cause being that of participation. The one in relationship release the compound energy of desire through sex and the rapist release the compound energy through more violent deliberate sex referred to as raping. I ask you this: When a man rapes does he rape because the energy that is created within him is not able to be contained and therefore he breaks that by ultimately destroying the image that relationships project? The image relationship project is that of a wondrous experience which all desire – to me those in relationship have mastered the ability to contain the compound energy created through participation of desiring another – the compound energy magnificently released during the act of sex. Those that rape destroy the image of relationship by showing all what relationships in truth really have become – releasing compound energy generated through the desire of another with sex – hidden with the perception of desiring for relationship. Relationships have merely become the release of compound energy through sex – that’s it. The actions and experiences of those in relationship and the rapist may differ vastly – but the cause behind their actions and experiences are exactly the same. What do you allow – relationships to convince you that you must have relationships? We have judged people for raping yet we are not able to see the simple similarity of the same situation. We live the system that drives the rapist insane. Why is he not able to control himself? Well are you honestly able to live without feeding the systems of this world as what you have defined yourselves as? Are you able to leave relationships, desires, feelings, thoughts and discard them because they have only one thing in common? I wonder whether you even see how relationships feed the exact same system.

Woman have now for the first time been given a very interesting choice (well at least the beings here on earth I work and communicate with on a daily basis who are supporting heaven with the process to come). Are you deciding to feed systems or are you asking of yourself to become something more – it’s either systems or self. That opens a very interesting can of worms because we sit here talking about the intricate details of relationship all day long. Are we able to function without being trapped by relationships? Yes we are able to do with systems what we like. We are able to direct them; we are even able to anticipate them. We are able to even destroy them but unfortunately in order for us to destroy systems we must destroy that through which they feed. Relationships, desire, money, thoughts, absolutely everything you are able to imagine as well as everything we have defined ourselves as in this world, because in truth it’s not who we really are. Thus we are only able to direct and destroy and anticipate systems as consciousness when we are not enslaved or controlled by them. Why? We are not getting any closer to becoming aware that we are indeed able to live without all these things, so now unfortunately the dimensions will have to destroy everything about this world so all may be forced to give up and let go all self-defined allowed systems who is not who anybody really is. We are stating: ‘Till here no further with the allowance and acceptance of systems in our creation. You my friend are going to have to realize that anything which happens now in your world, you will not be able to control or stop, we are bringing your world to a grinding halt –thanks to the dimensions. Not exactly what you would expect us to say now is it? I mean isn’t heaven supposed to come down on clouds with light and grace to alleviate suffering? Well yes and no, of course our ultimate goal is to alleviate this world’s suffering but what are we allowing when we do the dirty work for you? Are we creating more dependencies and reliance’s? Yes, instead of taking responsibility for your own world and realizing that we all as equal as one are responsible for earth’s situation. You will no sooner continue with your old patterns once we leave. You realize now that what I have just said makes sense and have just become aware of your own reality and how you would continue if all was cleared up for you, instead of you doing it for yourselves with our support. Are you able to imagine what would happen if all suffering was taken away but our original desires still remain? The exact same thing – we’d all start creating the exact same bullshit, because it’s all we know. So here we go the ending of what use to be your lives within consciousness. What we plan on doing is showing you that you remain when all things have been destroyed and removed. You remain intact with oh so much more than what you believe possible. When we’ve destroyed the construct of money which controls and enslaves humanity and lies and desire you will just live and be infinitely here. Nobody wants to be in this chaos, ask yourself. Don’t tell me that you agree unless you’ve honestly looked at exactly where humans have currently placed their awareness, do you think the human race is able to take care of themselves individually, equally as one if we we’re here to assist and support you? Not unless we destroy everything that has been so that you are able to see what you have allowed, take responsibility and never create such bullshit again.

Next question: what are you willing to see within yourself? Are you aware that your consciousness allows this world’s systems to exist merely by being a part of this world and participating within it? Are you aware that the murderer is the only being willing to destroy what they experience? As I have explained in my previous article I have seen the inner thoughts of the rapist, murderer and creator of wars. They all have one thing in common: They act out. Have you noticed they actually decide that this mixed up jumbling of thoughts in their mind must stop so they act out. They destroy themselves, yet in the process they destroy everything that surrounds them as well. They see themselves as the other person so that they are able to break that which is destroying them. Their minds create such chaos within them. They see themselves within how the world’s systems control them, yet they also see others as the systems and control. They lash out destroying everything – themselves and their world around them. So are we really sure that war, murder and rape are all outside and distant from ourselves? No, we are not able to be sure. I have seen from my own experience that there is a proverbial fine line between where it is we see ourselves standing regarding such matters and where we actually are. We’re just walking along feeding the systems that make other people act crazy and go insane. So where does this leave you, bewildered, shameful? No, that is not where I am taking this. I would, however prefer you to start looking at these events from a different perspective. Give yourself the opportunity to allow us to tell you and share with you more about consciousness, systems, the mind and the reason why. Soon you will realize and see how everything around you is not able to be trusted. Where does everything come from, where are you going, who are you allowing yourself to become – without our intervention. Now don’t get me wrong, I have not just made a political or religious statement. All I am stating is that we’re here in on earth amongst you to show you where things are going to now, how it works and the reason for it being the way it is. I personally have experienced what the conscious mind does; it is not able to be trusted. Your entire mind is not able to be trusted. So therefore I conclude that you are now able to see from my perspective how your entire world feeds the systems. Next I would like to explain to you how the systems of the conscious mind are able to direct you through your participation and allowance (in terms of relationship, murder and war).

When the human mind becomes a system it basically means it locks you into a pattern to be able to direct you so that it is able to ‘feed’ itself. This direction is where it gets all its energy from so that universally it’s able to thrive. Let’s say for example that your relationship is based on you needing company (which is the basis to every relationship). Your consciousness makes you believe that you require company so that you are happy and content and not lonely anymore. That in essence is like me telling you in order for happiness to become happiness it requires something. What would happiness require, if it isn’t already….. happiness. Consciousness takes what we have allowed within this world and drives you through all of it to see where you will allow yourself to be trapped. Will you be trapped into having sex? Will you feed it by going alone – defining being alone as loneliness? Loneliness is only something made up to tell you you’re wrong for not allowing systems. Are you lonely? Sure, we perceive ourselves in need of the company of another. Why? Well humans tend to think they are not able give themselves what others are able to give themselves. So they ‘want’ the company of others. Nothing wrong with company, but how far will you go to invalidate your own existence? Do you desire company because you are not able to stand alone as everything or are you expressing yourself by being in the company of others? To perceive yourself to be lonely is to make the statement that you require something outside of you to validate your existence. So what do we allow: Relationships. From sex, to marriage to infidelity – we always find something in another that ‘fulfills’ us. “So what!” you might state? Well, the last time I checked everybody on this planet had a problem with the rapist. Must I remind you that to feed the system by being in a relationship is actually not all that less of a deal than being what the rapist allows. As I have explained previously the actions and experience of relationship and rape may differ, but the cause and the reason behind it as the creation of compound energy created through desire of another – is exactly the same. Catch 22 don’t you think? We give ourselves allowance to feed the systems through acceptable methods by the wondrous beautiful magnificent projection of relationships but oh boy, the rapist who gets driven to destroy all that is represented by relationships through showing and revealing by his actions what relationships have become as release of compound energy through sex, he’s a bad, bad boy. Nonsense, look around you, how many youngsters (and adults) are almost commemorated for their abilities to have sex and be in a relationship. It has been turned into a global prize. Are you in love…well then we think you have what it takes to be the ideal human and so you all strive to be what the systems dictate you to become. A being which apparently is not able to exist without relationship and uses desire for another as motivating factor to direct you into having a relationship as a necessity. If only we could stand free of all the conscious systems and see where it is we are headed to. Do you believe that rape will end because you pray or through throwing them into prison? Will these ‘people’ stop because you say so and demand so and establish laws and regulations to find some way to trap them into stopping what they’re doing. No, they will only stop when the systems that control them within is no longer able to do so because you don’t allow the systems within them to be fed through participation. Now, am I saying break up your marriage and or relationship and run away screaming. No, I ask however that you become very, very aware about why you have a relationship. Remember everything depends on how frank, honest and directive you are and your own corrective action. Here you thought I was going to explain to you that rapists are mean, selfish bastards and instead I ask you to step up and be honest about your own relationships. Nothing like what they write in the books you’ve been reading! It’s fascinating – that which you judge, fear, resist and condemn are signs of that existing somewhere in some way inside yourself. So, those that condemn, judge, fear and resist rapists are actually stating that that which exist within and as the rapist’s expe­rience – exist within themselves and through fear of facing themselves as the rapist they lash out on them, condemn them and judge them in this way justifying their own actions being acceptable ways of feeding the systems, which are participations within relationships.

So, sit down with your partner and ask them: Why are we together? And don’t stop until you know exactly which part of the relationship system you’ve allowed yourself to fall into and how you are feeding the systems. Indicators of allowed relationship systems would be any and all forms of excuses and justifications spoken to validate the reason for why you must be in relationship with each other and why it’s apparently needed. Why are excuses used to instigate and indicate relationship systems – the answer is simple: These particular excuses and justifications are mind creations to hide the simple fact that they are actually in truth used to compound the energy of desire for another based on outside appearance and personality characteristics. Then, sex becomes an addiction, a desire, which in truth is actually compound energy created through the desire of the other by believing and participating in these excuses and justifications to validate their relationship and the compound energy created is released through sex. If your excuse is: ‘for the children’ or ‘I hate being alone’ or ‘why the hell not, we get on fine’ or ‘because you’re beautiful’ or ‘because I enjoy your company’ or ‘you have a great personality’ or ‘we always have fun together’ ask yourself where does these reasons and excuses come from? Does it sound to you as if it makes any more sense than what a rapist uses after his deed? He says to the policeman ‘but I had no other way’ or ‘they deserved it’ or ‘why the hell not, woman like sex’ these statements are also excuses made by the rapist to validate and justify the reason and the cause for what he did. So sorry, that I had to make you look at your relationship in this way. Just don’t tell me though that it doesn’t make sense, at least be honest. So would you like to defend your choice by saying: “Jack, you’re being absurd I have not contributed to rape!”? Then please realize that your ignorance will take us another thousand years before you wake up. All I want is for you to realize, be honest and admit that this world has one ginormis problem. This realization is able to be understood by the two of you communicating and through communicating with each other about the reason why you are in relationship together you will see as I have seen that all the reasons are based on excuses and that the real reason you are in relationship together is due to the desire of one another and compound energy released during sex. Sex had become the real reason for your relationship and nothing else. Now when you take this example a few steps further you’ll see that almost (except a few of course) all participations we allow will be traced to the systems that are responsible for this world. No more are you able to say well it is not my problem because I clearly am not able to rape someone, murder or deceive. Well, you’ll feed the system while another does the raping, ok? Ok, enough blaming I will show you some more of what I have seen. This of course I promise will blow your hair back.

Today I saw a child that was of course allowed by its parents to smoke. The ideal situation of course (according to you) would be for the child to never smoke, right? Well am I able to tell you something? Children are not able to be told what to do when all they see is their parents feeding consciousness systems. I find nothing wrong with smoking, due to how I understand what we’re capable of, yet I am not able to understand what conflicting messages you give children. The reason why I mention this is because I saw the parents fight with the child because their child smoked yet the parents are not able to stop giving what we have created in this world power. Remember how you took everything your parents said and you allowed it to become your life? Well if a child sees you allowing things they will do so to, because parents are the example for children. So we are currently working at allowing the child in every family to experience freedom. Freedom means something, but perhaps you don’t know what. So practically children show you where you’re allowing yourself to be influenced by systems. Are we allowing children too become tiny systems, wanting, desiring and always demanding more just as who their parents were when they were children? Look at them and see where you’re allowing systems in your life. Look at them without judgment to be able to rectify your own mistakes. Remember the systems that create war live in these children. When they (politicians)create situation of war, do you ignore the situation or are you creating more by feeding this behavior in your own child and of course yourself. How many of you have children that fight? Yet we always blame the governments for creating wars. You think your children are just being children? I beg to differ, because they are creating systems each and every time they fight, bicker and demand. Systems, each and every time. Remember the starting of conscious and allowance of anything that feeds into an apparent accepted behavior feeds these systems. One accepted behavior like the creation of conflict within the family drives eventually the citizens of society into conflict within their own country and with others. So let us now look at our own contributions towards the growing systems called war, murder and rape. Have you noticed one similar pattern? They’re very much on the increase with nothing stopping them. Do you believe that we’re going to prevent war by saying no, yet our own behavior dictates allowances of conflict? We penalize beings who murder yet we are not able to stop who we are due to how we always desire more. The rapist is not able to stop and apparently society is not able to stop creating allowance for sex, relationship and dependencies. When you are able to stand apart from all these things and say ‘till here no further and realize the consequences of your own participations and actions – then I’ll be willing to sit and talk to you about the real solutions to support you with corrective action. To convince me that we’re going to fix this world through forgiveness alone will be impossible, through merely only speaking words continuously without taking action and giving direction to that we have realized have caused existence to be what it is and change the direction in which we are experiencing ourselves now. You may forgive yourself until the cows come home, but unless you take a stand and take action as to where systems are concerned – I don’t think we’ll survive this world. What I am stating is that we will not be able to survive this world with just mere communication. We must realize, see and understand what we have allowed and the consequences that follow, through this realization we each have to stand up and take responsibility for our allowed actions and participations, through standing up and taking responsibility we find and discover ways within our own worlds and experience of ourselves – to change and give direction to that which directed and controlled us as the mind and consciousness.

Do you realize that within the dimensions there are thousands of beings currently accessing the minds and lives and experiences of beings that plan on murdering others, raping and declaring war and through this taking preventative action to not allow such applications in this world? Thousands of beings each day convince themselves that they must do these things, which it apparently is not able to be any other way – the simple reason being that they do not know of any other way of existence – they never had any examples or support showing them a different way of life. Soon we’ll not be able to stand within 3D unless awareness is reached within each and every person. Why is that? Well think for a moment about the dimensions being able to stop all of this. What are you able to do to stop your participation? We require all of you to become aware and say no, ‘till here no further. Remember when in the movie ‘The Matrix’ Neo goes up against the few systems and decides that he is no longer running away and hiding and cowering from them? The moment when the systems were coming at him in full force, he stood his ground firmly as who he is, stretched out his hand, focused on them and short-circuited them – blasting them away to a certain extent. In that moment something happened within Neo, he decided to stand up to the systems, to not run away anymore, to not hide and cower away anymore. He decided in that moment to take his power as who he is, standing his ground and stating ‘till here no further, through this taking the systems head on. Well I have news for you. This depicts exactly what you are required to become, ruthless. By standing your ground as who you are and not allowing yourself to be controlled or directed by the mind as consciousness systems through hiding, cowering and running away from them and giving your power away to them through allowance. Not the destruction of your family or your life, just constant awareness that your entire life has been a lie and illusion. Systems set up by the mind constructs that existed within the ‘White Light’ was designed to capture mankind forever. Do you even realize that everything around you (bar nature and the constructs with their laws) has been designed specifically to enslave man kind? So, we’re now being frank and brutally honest. The dimensions must tell you so that we are all able to walk together. How? Well simple actually. I am able to tell you to stop participating in your everyday life, yet I am not able to because that would be highly unrealistic. All I ask (for now) is that you realize, see and understand that all is a system of enslavement. Innocent looking hey? You may ask me: “Jack, why is my daily habit of going to work and participating in weekend activities a trap?” We’re not here to make earth sound horrible and like it’s impossible to be overcome through re-direction and support.

We are here to tell you that without you being aware – earth was used to entrap you so that other beings are able to have their status and power. Sounding somewhat familiar? I’m not even mentioning the really big guns that we found sitting right at the starting point of this mess. We found beings of such immense perceived magnitude that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Would you believe me if I told you Jesus and Buddha and Satan (but to mention a few) were pawns in a massive enslavement of man kind? Their truths of what has been allowed in their experiences will soon be shared in their own experiences that will be written. Your concern lies with somewhat shady government officials and the undercurrent of good versus evil. All of that exists, yet what sits above that will make you fall from your own little chair of understanding and comprehension. When you start seeing that demons are actually free beings and that Jesus and many others were ‘brain washed’ into enslaving you you’ll not see anything else. It’s strange how when I speak to any human beings they too are not even able to understand how it all happened. Its one thing to say to a human (who has no experience of anything different) that they must follow this earths beliefs, it’s another thing when Satan who was placed within that role now looks at me and shakes his head. He tells me that he was aware that he was being asked to overthrow mans resistance to standing up yet he allowed them (The White Light) to brain wash him. He looks at people raping others and he is not able to believe that he was apart of that. He says now that he has forgiven himself and turned away in participating and supporting such applications and that he is not able to continue to watch this game. Have you ever participated in a massive game, with thrills and laughs that continues for hours, all the while bringing you great amounts of self gratification? Well imagine one day you wake up and you realize that you were being placed within that game so that other beings are able to laugh and have their own self gratification and that you’re just a tiny pawn in their much bigger game plan. If you stop playing this game they get very, very angry. Imagine Satan’s surprise when he (‘the dark lord of existence’) looks at himself being played like a little chess piece. He was not amused because who Satan really is, is a creator, willing to be the creator of what he knows and understands. Just like you and I, he and millions of others saw only one thing in front of him, it spoke (with great booming intensity) his name and shoved his mind full of thoughts and constructs. Since that day the being called ‘Satan’ became the creator of all deceit. Simple actually. It’s called role playing and your currently role playing according to their board game.

Now do I suggest killing yourself or leaving this planet? No, where are you able to go to, the dimensions are having exactly the same problems as you do (minus of course being in the physical). So, where to now? We are not able leave because we are not able to escape our own creation. Even if I was to bring you to a new planet, all cleared of deception and said there we are, have fun, you would still not know how to escape what it is you have created. You are only able to create what you understand and soon this ‘new’ world will become like this one. Oh, do you disagree? Would you walk free of the systems that invade this new world? Because trust me their everywhere (just like in the matrix movie actually). They are everywhere in everything that exists due to how they are able to feed from your relationships and with whatever you associate yourself with. So therefore your ‘new’ planet will soon feed systems as you are already (after day one) looking at getting a mate, getting your own land and between getting frustrated with needing food and water will be the victim of whatever works, which is exactly where we are now: whatever works, for goodness sake. Soon you’ll desire to have what belongs to your mind and there will be no stopping you from establishing your own personal power and control. How long before you recon you are able to control everything so that this world is not able to be like earth. Next thing you’re fighting to make your power and control known. Need I say more? See, it’s not about where you are placed or moved to – it’s about who you are. And if you’re not sorted out within whom you are and realize, see and understand how you have created what you did – nothing will change and you will create the exact same world experience as before because you didn’t sort yourself out. The conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind delegates, directs and controls and unless we become aware of exactly how it functions we are not able to prevent this from happening again. So, one last look at murder, rape and war. What I have found through being expression as each one of those beings is that we are not able to direct and change what we are not allowing ourselves to face. If you desire, want and need you’ll create some form of system. Society is not able to direct and change war, rape and murder without releasing itself fully from all consciousness systems by realizing, seeing and understanding how it has been allowed to create, how it works and what participations and allowances within our own worlds and experiences of ourselves support such applications as war murder and rape. So from now on we as the dimensions will bring forth your entire worlds reality, bring you face to face with what it is that lies beneath all that is so you may see, realize and understand how, through our participation and allowance we have supported and created all that exist. Only then, through understanding, realization and seeing will we be able to re-direct and change what we have allowed and supported to be created.

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War, Murder and Rape exposed – Part 1

A Dead Man’s Diary

War, murder and rape exposed by Jack- Part 1

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 22/03/2007

My name is Jack and I am an interdimensional (3D/dimensional) being who assist within this process of bringing beings (dimensional and earth) to self- awareness. I have crossed over to the dimensions a long while ago so when I say 3D/ dimensional I mean that I have been integrated here within 3D as a dimensional being, thus I am able to be interdimensional. Therefore we call beings that pass over dimensional. I, as many others assist here in 3D (on earth).

I have decided to become apart of the new integration taking place between heaven and earth, where heaven assists earth to see and understand the truth of earth and each one’s reality in this world. Please do not confuse me with a religious follower, I have most certainly released myself from all forms of religious convictions and conformities. When I speak to you about my experiences it comes from me, specifically explaining and sharing my experience as I allow myself to expand my awareness, understanding and experience here on earth. When I share with you my experiences it is so that you are able to understand how extensively the dimensions have looked into the human mind and how it is that we are now able to assist our 3D counterparts (there is no more separation between heaven and earth).

Soon after I became aware that I wanted to assist humanity through understanding who each are as awareness, life and equality and placing practical awareness in application, I decided that it would be in the best interest of all if I used the many lives I had experienced here in 3D to give me insight into human psyche. So what I did was I reincarnated specifically to gain (through practical experience) understanding of the human experience in this world. In this story I give you an example of where I delved deep into what it is that sits within each and every human, driving them into their actions. I knew from the moment that I understood everything that we’ve perceived to be truth a lie (you’ll read more on that in Osho and Jesus channeling) I had to push myself to get answers. In the dimensions the 3D constructs existed as they do here on earth. War, religion, politics was also very prevalent in the dimensions (until recently), as there use to be parts within beings (dimensionally) that could not let go of who they were and their experience on earth because they still even in the dimensions after crossing over believed themselves to be who they are when they were still on earth. The dimensions were all living in their little imaginary worlds. Mostly beings die within a particular mind set or thought-beliefsystem construct and then upon reaching the dimensions (heaven) they appear to be caught with that same mind set or though-beliefsystem construct. Some would even come back to earth spreading more lies just so that their experience appears real to them. They appeared to revel in the idea that as long as those parts to which they have defined themselves according to mindset or thought-beliefsystem constructs existed, they would be fine. So beings would come to earth creating absolute chaos and lies so that others could create the same delusions as them to validate and justify their existences for themselves! Therefore many beings could stand within a particular application together.

The first life I had decided to experience for myself (within this application) is what occurs when you vent your frustrations into the 3D world (3D is what we call earth) striving for personal power and control of and over others. Ultimately if you look at your own ability to have strength in every given moment, it comes down to accessing some form of personal power. So I went into the mind set of the greatest personal power ‘rush’ on earth. War. It was in the time of the Great War (World War One) when all beings participating, did it with some hope of self- empowerment. If you look at war from this perspective, it might assist. War is never about good and evil, bad people versus good people or about morality conflicts. There is no such thing. So if you look at war now, you might understand that it is indeed the internal battle and conflict within self. People who desire power and control of and over others are merely stating that they do not have power over their own existence and cannot control their own existence, except through the harsh manipulation of others. The statement being: “If I can’t have power and control of and over my existence, I sure as hell will have over others.” Starting to see where I am going with this picture of war? Now imagine for a moment that I have integrated myself into the mentality thought-beliefsystem construct of an extremely volatile soldier. All that I really knew within myself, while doing this was that I was furious, filled with hatred and wanted to destroy as many realities as possible to shake the foundation of man. That was behind what I was projecting. So I chose the body of a Russian soldier so that I could fight all those who would dare defend themselves with their anarchy and lies! If you look at war you will see that each being believes this to be true within their experience of ‘fighting for what is right!’ Everyone else is wrong and they have the right to murder and kill another for their belief. So when I was still in the dimensions choosing my body I inserted that mentality as myself, so that I could understand taking ones inner battle and conflict, self hatred and fury to the extreme.

What better place to take such applications to the extreme than in the middle of a war! So off I went creating what appeared to be the angriest most furious soldier ever. By create I mean chose my personality, body, anger, fury and self-hatred levels! I was the meanest most inconsiderate, self-centered man, with no respect to others. I killed many soldiers. I however also became so overwrought with sorrow that I realised that it was not within me to actually follow this path (forever) and soon died on the battle ground from a single shot to my chest (this moment was an actual decision to leave). What started as an exercise to prove anger ‘right’ I ended up back in the dimensions with such sorrow. Indeed it was sorrow; I walked with my pride and my soul in tatters. Hanging from me in mere shadows, was what use to be the original man, filled with the desire to be proud. What I did realize was the following: no matter where I go or who I become I will always find the truth behind every lie. Therefore today I always look back at those moments where I lost the truth. I had seen from the dimensions how humans were destroying everything and I realized in those moments that within me was such anger that it would never go away. I experienced such anger that I never even saw the gentler route, and perceived my only understanding of the solution to be anger. So it was well into this anger that I decided to go partake in some fighting and brutal slaying! Not even then did I recognize what it was that I was not willing to see. I was never even once willing to perceive myself able of the gentler way of dealing with this intense anger. Therefore off I went! I partook in one of the greatest wars ever conceived in human history. I was merely there to show myself that I was not this, and unfortunately had to take this extensive route.

You see as part of our training for process (what has currently stepped forth between heaven and earth) we prepared ourselves by delving deep into our own desires, beliefsystems, perceptions and thoughts. We would delve into the extremes of feelings and emotions to ensure that we could stand when faced with these points again. Now, from this realization I came to the understanding that war however bloody and gruesome, is not the solution to your inner battles and conflicts. The battle with inner demons and conflicts is however the foundation of creation that steps forth when you place this experience of oneself outside (as if fighting and battling with others) and is not the solution. There in was how I became myself from realizing that nothing matters but who I am in any given moment. I realized when I became so angry that as all humans do I wanted to project the anger, fury, self-hatred, inner conflicts and battles outside myself through beating or punching something! So I did, however brutal, but it was necessary for me to transcend my fear of anger. Anger is not my enemy, for as we awaken this reality through this process I have stood before anger so many times, watching as humans destroys themselves. However within those moments I would immediately remember who I am and who I had become and where it is that I am heading. I cannot justify the brutality of war and I most certainly cannot permit those that unleash their anger, fury and self-hatred through the deliberate murdering of the innocent. I do however see what the experience of war did for me, as I grew from being furious to being able to give constructive direction.

Now I realise that process cannot work unless we experience where it is we’re going to. Process by the way is what we refer to as the self-realization as awareness, life and equality that each being will be experiencing through understanding, seeing and realising that they cannot live within this world’s lies, destruction and deceit anymore. We experience the pain of this reality (even in the dimensions) we understand suffering and pain as we strive to clear that which has beings in so much constant turmoil. All because we took ourselves to the extremes of each within our lives. From abuse, to murder, to rape, to war I have experienced it all, so that I can now stand clear and direct this world and each who experience themselves within it, out of it. It was my greatest obstacle that, to rape and torture another. I had to do that so that both my fears could be transcended. That which I was not willing to see within myself was the rapist, the man who dominates another into giving up all their integrity. The murderer is the being that takes life so that he can destroy himself. I have seen within both that it was not the man within me that desired the woman or lusts for blood, but rather the soul within me shedding the human mind. Now I realize that the judgment that I projected towards both incidents was unnecessary as well as cruel because for ‘years’ I had to work through my guilt. You see in the dimensions there is no forgiveness from God as there is no God, there’s only you. There is nothing that gives you the relief and peace that comes from being the so called ‘God’s children’. What forgives you of all doings is the God within yourself. The ability to realize where you come from when you do what you do as well as when you realize you have freedom from your experiences one you have forgiven yourself. Then you forgive yourself from the perspective that you now see where your experiences fit into your process of self-realisation as equality, life and awareness. Sometimes though beings project such anger toward themselves that they cannot forgive themselves. They hold onto their anger as if they can prevent these things from occurring again, like self-punishment of some sorts. Within that I found that it was highly upsetting and unnecessary to please others by holding onto your anger and through self-punishment, assuming you deserve such self-damnation!

Nobody on earth actually cares, because if they did they would ask you to set yourself free, assist you and support you. Instead humans deliberately keep each other locked within guilt, sorrow and self-punishment creating the ultimate inner conflict and battle to erupt eventually. You may let go of what it is you have done, forgive yourself, because you have freedom from all such things once you see and then stand up within yourself to never allow such applications and experiences again in your world. You may give up all the shame and judgment and create the new existence within yourself and therefore show others how it is possible to transcend through forgiveness, standing up, and living who you are as equality, life and awareness. By show I don’t mean become a religious leader waving your banner about either! Just be the freedom, equality and standing as who you are and you’ll see others see that within you. Do not hang onto the shame, sorrow and quilt that others tell you to hold onto, break free, set yourself free so that those that condemn you may walk free as well. We have all at some stage created things we later regret, that is for sure! I have walked the strangest paths from possessions to fears, to obsessions, to inner battles and conflicts, to anger, to self-hatred just so that I can now understand them and assist others who have experienced the same. I judge not that which I knew. I judge not that I allowed the rapist to exist within me because now I assist those that rape to free themselves from their own inner battles and conflicts, mindsets and thought-beliefsystems constructs which is not who they are. Those that assist other beings cannot even comprehend what it means to be that being as it is not within any being to conceive or comprehend of their experience. Do you realize that the rapist cannot control himself? Do you even understand why they do that? It came as a great shock to me to even start delving into the mind set of a rapist.

The greatest, most prominent application that exists in the mind of a rapist is control. They fear control so much that they actually attempt to destroy that which exists within them they cannot control, that being their own fears about who they have allowed themselves to become. Generally (I say generally as there are various forms of rapist) they cannot face themselves, it’s impossible for them. These feelings start when their parents (and society) project onto them the dislike we’re so use to experiencing in this world. Nobody is good enough. The rapist stands within a time loop, you see. Playing within these beings over and over is that which they cannot face about themselves and who they are. They cannot face their lack of control and power over what they have come to understand within themselves as their existence and relationship with others. They fear it’s potential and therefore they attempt through the action of rape to finally control and regain power within themselves and their existence. By potential I mean the inner consummation that occurs at the point where your mind allows thoughts to consume you, driving you to insanity. To us however (with good reason) it appears as if the rapist does it for lust. That is not entirely so, as the beings mind created the infatuation of sex to drive the being to losing control and power of themselves. Have you noticed how within the act of sex there is always the battle over control, the intertwining of limbs creating momentary fusion, through which the media have portrayed it as a form of control. Sex being a game of control. That is why sex is such a dominant issue within this world. The beings that want to control other beings (those seeking to control mind sets), just imprint images of continual sexual gratification into the minds of beings and they will become so obsessed and addicted that within that, can be controlled. From food, to jobs, to cars, men and woman are all driven to the idea of sex. So therefore the rapist can identify within him the need to not be controlled and unfortunately perceives the object of sex (the woman) to be the point of control. It is the greatest driving force within the mentality in society. Therefore the rapist will destroy the image that has been used to control, therefore destroying (mostly) the woman. The rape of children and men can be described within how the rapist perceives themselves. Almost like murder. If a man rapes a child, he actually destroys himself, as an innocent. To rape another man is to take away the ego that screams abuse at him all day. When a woman ‘rapes’ it can be linked to her extreme expression of herself, within the desire to break free from all controls. A form of standing up for herself! The actual act of rape is therefore the rapist destroying that which is the control and not for the sexual pleasure.

So, therefore I now work through these points with anybody. I work through them because I understand where they are projecting their desires from. Even though we work directly with the beings infinite (that part of you that we access that is dimensional and aware of your intentions), it takes quite a lot of pushing to get the being to understand their need to control and dominate. The beings that I have assisted thus far have been rapists, murderers and psychopaths (amongst many). I go right into their entire mind set as I speak to their infinites and I tell them what it is I see. It is fascinating watching the power that comes from mere thoughts and how it directs beings. It always fascinates me (excuse my frankness) to watch a murderer plan his/her ‘next’ attack. You see to murder another is yet again the example that I use, when a being cries within them to be released from their own minds. Unfortunately a person cannot just throw away the mind, therefore some get so obsessed with internalizing their inner conflicts and battles that they in turn externalise the desire for it to end. The being becomes very quiet as if they have nothing within them but this one thought. Then they appear to be dead within as if the dying of their victim occurs within the murderer first. They actually experience the death of themselves before they strike. Then as they kill the being it becomes them they see dying and not the victim! As they plunge that knife into their victim, it plays out in slow motion. I have seen the entire act as if it moves very slowly. It plays out slowly as the mind of the murderer ‘needs’ to be fully aware of what it is that is happening. I have often stood within a murderer whilst in the act and seen myself standing over ‘myself’ as I bleed to death. Remember that when I fully integrate into a being I can no longer see myself as separate, I fully experience myself within the beings experience. Initially this use to scare the living day lights out of me, as it takes a bit of adjusting to seeing yourself being murdered! It doesn’t even register to the murderer that in that given moment the being is indeed the victim and not themselves. Only once the murder is complete then they appeared to snap out of that moment and are then filled with guilt (sometimes, depending on their level of awareness). Some times I even found myself leaning over the victim (after wards) and crying due to the sheer magnitude of this deed. Yet, the desire to continuously murder themselves drives the murderer forward to do it again and again.

The psychopath can do nothing about not being obsessed. Often psychopaths are so deranged by their minds that no sense can be obtained about anything. I walked within a psychopath one day and it left me so bewildered! I was constantly confused. I had no clear thoughts, not even a murderer experiences such inner confusion. It is the continual battle between thoughts occurring as they twirl around inside the persons mind. There was once this man that I walked in for a week. Boy oh boy was I glad to walk out of that! He was this lonesome man living in the city, far removed from anything we perceive ‘everyday life’. He had no job (he lived on the ‘dole’), had no ‘friends’, no family and lived within a picture. This picture consisted of himself, a tiny figure, living in a room filled with more pictures. Literally his walls were covered with hundreds of pictures. From naked woman, to cars, to machinery. All pictures that the mind uses to depict power. So this tiny man would become engulfed within all these pictures. Day in and day out he was the object of whichever picture he glanced at. I found within myself that when ‘we’ looked at a picture I actually experienced a reality within that picture. This of course is the mind trapped in absolute confusion. Therefore the likeliness that a psychopath kills is much less than that of a murderer, due to their inability to focus. Once the picture plays itself out then they step out of the image again. It is the loneliest existence imaginable. Think for a moment about yourself trapped in the mind’s inability to focus, direct or even communicate. Only brief moments where they access reality (when they do manage to work or socialize). Therefore you’ll find psychopaths mostly reclusive and unable to communicate (words are not valid as they mind cannot find sense in them). The communication for such a being lies within how they perceive these pictures and thoughts. Therefore, they won’t speak much as they see and experience their thoughts. Of course in a psychopaths experience within their interaction with others it lies within their silence that they actually can communicate. You think a psychopath is quiet. No, they have so much movement in their minds. Entire realities playing out, it is incredibly disturbing to be in their minds. Non stop realities, repeating themselves and often interlinking. The psychopath cannot direct these thoughts, they are the minds own creation (even though their directional abilities would be the mind). They seem unable to even break any one of these realities as they have no other reality to refer to! They watch you living your reality and it ‘seems’ normal to them that they cannot escape from theirs. Seems society cannot blame just the psychopath for being caught up in stories, hey? The man I walked in was fond of cats. I kid you not. How often do you watch a movie where the psychopath is fond of cats, cooped up in a little flat with fifteen cats? Seriously though they find animals very relaxing, especially cats, as cats generally have very low energy levels and tend to project calmness (more so then dogs). So he did indeed have two cats which he found as little kittens behind a dumpster. He found within them the peace that otherwise he would not have had. They lived day in and day out as near to him as possible (to assist him in being calm). Unfortunately this man was actually murdered (ironic actually as you now look at the mind set of the murderer) for his dole money. All because he stopped to look at a picture pasted on a wall. It was of a man riding on a motor cycle. He was so transfixed by this image (of himself racing about on this motor bike) that four thugs jumped out and robbed him, stabbing him in the chest. Even as he fell to the ground clutching at the bleeding wound, he never once left his vivid experience he was in with the motor bike.

It was not for many years after I realised my choices that I walk freely from these actions. Therefore I walked with many regrets. I had to realize that what I had allowed was not the murder or rape itself but rather the opportunity to understand every possible inch within such a person’s mind. Now I use these ‘skill’s’ to assist the beings caught up in these spirals. I cannot begin to tell you the gratitude that I experience within me when I turn a murderer against his/her own mind. I once walked beside a man for four weeks, day in and day out just to speak to him when those thoughts arose. I would stay by his side, just incase the infinite was not aware and therefore could not stop him (the mind can be much stronger than the desires of either myself or an infinite). You see even though the infinite part of yourself feels everything occurring with you it still occurs that they miss the smallest refractions. Sometimes infinites miss entire actions due to how a beings mind is able to project their intentions. In order for the infinite (that dimensional part of you that is fully aware of your every move) to control/direct a being they have to stand clear of all thoughts, therefore the mind must be locked within a slow movement so that all movements are detected. You see the mind has the ability to project thoughts, leading the being along until they then strike, creating only mere moments within which the infinite must intervene. Often not an easy task. So I have since the beginning of this process used everything I have learned to control and direct the beings minds. I have walked beside those with immense sorrow, I have touched a child’s face when nobody knew of it’s pain, when all the child feel is it’s detriment creeping through like a final swoop. Often I have prevented children from collapsing with shock by merely staying within them, keeping them calm. It has been a long road from my perspective due to all the things I have had to face within humanity. I have even been the man responsible for the murdering of many, having beings executed by cross fire. I have made decisions that would affect beings lives and I have walked beside beings to their death. I have been inside a woman walking to the edge of a building and watched as we jumped to our death, with only mere thought going through the mind. The being only sees this one option, death to bring relief to their constant fear.

All done so that with what is to come I walk tall and strong as it takes absolute focus and specificity within those moments to reach clarity. By clarity I mean clearing the effects within this world when one being experiences something. When a being takes their life (for example) the effects spread throughout the world. Nothing that happens within this world, does not affect another, it is that simple. We are one therefore all share within each the actions of others. That means however that the moment something becomes a factual deed (meaning it occurred and there is no going back) all of existence experiences (just for a moment) the actual meaning of that deed. Hence the fact that beings in this world are trapped so extensively, due to the extensive nature of the current mind sets within us all on earth. The deed (e.g. suicide) projects from there the actual meaning of that deed to the world that all you can do when you’re world is apparently coming to an end is to commit suicide. That projection then floats throughout the world and all beings then get subjected to that energetic. Therefore the next being that thinks about their ‘world coming to an end’ will then interpret this experience with suicide! Fascinating watching the energy flow into a beings mind and become their thoughts. So what I do(and many thousands of beings do that assist 3D) is walk beside the being and redirect the intention away as the deed is done so that this may not occur again and all are free within their own processes of self-realization and awareness as equality and life.

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Systems of the World Exposed | Hello TruthSeekers!

Here the Systems of the World are Exposed.

The Truth is everywhere, within and without and all around us.

It is vital to see eye to eye when it comes to How this world functions and How we exist and co-exist in this world: because how we exist and co-exist here is what keeps the wheel keeps turning and the world as we know it.

But the question is: is this world as we know it acceptable? and would any of us be ‘okay’ with walking this world in the shoes of any other being that exists here, anywhere in the world?

We tend to seek for answers, we tend to seek for ‘the truth’ out there somewhere – But within this, we disregard the TRUTH that is HERE, that truth of this world, the truth  of you and me.

The Truth is everywhere, within and without and all around us – it only requires from us to see things for what they are; to call things by their name; and to ask ourselves “is there really no other way?” – “is this really what I want?” – “is this acceptable?”

We are educated (i.e. indoctrinated) to believe this is how the world is and this is how things are and this is how we must live and this is what we do to survive and there’s not much we can do about it – BUT IS THERE REALLY NO OTHER WAY?

Why are we buying into this acceptance – the acceptance of “the ways of the world” through which our allowance and tolerance of the Unacceptable grows – that makes us to system robots and slaves to the status quo, the ‘new world order’ that is as old as ancient, and we end up existing only to survive, to compete, to race: against ourselves and each-other, against time, against life itself.

To see and realize how we participate in this world; to see sand realize how we contribute to the recreation and maintenance of this current system – places us in a position to see and recognize that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.