HOME is where we feel safe.

HOME is where the requirements for our living are provided.

HOME is where we are HERE and not in need to seek for something ‘out there’.

HOME is where there is neither fear or desire – because everything is whole, complete, fulfilled.

This is not the current state of affairs of our home planet EARTH.

Has it ever been?


And yet today, with the advancement we’ve reached in technology and the world becoming smaller and smaller – it is possible to manage our global village in a way that it is, finally, a HOME for all that is HERE – a HOME in actual fAct, as a MATTER of Fact – and no longer as a mere figure of speech!

Our words have become empty in this world, as have uor hearts – while we fill our minds with all kind of bipolar bullshit and self-interest.

The time is right to write a new script for our reality.

The time is here to fulfill our desteni as Mankind and Be Kind.

The time is here to embrace Life and Stop war.

A dignified life for all is possible.

The feared “NWO” is here as it has always been; it is the order of the status quo that exploits the majority and lets the world suffer so that a select few may have what we call ‘power’ in this world.

We will either sit and wait and let things ‘take their course’ which inevitably (do the 1+1 math) will only lead to humanity’s self-destruction as the puppetiers play ‘divide &conquer’; OR we will stand up and take matters in our hand, speak out, accept responsibility because we are here.

I breathe – therefore I am Here.

I am Here – therefore my Responsibility is Here.

I am here, breathing the same air like all living things, requiring certain conditions on this Earth to survive like all human beings do. In this we are all equal – and THAT is what must be taken into consideration if the human race is to stop its course of self-destruction and dignify itself.


Let’s stand up to re-form our HOME WORLD to a place that is Best for All.

Let us finally arrive HOME.

Let’s create a HOME for ourselves, for each-other, for the children to come – a HOME where all life is supported equally, as one.

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