THE TRUTH HURTS | Benazir Bhutto on Conspiracies, Freedom and the World as Corporation

it's a construct - so why don't we change it


I wondered whether something is being done, whether there are some, in some way, doing something to help everyone else – to show everyone else that we alone, to let everyone know that we are alone, very much alone, within this existence and that we have to do something to this existence if we’d want our experience to change.

Imagine you being alone within this existence and you seeing, realising and understanding that all that everyone is experiencing is an illusion, is not real and that all of us in this existence are alone and then each one of us individually is responsible for what is currently happening in this existence, this entire existence within which we experience ourselves.

What would you do?

This was my experience. As I realised that all of us in this existence – really incorporating all that exists – is alone here, and us alone are responsible for all and everything we experience in this existence.

How does one let everyone know this? How does one let everyone understand this? How does one let everyone see this? Because if you, as I have, actually know, understand and realise this entirely – one understand the vast problem, the extensive problem we face within this existence we experience ourselves. Because, I have come to understand that unless each and every one actually really know, understand and realise that each one individually and alone, as all of us together is responsible for this existence and how we experience ourselves: What currently exist will continue – and what currently exist is the most unacceptable atrocious manner of living, it is rather shamefully unspeakable – this is what I say.

In this that I have come to understand in experiencing myself after death – I have realised that each one ‘plays a part’ in stopping such a manner of existence we have all for eons of time accepted as a ‘it is just so’ / ‘it is just as it is’ – and as I have come to understand and realise the necessity for me to stand up, to stand as me, each one will come to understand and realise the necessity to stand up, to stand for themselves as themselves.

So we’ll start to stand together, one by one, until we stop and all stand together – to no more accept and allow such an unacceptable atrocious manner of existing and living.

For one point is certain within me: What we have done can no more continue as is any longer – we have to stop.

The urgency for each one to truly really understand this principle of stopping, I cannot fully express in words.

What I mean by stopping is to stop everything and all within you that may still be of this illusion presented in this world as being a apparent ‘real experience’ which gives you the feeling inside you of being alive.

To stop means to really give up everything inside you that is part of and of this illusion presented in this world to all human beings and simply refuse to participate in anything or with anyone of this illusion – but to stand alone with you, by yourself.

Only here you will start seeing, realising and understating the illusion – and start living what is real that is you. Then understand and realise what is necessary to be done in this existence – as I have.

See, in death – the illusion disappears; the illusion is gone – meaning that you experience you alone, with yourself by yourself as I am in this moment.

Herein you see, realise and understand the illusion that has caught the minds of many.

There is indeed a solution. Though the solution is you.

I would say it not be necessary for you to first have to physically die in leaving this world to understand, see and realise our individual responsibility towards ourselves in this existence as I have when I died – but to realise this for yourself here in this world.

The decision made by myself to leave this world in death was done from within the understanding that I would not have been able to realise my individual responsibility towards me in this life I have just come from.

And so it will be with each one – you will make the decision for you whether you’ll realise your self responsibility here in this world in this life or in death. Either way it is truly irrelevant – because what is relevant in this is really only you and you alone.

Because it is us, us alone that have to, that must stop and be self responsible – taking self responsibility in this entire existence for this entire existence – because we’re in it. And what we have made of it through our acceptance and allowance is…

I do not have words for what we have done…

Therefore I would urge for each one reading this to give yourself the opportunity to really understand and realise what it means to with you, you alone – free from the illusion presented to you in this world and take self responsibility for you.

To STOP – because we must STOP – we cannot, under no circumstance possibly continue in this way we have, the way we have always known, the way we have always accepted and the way we have always allowed: This is what I have realised – each one must STOP.


There are many conspiracy theorists in this world with quite an imagination.

Actually, for that matter – most of what human beings hear of how this world currently operate originate from theorists; they theorize possible connection threads to how this world currently operate. And if / when there is even but a glimpse of sense in it, human beings within the rest of the world believe in it almost instantaneously because ‘It Makes Sense’.

Theorists invented sense making.

When it makes sense – it propose a possible connection for themselves to follow and investigate the seemingly never-ending search for who is operating ‘behind the scenes’ in this world, how it’s being done exactly, why it’s being done and what is being done through operating this entire world as ONE BUSINESS. Instead of merely looking within themselves.

Conspiracy is but another form of entertainment presented to human beings in this world – which cause many to not utilize their own common sense as themselves, but have others design ‘sense making’ for them so as to in this way: Not have to take self responsibility within their own lives within themselves.

I have realised this within me while observing myself. We so easily tend to want to just follow, to want to be lead, to want to have everything and all be done FOR US – so that in such a way we seemingly hide from the inevitable: Us having to take self responsibility for ourselves in this world and realise that this responsibility incorporate our own individual lives and the experience of ourselves in this world.

Though many still prefer to hide behind what is referred to as: Their own beliefs – the beliefs a mere façade to not take self responsibility, because self responsibility is seemingly too a frightening a application or expression of self to even consider because of all that we have done unto ourselves and others as ourselves.

I am here, for you to consider the following:

What I realised is that the primary source for human beings lethargy and apathy within this world of just continuing to accept and allow this abuse existent within this world is: FEAR.

The source reason and cause for why there is such a vast refusal to actually stand up within self and take self responsibility in this world and do whatever is necessary to be done, to do whatever it takes is: FEAR within.

The fear itself is of and towards other human beings within this world apparently, perceptually ‘in control and power of it all’.

Goodness, I do understand, I do understand, I do understand that many within themselves have realised that something has to be done, and you were alone or even are alone in this moment – but then the silent killer of self steps in as the one singular thought that arrives like a thief in the night. Creeping into you, slowly but surely – drowning you within a pool of disbelief, hopelessness and helplessness and you shun away the inkling of self expression as you of standing up within you – which is:

‘But there is no way out of this. How on earth am I, as one being, able to actually change, stop or direct even a refraction of what is currently operating in this existence? It cannot be done. I will leave it be.’

I have been here; I experienced this while observing myself and all of this existence in death.

But then, I realised something:

That each and every single being in this existence probably believe and think the exact same way – that there is no way out, that this existence, as with ourselves, has lost ourselves to such an extent, that we must just carry on as is, put one foot infront of the other and fight and struggle our way through this as nothing can be done to stop what has become of us.

Gosh, maybe, possibly one day, some day it’ll stop – ‘hoping’ and ‘waiting’ for a miracle.

Then the light bulb within me really switched on!

See: It’s not about changing / directing this world or existence because there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, or even about us ‘making a difference’ in this world, in this existence.

It is about US – YOU and ME – WHO WE ARE that’s the POINT!!!

If I stop, if you stop, if all stop: The world STOP.

I say:

Let us STOP waiting.

Let us STOP hoping.

Let us STOP fearing.

Let us STOP believing in disbelief and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing in hopelessness and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing in helplessness and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing we are lost and participating in it.

Let us STOP believing nothing can be done.

Let us STOP undermining our potential in self expression in standing up and taking self responsibility within ourselves.

Let us STOP believing in theorized sense presented in this world which generate fear and concern and worry within us and start utilizing our own common sense.

Let us stand up.

Let us take self responsibility.

Let us realise that our standing up and taking self responsibility exists within us as who we are and is not about existence or this world – it is WHO WE ARE within and as ourselves that is the POINT.

We must first all stand as ONE, come together as ONE, before we STOP the vast problem we face in this world currently. And the problem I have realised and come to understand is who and what human beings have become WITHIN themselves.

So, before you jump to ‘wanting to change the world’ / ‘humanity’ / ‘existence’ – you first stop yourself from participating further within this illusion presented in this world which has left you believing you to be less than and inferior to the extent where you don’t even grant yourself the opportunity to actually experience you, understand you, realise you, live you, express you – where you have given up on yourself.

Where have we been ALL THIS TIME?

What have we done ALL THIS TIME?

What have we allowed ALL THIS TIME?

What have we accepted ALL THIS TIME?

Have we lost and forgotten about OURSELVES, US as who we are that we no more even consider ourselves, who we are – what we speak, what we do, what we experience?

What has become of us?

Why have we never considered actually transforming this world into an equal and one experience for all?

The first point I realised is that each one of us is a source, and it is from this source as ourselves, everything that currently exist within this world have permeated and infiltrated from.

We, us all together, has done what has become of this existence and the experience of us all in it.


Thus, we have to firstly ‘target the source’, which is ourselves individually – to transform that which permeate and infiltrate this existence.

In transforming ourselves, through stopping participation in the illusion we have lost ourselves within – we are here then no more of the illusion, but as the expression of ourselves as who we are:

This here is standing up and taking self responsibility – an agreement made for self by self as self to no more accept and allow self to participate in the illusion, but to focus on self alone.

From here we assist and support other sources as ourselves to stop participation in the illusion exactly as we have, so that they as ourselves may transform themselves through taking self responsibility and standing up within themselves and so transform that which permeate and infiltrate this existence as themselves from within themselves.

And so we STOP the illusion of this world, in this world, of this existence, in this existence within which we have been lost for eons of time.

The foundation from which we apply ourselves is: Oneness and Equality.

Because if you have a look at all beings within existence, including ourselves: The source as ourselves, our source as ‘who we currently are in this moment’ is what is manifesting in this existence from within ourselves: Which is unacceptable.

So just by having a look at the current experience of all in existence – we’re able to clearly see the source of ourselves from which we experience ourselves as ‘who we are’, which absolutely clearly speaks for itself: An atrocity beyond measure.

So, the first initial step is SELF and SELF ALONE – transforming you as the source of you within this existence, by establishing oneness and equality within and as you, self expression, self honesty, self trust, self responsibility and self standing: This is the process of realising you as LIFE.

And this is the point within and as which all must stand as who we are: LIFE, this is the source of SELF as SELF.

So that the source of all is one and equal as LIFE – then LIFE as who we are within and as oneness and equality permeate and infiltrate this existence as ourselves:

This will then transform existence into an experience where ALL are ONE and EQUAL.

Now: We have many ‘sources’ within this existence that is still currently lost within and as the illusion – permeating and infiltrating that which we have been and become and are into the illusion which is currently manifesting the experience of ourselves.

So, we fist STOP within ourselves – first start with SELF.

The tools have been presented with which you’re able to assist and support you to stop the illusion within you and stop participating in the illusion as the illusion of the illusion – the process of transforming the source as you to be who you are: One and Equal as Life.

And so it will be done, and so it will be and so it is with each.

The tools are:

Let’s look at self forgiveness for a moment:

What currently exist within this world is ALL THERE IS – really. Have a look within this existence, a very close look: All that you see / experience of what currently exists within this world is ALL THERE IS. Nothing else but what is currently here exists.

We, each one of us alone, has to actually through practical living application as example: Transform the experience of ourselves in this world, in this existence by ourselves ALONE – yet assisting and supporting each other along the way!

I have also just started with this process I am presenting above as the tools suggested for you to assist and support you with as I am applying the tools to assist and support me with within this process.

And it is from this that I have come to understand that what I have explained above with regards to us transforming the source of ourselves as ourselves, has to be done by ourselves and ourselves alone.

What I have placed with regards to us transforming the source of ourselves is but words, though words, a foundation as words which is able to be applied practically by all as a solution to the current status of this existence – and this solution is ourselves, each one of us individually.


There is no other way we will actually manifest an experience of ourselves within this existence where all are one and equal unless we STOP within ourselves and practically through living application in every moment of breath TRANSFORM the source as ourselves – the source as who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become of the illusion.

I urge you to understand what I say when I state: We’ve got to do this.

This existence, ourselves, this world will most certainly not miraculously change.

We have to actually through self movement, self direction and self discipline – stop participation in the illusion and transform ourselves to be who we are as life within and as oneness and equality.


Within realising that all that currently exist within this existence is ALL THERE IS, that ALL THERE IS, is what we have been, become and are as what we currently experience within ourselves and within this existence: I realised that one tends to want to, when really looking at the current situation – judge oneself for what we have done, become and currently are.

Certainly this process opens up all sorts of realizations of what we have done, become and are within ourselves and one most certainly do not particularly want to face it, because it seems so ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘too much to handle’ – I most certainly understand the words: Truth Hurts!

Though, as I am here now, I’m looking at the words ‘Truth Hurts’ – in sound it’s: The Truth is Heard.

I myself, am currently in the process of actually realising all that I am responsible for within this world through my own actions and words as that of me which permeated and infiltrated this existence as me – which was supporting the illusion within which we currently exist and have accepted and allowed ourselves to be as the definition of who we are.

And I must face the truth of me – the truth of me being all that I have done, become and are within this existence through ‘playing my part in supporting the illusion’ – I must finally stop trying to run away, hide from myself – herein also quite an interesting observation because one cannot run away or hide from oneself, because self here as who I am is always here!

I’m always with me as me as who I am here!

And the truth of self, facing self, I experienced, is tough and it is difficult and there is much one endure – because the process of taking self responsibility for all that one has accepted and allowed takes courage, and much of it – this is certain.

I have to give me an opportunity to start over so to speak. Starting over from the perspective of giving myself a starting point within me from which I am able to start this process of finally facing my truth.

There has been a moment where I hoped that someone can or could say to me: ‘It is alright, you’re not a mistake, you’re not a bad person, you don’t have to be concerned or worried’ – and then in this, giving me the courage and a ‘it’s okay signal’ for all that I have done, become and are which will present some form of comfort from which I am able to start / begin this process – understanding from someone. Someone to be here with me…

Yet, unfortunately, this is but another method of manipulation actually I realised – the ‘self pity’ and ‘self remorse’ pit which one tends to want to fall into, for someone to feel sorry for you and then help you in such a way. How many experience this – falling into the pit of self pity and self remorse?

I realised that I would only fall into the pit of self pity because of self judgement of me because of fear of the truth of me as what I have been, become and are.

Fear of self’s truth = self judgment = self pity: Which form a wound within self, wanting it to be healed by another as to so deem ourselves as not being ‘so bad’ and ‘terrible’ for what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves. But doing this – is not taking self responsibility and there’s no-one able to judge us, but ourselves.

I understand now that there’s no-one able to judge me, but myself and that I really actually create what I experience within me – and therefore I, I alone, must STOP.

So, I had a look at this ‘hope’ of wanting to receive consolidation from another – I took a deep breath and I said: I have to do this for myself, because if I don’t actually take this step for me, within me – how will I ever understand what it means to take self responsibility for me?

So I discarded the hope of waiting and hoping and wanting another to comfort me – I had to, because this is one of the primary methods I used – allowing fear of me, then judging me, then pitying me – and so I just stopped.

The experience of having to stop is that of removing an inherent addiction within self, is what I have experienced. Because as I let go of this ‘self pity’ acceptance within me – the fear of letting go become much greater, encompassing the entirety of my being, but I pushed – as though I was a pregnant woman giving birth to a child. I literally screamed, I yelled to the point where all I could hear was my own voice as I literally had to push through this fear of letting go of and releasing the addiction to the acceptance of self pity.

There is a moment where I lost me in and as the fear, though yet even though within this momentary lostness, I was still very much aware I realised – because I just continued to push and did not stop.

It seemed never-ending for a moment also – but when it was done: I LAUGHED!

Because everything just stopped suddenly – I was empty within me, I was clear within me – I was still just here (though without the ‘wanting to fall into the pit of self pity experience). Really, everything just stopped.

The laugh was because of the absolute ridiculousness of the situation, of the experience.

Because I in this moment actually understood how ‘real’ an experience we’re able to make of an illusion – because ‘self pity’, ‘fear of me’ and ‘self judgment’ are all but only illusions which I accepted and allowed to be me – in this definition of it being me, I made it real, which then transformed the experience I had of ‘self pity’, ‘fear of me’ and ‘self judgment’ as being real – WHEN IT IS NOT!

What I realised is illusion and what is real is when I experienced this moment of releasing the addiction of self pity, fear of me and self judgment – because as I pushed through it, it all disappeared and is no more here – though what I experienced as me when everything stopped: This is ‘real’ – where nothing exists but me.

And here I discovered the gift of self forgiveness.

Self forgiveness assists and supports me to not accept and allow me to judge me.

I experience self forgiveness as a statement of me, of who I am and it’s quite an exhilarating experience because I am finally giving me the opportunity to take self responsibility for me.

One tends to fall into the trap of self judgment so easily because we in some way believe / think we deserve this experience we’re currently having of ourselves within ourselves within this existence as ourselves because of what we’ve done, become and are: I could not believe that I myself actually bought into the belief within me that I deserve what I’m experiencing within me!

But I served what I experienced within me to myself – in accepting and allowing me to judge me – I am trapped into the cycle of the illusion, which I then experience as me, as actually being real and then I have to go through such an experience as what I have just shared, to understand and realise that that which I defined as me of the illusion is not who I am, but I made it real through making it part of me by allowing and accepting me to participate in it.

So I’ve realised that when I apply self forgiveness: I in this moment make a statement of me as to not accept and allow me to participate in the illusion – distinguish for myself what is illusion and from here stand up within me and just not make it part of me by participating in it.

And so self forgiveness assist and supports me to remain stable and clear here: Me with Me – and whenever I notice / find an connection of illusion within me: I apply self forgiveness immediately.

And so, through applying self forgiveness I ensure that I do not accept and allow me to participate in the illusion / make it part of me – but in the moment of applying self forgiveness make a statement for me of who I am.

Oh and how I have found that in moment’s where I so almost just want to allow the illusion within me, so as to not have to apply self forgiveness, stand up within me and take self responsibility for me = because it seems so much easier and simpler to ‘just allow it’ or to ‘just let it pass’ than having to apply the self discipline to stop participation in the illusion in such a moment.

I discovered many such moments so far within my process.

Yet the most frightening of it all is that I am so very much aware of such moments where I see the illusion within me of me and I so almost want to just not stop it, to in some way ‘turn a blind eye’ as though I did not see it.

But I realised I cannot do it – I cannot just allow and accept it to continue, because I am aware that I am allowing and accepting it and I am also very much aware of the consequences involved if I were to accept and allow such a moment to just ‘pass by’.

So it’s quite an forceful effort where you in awareness have to and must apply yourself diligently and specifically in every moment when you notice/see/realise an illusion connection within you. Because we have for so long just simply accepted and allowed the illusion to continue within us and this existence = which we are no longer able to use and excuse.

I enjoy self forgiveness.

And I particularly enjoy when I catch such moments where I’ve almost wanted to ‘just let it go’ / ‘just let pass’ because I know within the certainty of me that I am just not able to allow and accept it to continue within me – and so I will stop participation in the illusion in every moment: Because this is actually me taking self responsibility for me.

Being alone with me, realising my self responsibility towards me is really assisting and supporting me within this process – because I have no ‘relationship connection’ to anything or anyone: I am here with me as me.

There is nothing and no-one I fear losing, because I within me as me have realised and understood that I am not able to actually really lose me – I am always with me, myself here.

Thus, in not fearing to lose anyone or anything – I experience a freedom within me, within this process, within which I will push and force me to whatever lengths necessary in every moment to not accept or allow the illusion, and I would suggest for you to consider the same.

Because then you will move you, no matter what.

Then you will direct you no matter what.

Then you will force you and push you no matter what.

The freedom of self responsibility.


First, I’m explaining how the world ‘operate’ currently so that you, as I have, may realise that we’re / have not been (in my case – lol) as controlled by this world and others as we might’ve believed ourselves to be, which also very much is part of the participation and belief of the existence of the illusion which we make real through defining ourselves according to what currently exist of this world as the very illusion we participate in and then transform into a reality which is experienced as being ‘real’ within ourselves: When it is most certainly not so. Let’s go back into ‘history’ for a moment, which is what I have done while within my process within the dimensions to trace the origin of me as to how I placed myself within my particular life experience on earth and the reason for why I decided to die in such a particular way and also the ‘timing’ thereof (which I have discovered have been placed by me quite impeccably).

Though a history of which human beings, if not all, are not aware of, as of yet: There was once an agreement between all the countries in this world – specific ‘leaders’ were appointed to take responsibility for a country and within this agreement, all would ‘work together’ in supporting each other with specific requirements and needs as they believed that masses of humans will not be able to operate without a director, meaning one that takes full responsibility for many, nor will the countries themselves operate alone because other countries has certain specific substances that others don’t have – the agreement seemed foolproof in theory… This agreement was to be ‘set in place’ when it was realised that the world and humanity is in the process of destroying themselves and each other – and would culminate eventually into wars between countries. And thus human beings within this world require and need ‘saving from themselves’.

In this realization one man understood that what is necessary to be done is to form an ‘internal agreement support structure’ with all leaders of specific countries – because if the internal source is stable in agreement of support as all the leaders of all the countries within the world, and each director takes responsibility for their own individual country: Unnecessary conflicts between countries originating from the source as the leaders is avoidable – then only ‘external conflicts’ require direction from the perspective of human beings within their own countries causing conflict amongst themselves. This was ‘set in motion’ several hundred years back… The question then is – if you were in a position in this world to decide for many, to decide for the entire world – in ‘keeping the entire world of masses under control’ with your current understanding of the nature of human beings, with the purpose of ‘saving them from themselves’: What would you do? This is what this particular man set in place: So, to control masses within this world to a CERTAIN EXTENT – the following was decided:

1. Appoint a Director for each Country.

2. An agreement to be made between all countries in this world where all countries specific appointed directors – (the definition of a director being: The One that Takes Responsibility for Many) will assist and support each other’s means.

3. Place Laws to which the masses must abide to.

4. Those that are not able to be kept under control through the Laws that have been placed will receive due punishment, to understand that there will be consequences if you do not abide by the Laws that have been placed for your own protection against yourself and others

5. Place Prisons

6. Give them a reason / purpose for their existence in this world: Create job opportunities – as service to their country, a service to themselves, they provide their own living in their country, manifest their own living in their country.

7. Place ONE design that ‘connect all’: MONEY

8. Place a design for relaxation and enjoyment from the work that is done: ENTERTAINEMT as to create enjoyment to balance with the work that is necessary to be done to provide themselves with an stable infrastructure in their own country.

9. Place support, give them something to believe in, to feel important, valued, noticed, appreciated as a living being: RELIGION

10. Build homes for those who work to have their OWN SPACE for themselves so they may feel that it is THEIRS and they may do here within their own space whatever they desire.

11. Place an Education system to train the newcomers into this designed system so they may learn through us ‘how the world works’ and find their place in this world in developing the necessary skills to provide their own living through the job opportunities that are available.

12. Place Hospitals and other such establishments within this world for the ill and the sickly to provide them with the necessary care and treatment.

13. Provide them with mobility such as cars and bikes etc. along with the necessary requirements of sustaining their mobility within this world. Understand that money became the one thing, which would connect all human beings as one and it is under this one placement as money through which there could be attained at least some form of control amongst and within the masses.

The term ‘control’ in this equation was placed in the definition of: Saving the masses from themselves, where one took responsibility for the entire world to design it in such a way where all are able to exist in reasonable stability – and it was ‘planned and mapped’ out specifically, quite accordingly of how this entire world was to operate. Each leader within each country would be responsible for their own ‘money system’ with which to operate their country from – the money ‘belonged to the people’ who serve themselves and thus serve their country in providing themselves a place within this world from which to live from and experience themselves. The ‘one man’, together with his three family lineages was responsible for all the money circles that circulated within each country within the world for which each individual ‘leader/director’ was responsible for. It was understood that there will be some who will not be ‘as fortunate’ as others within this world with regards to having a place within this world as all others who provide for themselves effectively and live and experience themselves in this world reasonably comfortably. Thus, for those – necessary / as much support will be placed – yet, it would be unavoidable, there will be human beings who are ‘less fortunate’ – but the ‘one man’s’ only directive was to ensure that even though that may occur – the world co-exist as one and man do not destroy themselves through conflicts that originate between countries and culminate into eventual wars.

The one man understood that the inner struggle of human beings within their own individual country such as conflict and poverty is able to be controlled and supported in the best ways possibly available… This entire ‘world operation’ was lead by one man, yet, this one man had three wives with which three family lineages originated from. And it was so directed by him to have the three family lineages he developed, remain within the three family lineages and only to procreate within the three family lineages. As this one man’s heir would be certain from generation to generation as to ‘keep this world relatively under control’ as designed and placed by him accordingly. Thus – the world was powered through this one man originally and he accordingly assisted his heirs in ‘training’ so that they then one day can train their heirs and so on and so forth with the necessary responsibility that they have to fulfill within this world. His approach to his responsibility within this world is that it had been bestowed upon him to take full responsibility for this entire world – within which masses can co-exist together without man turning against man to such a degree where man will destroy itself: This was his one and only prerogative.

Certainly there will be conflict between mankind, the nature of man cannot be changed (according to his understanding) but what is most certainly preventable is a worldly conflict within which entire countries go against each other within a war-like situation, which will most certainly only culminate to the extent where man will destroy itself. Therefore he placed in certain guidelines for himself, his heirs to fulfill his purpose, for the world as to live by accordingly with this purpose and this purpose only: To prevent man from destroying themselves. The leaders were accordingly selected for each and every single country through this one man who’s name was Oduphulus Yulovsky, but then later changed his name to Gregory also which was the name of his great grandfather who had been his inspiration of: Living loyalty unto one self and another, as with loyalty comes honesty and thus responsibility towards you that is loyal unto you and loyal unto another, and with responsibility comes power. And only the most loyal and honest man may know the truth of having the power of God – a power that cannot be abused by the man who is loyal and honest unto himself and others.

Unfortunately though: Man cannot be trusted – this is what Oduphulus discovered, not even those of your own family, of your own blood. The initial ‘world operation’ was set in motion accordingly and did indeed last where man co-exited accordingly and ‘world wars’ was prevented. But this entire ‘world operation’ together with it’s ‘internal support structure’ crumbled and fell apart through man’s desire for power – and power only, and power within this world symbolize money.

Understand that where this world currently is in this very moment, and how we are / have, experiencing / have experienced ourselves within this world: Has been done upon our own accord together with dimensional intervention for several hundred years. We all have designed this world as is, according to what we accepted and allowed ourselves to ‘live with’ that was seemingly ‘alright and okay’ to deal with and live with within ourselves. We made everything acceptable and so we accepted ourselves to continue existing within a world such as this within which you, as I am and have, experiencing ourselves within.

We have never actually stood up within ourselves and have taken responsibility for ourselves within this world – we have merely just continued to be victims, to be slaves to believe ourselves to be victims, believe ourselves to be slaves – to an imaginary illusion designed by ourselves within this world – our own common sense lost to the illusion which we have programmed into and as ourselves – because we within us have made this existence, this world an ‘acceptable’ way to live. We did nothing; we have never done anything to stop what we have ever experienced along with others as ourselves within existence. And how each and every single one of us is responsible for how this world currently operate because we accepted and allowed such a way of existence to be: ‘Alright’ and ‘okay’ because we’re able to handle it and live with it within ourselves.

Hear me, please: I am sharing this experience of history with you, so you as I have, may understand where our responsibility to ourselves and all others as ourselves exist. But not to blame or condemn others – realise that you, individually, as myself, are as much responsible for what this world has become as the very one’s who initiated it – because you did nothing as I did nothing – we sat back and allowed it to continue because of our own inherent fears that has become the nature of us. Looking at it in this moment – I wonder if I would ever have spoken up if I would have realised all of this that I am sharing with you in this moment here while still here on earth… Honestly as I’m looking at this – I wouldn’t have: Because of fear. Fear of being removed from this world in the most brutal unspeakable manner, or even imprisoned. Fear of being ridiculed and or ostracized. Fear of existing in constant fear for my own life. Fear of the greatest pain and suffering being done unto me if I actually speak up and speak out and stand up through voicing me and living by example – that contradicts and go against everything human beings currently think/believe. Fear of how others may/might react to me. Fear of losing those who I think/believe I love and cherish the most. Fear of me standing / being alone while directing me as all with the responsibility of what I understand is necessary to be done through and by me to have humanity hear me, in finding a solution for all within this world as one and equal. Fear of failing. Fear of me not being able to complete such an absolute responsibility as me for all as one as equal. Fear of me losing that which I had, that which I owned. Fear of being left alone within this world with nothing and no-one and me having to do this all by myself – I would not know where to start or where to begin, let alone what exactly to do with no support and assistance whatsoever. Fear that no-one would do this for me within this world, so why must I stand up for anyone or anything of this world and risk all that I have for others who don’t even have an care in the world for anything or anyone but themselves.

Because if I don’t even want to do it – who else will? Such fears, uncertainties and concerns would have gripped the very core of my being and I would not have actually taken responsibility for me and stood up for all as one as equal as me, in living the solution for all as one as equal to stop what we have accepted and allowed within ourselves and within this world, but instead: I would’ve been more concerned with myself, me alone, than anything or anyone else within this world. I would not have cared for anyone or anything else but me, myself, and thus I would’ve done that which would be best for me and me alone only: Which would be to not do anything with what I understood was necessary to be done. I would’ve instead, lived with the understanding unto death and would make sure no-one else knew / understood what I have as to protect them also as I have protected myself against those that exist within this world and what could or possibly would happen if I, or them, were to live as the understanding and responsibility I have realised as me. I would’ve lived with the burden, the guilt within me for doing nothing and justified and excused the reason for why I did nothing as to ‘make it seem alright and fine’ that I did not live as I understood and knew that I should’ve for all as one as equal – but saved myself instead. So that when/if I was ever confronted with the reason why I did not live my responsibility to all as one as equal to me: I have a liable reason as excuse and justification. I would’ve believed that if I were to hide and suppress within me the understanding of what I experienced and have no-one else know/discover what I have: No-one will know and find out what that I have chosen to save myself instead, protect myself instead, that I only had concern and care for me and my own fears and not for anything or anyone else.

Thus, by hiding what I understood by having no-one find out about it – it would cause no hurt/harm to anyone because only I will know about it and no-one else will. And this is the truth of me as who I was on earth. And thus the reason why I had to die and leave this world. Because when faced with the choice: Of either self honesty as life, in standing up for all as one as equal as life, taking self responsibility for me as all as one as equal in stopping what I as all have accepted and allowed within existence as ourselves and to live as example in every moment of breath and doing whatever it takes, whatever necessary so all may realise themselves as who we really are of life OR choosing self dishonesty as fear, fear of loss and care for, and be concerned for my own life, for only me alone, as who and what I experience me to be, in continuing to assist and support the deception of self of man as all as the nature I have accepted and allowed me to be for eons of time… I would’ve made the self dishonest choice in fear to only protect me, be concerned for me and care for me only, alone and my own life. I am ashamed.

I am ashamed because this is the truth of me, the truth of the actual manifested nature of me I have accepted and allowed me to be and become. I am ashamed of me because of what I know I would’ve done – and I know I would’ve made the self dishonest choice of fear in that moment – fully aware of me making the self dishonest choice and what I’m doing unto all others that exist in this world as me: But I would’ve lived with it. I with great sadness, great disappointment, great shame within me of myself, have a look at the nature I had become, I had accepted and allowed myself to be – to the extent where I will refuse to stand up for all as one as equal of life as me in assisting and supporting all as me to live, stand, be, experience who we really are within existence when placed before a choice for life as all as one as equal within self honesty or a choice of fear in self dishonesty – because of me being only concerned and worried and fearful for my own selfish, meaningless existence. Which has an illusionary imaginative meaning, worth and value, which I gave it, through what I defined/beli­eved/perceived as meaning and value and worth to be within me, which has always been from a self centered, selfish point of view of me, and me alone only. And so the reason why I decided to leave this world, and also die in such a way as I did – because within me I had feared to die in such an unexpected way – I didn’t have specifics of how I would’ve not wanted to die. I would’ve preferred to leave peacefully and ensure that everything and everyone else in my world is taken care of, is cared for and all my affairs had been settled. I most certainly had a fear of dying suddenly, unexpectedly through someone else – not having the opportunity to say goodbye to the one’s ‘most important within my world’ and not having the ability to settle all my affairs for someone to continue my work, my life within this world.

And so I died in my own fear, as my own fear existent, accepted and allowed within me – thus, my way of death/dying in leaving this world has been faced from the perspective of such a particular fear existing within me while here on earth which I had most certainly experienced! Thus – do not fear death. Death exists – it is here and it is inevitable. Do not fear your certain way of preference of how you would prefer to die and how you would not prefer to die – because your fear of ‘how you’d prefer not dying / leaving this world’ will choose the experience of death for you, and not the way you’d wish/hope/prefer to die. I am sharing this with you, for you to realise and understand as I do in this moment: That death is death – you die, it is the most stable constant certainty that exist within this world along with you breathing. Realise you’ll still exist – no matter which way you die.

Goodness – I am able to recall the experience of me dying – but in this moment it had become but a memory – who I am is still here – I still exist and so it will be the same with you. So, the certain specific way of me leaving this world was manifested by me according to the fear of ‘way/manner of leaving this world’ and my decision of leaving this world was based on the nature of me as what I have accepted and allowed me to be and become and that I would’ve made the self dishonest choice in fear instead of the self honest choice as life as all as one as equal – and thus would not have made it within this process within my life experience. Thus, I have given me the opportunity to prepare myself within the dimensions – to stand up and take self responsibility within and as me, in purifying / correcting the nature of me as who I am, so that I, when I return to earth once more in my next life to come – which is an absolute inevitably certainty, to test me as who I am as the nature of me, and I am faced with the choice of either self honesty as life as all as one as equal or self dishonesty as fear – I will choose self honesty as life as me as all as one as equal, because it’s who I am and in truth: There is no other choice that exist but this – self honesty as life as all as one as equal, because it’s who I am as the nature of me as life of oneness and equality. Because in returning to earth, experiencing me from birth within and as a human physical body here once more and placing me in a position where I will be faced with such a choice again, in the most unpredictable and unexpected way: Is the only way – I will be certain, absolutely certain of who I am as the nature of me.

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Natural Selection and the current World System

Natural Selection of Nature =

Natural Selection in the World

by Sunette Spies, 08-Sept-2011

Here we’ll be discussing how the Money-System of the World-System has been designed – equal-to and one with Charles Darwin’s Theory of ‘natural selection’, particularly looking at it within the context of the point of ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

How through  the Money-System, an environment, an ecology has been created, designed and manifested as the World-System – and populated with beings to ‘play the game’ of pre-programmed nature and ‘fight for survival’ through propagating their own programme of  ‘natural selection’. And how the majority of the population is thus left to their vices, to ‘fight it out’ through their own design of natural selection in the game of ‘survival of the fittest’ as they expatiate the process of Evolution of Technology, of the world system – of money.
This, how the Money-System has been designed and programmed within the designed-programme of/as ‘natural selection’; so that the majority of the population in the World-System can expedite the process of Evolution through Money, while the minority of the Elite sit-back and reap the awards and the rest of humanity die-out.

Let’s have a more closer – yet basic and overview look at how the design of the Money-System stand equal-to and one with the programme of ‘Natural-Selection’, by standing within the premise of the Theory of Natural Selection.

We’ll be working with and looking at the following parallels:
Nature/Environment = World/Money-System
Animal/Organism Population = Human-Population
Survival of Living = Survival for Money
‘Survival of the Fittest’ in Nature = ‘Survival of the Fittest’ in World-System
Evolution of a species = Evolution of Technology

Here are some quotes from / of Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural Selection’ that we’ll utilize to draw the parallels between ‘Natural Selection’ of Nature and ‘Natural Selection’ of the World-System. The World-System as a man-created environment, populated with human-beings – let loose like animals/organisms to ‘fight for survival’ in and through the money-system for the Elite of the System to maintain control of human-beings, of wealth and of power – while the majority of humanity as a whole, suffer into extinction and those of the minority of the population ‘evolving with the system’ through becoming the ‘fittest’ are the direct-cause of the polarity-separation that exist within the world as the pyramid of elite, wealthy, poor and starving.


For those that are not familiar with Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural-Selection’:
“Theory of Natural Selection
In the 19th century, a man called Charles Darwin, a biologist from England, set off on the ship HMS Beagle to investigate species of the island.
After spending time on the islands, he soon developed a theory that would contradict the creation of man and imply that all species derived from common ancestors through a process called natural selection. Natural selection is considered to be the biggest factor resulting in the diversity of species and their genomes. The principles of Darwin’s work and his theory are stated below.
• One of the prime motives for all species is to reproduce and survive, passing on the genetic information of the species from generation to generation. When species do this they tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support.
• The lack of resources to nourish these individuals places pressure on the size of the species population, and the lack of resources means increased competition and as a consequence, some organisms will not survive.
• The organisms who die as a consequence of this competition were not totally random, Darwin found that those organisms more suited to their environment were more likely to survive.
• This resulted in the well known phrase survival of the fittest, where the organisms most suited to their environment had more chance of survival if the species falls upon hard times. (This phrase if often associated with Darwin, though on closer inspection Herbert Spencer puts the phrase in a more accurate historical context.)
• Those organisms who are better suited to their environment exhibit desirable characteristics, which is a consequence of their genome being more suitable to begin with.
This ‘weeding out’ of less suited organisms and the reward of survival to those better suited led Darwin to deduce that organisms had evolved over time, where the most desirable characteristics of a species are favoured and those organisms who exhibit them survive to pass their genes on.
As a consequence of this, a changing environment would mean different characteristics would be favourable in a changing environment. Darwin believed that organisms had ‘evolved’ to suit their environments, and occupy an ecological niche where they would be best suited to their environment and therefore have the best chance of survival.
As the above indicates, those alleles of a species that are favoured in the environment will become more frequent in the genomes of the species, due to the organisms higher likeliness of surviving as part of the species at large.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)


having a look at Darwin’s Theory of ‘Natural Selection’ in a ‘nutshell’ – the theory of evolution, as the theory of ‘natural selection’ as ‘survival of the fittest’ – interplay within the natural-environment through species and genetics as it interplay within the world-system through human-beings and money. Human-beings made equal-to and one with organism/species/population within a World-System as Environment – with Money as the Genes of the Human-Beings as Species/Organisms/Population; which is utilized in the process of evolution of the system; with human-beings thinking/believing it is them that is evolving, when all the while it’s Technology; the System evolving through them as pawns for the benefit of money in the Money-System of the World-System.

Let’s ‘break it down’ through having a look at individual parts within the quote above to illustrate the parallel between ‘Natural Selection’ in Nature and ‘Natural Selection’ in the World-System, and how we’re in fact, in our living-condition, equal-to and one with the animal-kingdom and have not in fact “evolved”:

“One of the prime motives for all species is to reproduce and survive, passing on the genetic information of the species from generation to generation. When species do this they tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)

This – obviously a situation manifesting in relation to us Humans, with the primary reason for living of most human-beings being to continue their legacy within the world through their children and so – we’ve been producing more offspring than the environment can support.
HOWEVER – what must be understood here is that – when we mention / speak of ‘environment’ within the above-context we definitely do not mean the “Earth / Natural Environment”. There is most certainly MORE than enough produce/resources available from/of the Earth to sufficiently, effectively and comfortably support all of humanity within this world.
The ‘environment’ we speak-of is the ‘environment’ as ‘closed-system’ that’s been created as the ‘World-System’ of and as Money, where produce and resources of/from the Earth are regulated, controlled and directed in accordance to the Value equated to/towards it in relation to Money, and so – because all resources/produce from/of the earth is controlled – what is produced from the resources from/of the earth is thus only ‘made available’ to those that can equal the value placed on it by/through Money. Thus – if you don’t have money, you can’t exist/survive within the ‘environment’ – that, even though the earth provide and have sufficient resources for all of humanity, because of and due to the design of the World-System, all of that is controlled by/through Money and will thus only have access to it if you have Money.

Therefore, in this world today – it’s not that human-beings are producing more offspring than the Natural Earth can support, it’s that the World-System is designed to only support the amount of human-beings that can obtain a bit of the amount of money that is in circulation within the World-System. If you don’t have a handful of the amount of money in circulation by, within and through the World-System – you’ll be those of the species that die-off and become extinct as one lose in the game of survival of the fittest, while the rest that ‘won’ continue with slaving for the evolution of the system, of Technology = of Money.

Now – you have the World-System ‘populated’ with a certain amount of human beings that have access to resources from the earth through being in the World-System with having Money – money as the relationship-tie to/towards their survival in this world. The population that currently populate the World-System as ‘Environment’ – continuing producing offspring within its primary biological motive of surviving as a species and so reproducing, causing the current amount of human-beings populating the World-System, to become “more” than the World-System as ‘Environment’ can support in relation to the amount of Money as Resources that is circulating/existing within the World-System as Environment.
This then causes the Money as resources of the World-System as Environment to be ‘spread thin’ throughout the Population as Species, thus drives the population to ‘obtain more’ Money and so spin the wheel for the games of the ‘fight for survival’; where the most ‘fit’ survive as those that can fight their way into and as secure-position within the world-system to sit-back and filter-in the money-movements towards them. As one can see here:

“The lack of resources to nourish these individuals places pressure on the size of the species population, and the lack of resources means increased competition and as a consequence, some organisms will not survive.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)


– this game of ‘fighting for survival’ is deliberately initiated by/through those that control the movement, circulation and supply of money within the world-system so that when resources as money become depleted / spread-out too thin due to the amount of human-beings that populate the world-system / have access to the resources as money, the supply as resources is momentarily throttled (a deliberate condition of ‘false lack’ is created to manifest the illusion of ‘lack,’ but the ‘lack’ is deliberately created only within the context of the World-System) so that the population scrounge, scurry and fight between and amongst themselves to remain/maintain within and as their positions in the world-system with their handful of money to continue existing/surviving; while those that lose their positions, lose their grip on their bit/handful of money, and as such fall out of the world-system and are left to their own vices. When one can’t get back into the game, they simply die-off and become extinct.
This shown here within the quote below, how the consequence of competition in the ‘game of survival’ does not manifest ‘random’ human-beings as organisms/species to die as a consequence. The conditions are deliberately created for those ‘less fortunate’ – who cannot / could-not hold-onto their handful of money / maintain a position within the world-system due to the momentary throttling of the money-supply as resources. Then – when most of the population has been diminished out of the world-system as environment – the money is again circulated within the world-system for the population as organisms/species that was fit enough to survive, to continue existing:

“The organisms who die as a consequence of this competition were not totally random, Darwin found that those organisms more suited to their environment were more likely to survive.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online )


– how “natural selection” is deliberately created / enforced within the world-system to maintain the world-system, control money and expatiate evolution through enslaving only a select few human-beings into and as the closed-system as World-System as environment.

Let’s continue:

“This resulted in the well known phrase survival of the fittest, where the organisms most suited to their environment had more chance of survival if the species falls upon hard times. (This phrase if often associated with Darwin, though on closer inspection Herbert Spencer puts the phrase in a more accurate historical context.)” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)

Let’s have a look at the words “…where the organisms most suited to their environment had more chance of survival if the species falls upon hard times” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online).

This, within the context of the World-System, is where ‘human beings most secured within their positions in the system’ in relation to money have more of a chance of surviving when the Money-System falls on hard times.
These are such human-beings who adapted, changed, compromised and deceived to the extent where they morphed / programmed themselves into ‘personality suits’  to ‘suit their environment’ in the world-system to secure themselves in the system, to secure their money, to so secure their survival. As the following quote illustrate:

“Those organisms who are better suited to their environment exhibit desirable characteristics, which is a consequence of their genome being more suitable to begin with.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)

The ‘desirable characteristics’ as the ‘characteristics traits’ the human-beings with their predisposed / pre-programmed genomes as mind consciousness system life-designs utilized to create/programme ‘desirable personality suits’ to ‘suit their environment’ as to so secure their positions in the world-system. Therefore, human-beings now standing most secured within the world-system are there because-of and due to their genome/mind consciousness system predisposition/pre-programming, and how that was used / abused to secure their survival in the world-system as environment = equal-to and one with the play-out within and between organisms in nature, in the environment. Those that didn’t utilize their genome/mind consciousness system-pre-programming to suit themselves into personality-creations with characteristics and traits to suit their environment as position in the world-system – would fall, fade-out and die within the game of survival of the fittest.

“This ‘weeding out’ of less suited organisms and the reward of survival to those better suited led Darwin to deduce that organisms had evolved over time, where the most desirable characteristics of a species are favoured and those organisms who exhibit them survive to pass their genes on.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online )


the genes / mind consciousness system designs would then continue to be passed-on throughout the generations, of those human-beings within the genome / mind consciousness system pre-programming that is most desirable/suited to fit-into the game of survival within the world-system to secure their continued positions, and so existence within the world-system, by creating/programming the best-suited personality-suits from/of their genome make-up.

“As a consequence of this, a changing environment would mean different characteristics would be favourable in a changing environment. Darwin believed that organisms had ‘evolved’ to suit their environments, and occupy an ecological niche where they would be best suited to their environment and therefore have the best chance of survival.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online )


– the ‘environment’ as ‘World-System’ is constantly, deliberately ‘changed’. This is done by the handful of human-beings that control the movement, circulation and direction of the money as resources. ‘Change’ is introduced into the World-System through ‘technological advancement/evolution’, with ‘technological advancement/evolution’ within the World-System being made-possible by/through the circulation, movement and direction of and as Money.
So – the more Money moves comfortably, the more ‘technological advancement/evolution’ can be made. For more Money to move  – less human-beings have to exist with the World-System, and the more money there is and the more efforts and focus can be placed on ‘technological advancement/evolution’ – where through technological advancement/evolution = more Money is made/circulated/directed and so more money, wealth and power land in the laps of the Elite.

Less human-beings = More Money / More Control/Power of Resources = Technological Evolution to secure more Control/Power/Resources of the Earth/World.

See – Human-Beings are really simply pawns in a system of Money, where they’re literally left onto man-made conditions of ‘natural selection’ to manifest the world-system into and as a specific amount of human-begins so that more money can circulate, so the Elite can have more power, control over/of the earth through Money.

Thus, the more ‘technological advancements/evolutions’ are introduced into the Wold-System to initiate ‘change’ more human-beings have to adapt/change and programme their suits as personalities to be able to specialize within the fields of ‘technological advancements/evolutions’ the World-System now function through/within. Only those human-beings with the predisposed / pre-programmed tendency to be able to utilize particular-specific characteristics of/from their mind consciousness system constructs will be able to do so – fast, quick and effectively enough to secure their position in the system – equal-to and one with the ‘technological advancement / evolution’ of/within and as the world-system. Those who can’t – fall out, fall back from the World-System, from survival, and so from money, and so die / become extinct.


Have a look at how the current World-System has been programmed – it is not in fact what is best for all as it only exists for the purpose of a select-few to have control, power and wealth over and of the Earth, and is thus abusing the majority of the population within the World-System as their Slaves through Money, placing them in the game of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ deliberately to be able to ‘create their own world of wealth, power and control’ while most of Humanity suffer, starve and die – within and upon a Earth that is more than able to provide for all – Equal and One.

The solution: An EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM – where all of Humanity receive Equal-Money from Birth to Death, so all have an opportunity to live on and from the Earth that can provide more than enough for all – equally as one.

Accepting the current Money-System is allowing All the abuse that it creates as a outflow-consequence of its existence – such as war, crime, violence, abuse, starvation, poverty…everything that exist because of and due to our acceptance, adherence and submission into and as the World-System of the Money-System today.
Stand-up – be a change for the Future of self, and all as self – equal and one. Accept only What’ll be Best for All as and Equal Money System, as through this we will allow nothing less than that, but only Equality and Oneness for All.

Be One Vote for World-Equality – Stand for an Equal Money System for All.

Bibliography: Biology Online. 2000. Theory of Natural Selection. Available at: (accessed on 08  September 2011)


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This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document.

Manifested Consequence – Lao Tzu

“You cannot change or alter what has already been done and manifested – you can only change yourself as who you are within that which you’ve already manifested and done – as created by and through you from within and as the mind in separation.
The point of change – does  not imply separation, does not imply polarity, does not imply limitation – it is what it is, and how it is, as the manifested consequence that each must and will face – for this is the only way – that each one, will stand within and as humbleness as one and equal as life.

This has been tested and proven, interdimensionally – there is no ‘graceful’ or ‘merciful’  way to proceed within this process – as we have fallen from grace a long time ago, and have been merciless within our words and deeds as we’ve consumed and plundered through and within this reality, this world = seemingly unstoppable as we continue to destroy and eradicate all that which presents manifested life expression here as found within what is here as animals, nature as earth and sky and water – the trinity, the ‘holy trinity’ that stand as the equilibrium, the constant as the real manifested ‘god’ within and as this existence.

Though we’ve entered a phase within process wherein we’ll be stopping ourselves – through the experience of ourselves in and as manifested consequence – this consequence is not a ‘payment for deeds done or words spoken in the past’ from the perspective of ‘deserved revenge’, but simply to realize, simply to see – that there has been and is consequences to what has been accepted and allowed within each one’s actions and words towards self and another as self and another as self as within the manifested expression as this world/reality as nature, the animal kingdom and water.

Oh we have attempted ways and means to divert the inevitable, the inevitability of walking through and facing the manifested consequence of and as ourselves – by attempting to abdicate responsibility for all and everything of ourselves as manifested within the nature of ourselves presented in who we are as the starting point of ourselves within words and deed, by creating the constructs of blame. Also creating constructs of and as justification and excuses to hide the demeanor of the real demons that has become us as the self dishonest nature we’ve accepted and allowed to exist as – attempting to suppress the truth of ourselves through abdicating self responsibility and hiding within justifications and excuses.

I have experienced within myself, that I have always known – that such an ‘phase’ or experience of myself will come – and that the fear that I’ve always experienced, was the manifested fear of the absolute known certainty within me – that I will stand before myself, that I will face myself, because I’ve always known, that what I do and speak – remains here always, because it’s me – yes, I may suppress it, but it remains here in and as the construct of suppression. And so we’ve always kept to ourselves the truth of ourselves, and hid the self dishonesties within constructs – contained the self dishonesties within ourselves within constructs – but eventually, even for self, to maintain control of all the containments  within and of our self dishonesties within constructs such as suppression, such as justification, such as excuses, such as hiding = becomes too much, because the self dishonesties compound in every moment as we continue to exist in self dishonesty within word and deed, and the self dishonesties mount as we place them and categorize them into manifested constructs we’ve developed and designed to attempt to hide them – and eventually the inevitability is here, as its always been here = we rupture, we tear apart and the foundation of ourselves as the manifested constructs within which we hid our self dishonesties as an attempt to believe that if it’s hidden or suppressed and thus ignored, it’ll go away and no more exist – collapse and fall and we finally stand before the inevitable that we’ve for so long attempted to control and have power over: The truth of ourselves HERE.

I have for myself, looked – and I could see what is to come, what is already here and done – manifested – by and through me myself. I understand and have understood within it all – that I must for me myself, walk through it and face each manifested experience which reflect my accepted and allowed deliberately self dishonesties and most importantly why I cannot change or alter, what I have already manifested as me – the ‘me’ that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as within and as separation of who I am HERE, which consist of and contain, all the manifested constructs within and as which all my self dishonesties exist.

We’re at the ‘point of no return’ – and it is because of this point, that no change or alteration can be done – only self transformation within and as self realization here as and while we walk through the manifested consequences of and as ourselves manifested here.

I have found that we’ve become so inherently self dishonest – that in ‘change’ or ‘alteration’ of ‘that which has already been done and manifested’ – would exist in self dishonesty, as we’d only again create another way/means to not have to face the consequences of our words and deeds throughout our existence here, it’s what we have become = we’ve become creators, existing in fear of the inevitable of ourselves as the self dishonest nature we’ve become, creating a reality/world in manifested separation of ourselves to attempt to hide within it – lol, though now our manifested created reality/world within which we exist or existed as a manifested means or way to attempt/try to hide within – has become and is the manifested reality/world as ourselves within and as which we’ll finally face ourselves within and as manifested physical experience = no escape, no hiding – as everything and all of ourselves will be right here in our face.

Fascinating how we created a place, a manifested existence/reality – believing that we possibly can hide within it, by designing everything in separation of and as ourselves – has now become the only place from which we cannot escape/hide – not even in death – as when you die, you return straight back here to face yourself – lol, within amalgamation as the self directive principled standing statement of self responsibility here, or reincarnation wherein you’re directed by and through your own shame and regret and fear for not standing up and self realizing self responsibility here, but made a statement that more suffering and pain is required within you and your world for you finally self realize what it means to STOP.

So within us resisting the inevitable – through attempting to hide from the inevitable – we manifested the inevitable within the very manifested creation, we created in attempt to hide from the inevitable.

And here we are –within and as our creation as this world – to face ourselves, as each and all self dishonesties we’ve accepted and allowed in every moment of our existence.
We’ve already created what is to be faced, what must be faced – this goes for each one individually, understand that each one will have manifested experiences take place, that is to come, within you and your reality – most unexpectedly, definitively unimaginable – realize that you created such experiences for and by you yourself, it was and is and has been always already here – by your will as the very nature or beingness of and as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be.

This world will plummet into the darkness of misery, sorrow, shame, regret, anger and despair to name but a few primaries – as all hidden secrets and suppressions within contained constructs in and as self will rupture and tear and break – as controls will cease – because the protected containments that contained all self dishonesties can no more be contained through the means of control – and within this, a madness will consume man – as all the contained dishonesties seep out into the open, inverted into and as self – to manifest as self within and as manifested experiences in and as this world to be faced once and for all.

It’ll either be the final stand – or the fall of man.

Though you cannot change or alter what is already here manifested – you have the ability to prepare yourself, though even within preparation there exist no certainty – as your final test and proof of you as you as who you are here standing – will be in the manifested walking through, while and as you practically walk through – the manifested consequence of and as you yourself.

This self preparation for what is to come, for what is already here manifested – through which you will walk as the manifested consequence of and as yourself – is done through self forgiveness, self corrective action, breathing and writing. I will describe why and how such tools will assist and support you here:
Self forgiveness to assist and support you in self realizing self honesty – self honesty from the perspective of assisting and supporting you to give you the opportunity to for yourself see and realize how exactly and where exactly you’ve accepted and allowed self dishonesty to exist and manifest as you. Thus, self honesty emerge through self forgiveness applied absolutely within no half measures, as there exist no ‘in between’ within self honesty or self dishonesty = you will either remain self dishonest or become self honest within and through applying self forgiveness.  And I have found a fascinating point within self forgiveness = that you know when you’re not absolute within and as your self expression within self forgiveness, and when your self forgiveness is applied to control and manipulate yourself to remain self dishonest, it is fascinating. That is why beings will have excuses/reasons/justifications for why not to apply self forgiveness – because a part of them know, that when they would apply self forgiveness for themselves, they would see the truth of themselves before themselves, no more hidden or suppressed – and that frightens beings much, the point of actually for themselves seeing themselves right before themselves, because it is that experience, from which we’ve for so long attempted to run, and so beings would attempt to ‘buy time’ – finding any and all other methods to not face the inevitable – yet they know it’ll come…

Beings that simply refuse to apply self forgiveness to establish self honesty – will have more extensive experiences manifesting within themselves and their world – because they will then through more extensive experiences – be forced to finally give themselves the opportunity to apply self forgiveness.

Realise, that those who apply self forgiveness – self forgiveness does not ‘take away’ what must be faced as the manifested consequence you have created because of who and what you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to be as the very beingness/nature of / as you. Self forgiveness simply ‘short-circuit’ your process, so that you don’t first have to go through extensive ‘processing’ to get to the exact same point as finally realizing you must start within yourself with self forgiveness to establish self honesty and so face you by you for you yourself.

Thus, self forgiveness is the application and you the expression within it – wherein you start taking self responsibility for you. You will either take self responsibility immediately within common sense through self realizing the necessity and importance of self forgiveness for you yourself by merely observing what exists within you – or you will take self responsibility by force – wherein everything in you and your world will start going wrong, will start falling apart – until nothing else is left but you, and all that exist is you and thus all that you can turn to is you, yourself – and so only realize, when standing completely alone within this world, with no-one else – with nothing more to blame, no more excuses/reasons/justifications left, no more purpose or reason for existing – and in the absolute darkness of misery and despair – you will realize: But all that is left is me – if all that is left is me here alone, then I must be the cause, I must stand up.

Or beings will within this experience remove themselves from the world – though understand that such an act is of giving up on yourself – which is the most regrettable experience within all of existence, though such a point exist within all, a point where you can just break and in that breaking = give up on yourself. Beings that deliberately remove themselves from this world – they will start from scratch, meaning that you will be stripped from all and everything that you have ever been and existed as throughout existence and start from the exact same origin point from which you originated within this existence. Understand though that such beings will be responsible for the lengthening of this process for all – as all must wait for them to walk billions of years of process – which takes about 7 to 18 years within the interdimensional existence, based on the beings’ nature. And those that deliberately remove themselves from this world = will remember this point where they have given up on themselves before the greatest transcendence of themselves, and instead of walking through it – decided to give up…

Understand that each will walk through this point, each must – the point where you will experience the greatest misery, sadness, pain, regret, anger, fear and despair – in the darkness, the evil of yourself – you will become and stand all alone within it – with no-one to help you or save you, where you will either stand absolutely or fall a great fall = this is facing yourself, and it is for this point, that you are preparing yourself through self forgiveness.

Thus those that experience within themselves as though there exist no reason or purpose to continue your existence, wherein you believe that ‘death’ is the only way ‘out’ – you’re at the exact place where you want to be, because it is within this experience, that you for you yourself will see what you’re really made of – it is from here, that you will either ‘kill your idea of yourself’ through self corrective application in standing within self honesty – or die physically = which will only prolong your process further and that of everyone else as you.

Understand that you will either ‘kill the idea of yourself’ for and by yourself through the tools suggested as self forgiveness, self corrective application, breathing and writing – or you will die physically – though within dying physically, you made the statement that you ‘cherish’ and ‘love’ the idea of yourself of mind ‘too much to actually give it up and stop existing within it’ – that you prefer existing in separation of you as all as one as equal as life – that you prefer existing in continued suffering and pain – and so what will occur is you manifesting one and equal the statement you have made of yourself as yourself and continue existing in separation and suffering and this suffering will intensify and greaten in every moment until you stop and start taking self responsibility and apply self forgiveness to establish self honesty.

Thus – the first point to establish for yourself is self forgiveness ABSOLUTELY – no half measures, otherwise your self forgiveness is useless, meaningless – and you know when you apply self forgiveness absolutely or when it’s just mere words spoken in justification – because if self forgiveness is applied absolutely – you will actually really change within your self expression here within word and deed – if all is still exactly the same – your self forgiveness exist in and as the starting point of justification, justifying your idea of yourself in an attempt to remain in control of how you’ve always existed and continue hiding and suppressing the truth of you.

Self corrective application I’ll keep concise as this is a self honest point for each one alone within their own processes – as you will find that you cannot actually apply self corrective application as the statement of the change and transformation of you in self honesty – which you established for and as you within and as and through self forgiveness.

Thus, self forgiveness and self corrective action must stand as one and equal as you in and as you – it’s the point of establishing oneness and equality in self expression here as you. Because when self forgiveness is applied absolutely, self honesty will emerge and within self honesty – you will absolutely live the self correction of and as that which you’ve self realized in self forgiveness – as what and how you must change and transform you in and as how you live and speak in self expression here as and while you participate in and as this world.

A point to consider: If there exist still habits and behaviours within you and your world which you ‘seemingly suddenly fall into without awareness’ – know that your self forgiveness is not effective, there exist no self honesty, because there is no self directive principle as you in every moment here in self awareness – because in self honesty, you are self aware – and when you in self honest self awareness see a pattern emerge in a moment – by god you will stop immediately and stand = which is self corrective application as making a self honest statement of who I am here.

Through self forgiveness, establishing self honesty – self corrective action expressed in and as self directive principle in and as self awareness here – here you’re becoming self sufficient, self independent, self standing alone here, establishing you here as who you are here one and equal with and as you as all. SELF HONESTY is the key. And when you walk HERE as expressed above – you will realize that you’re actually walking unconditional self forgiveness, the REAL self forgiveness – where self forgiveness becomes the manifested expression of and as you – because then you realize the brutal reverence of actual real unconditionality for all as one as equal as life.

Understand that this is a tough road ahead for all of us – and it will remain so, until all stand HERE one and equal as life.

Understand that you will apply self forgiveness for seven years minimum, any being that state that they are done with self forgiveness before then = is really self dishonest, because of the extent of the self dishonest nature we’ve become, it takes seven years minimum of absolute applied and express self forgiveness together with self corrective application in self honesty established as self for self by self – until you’ve proven to you absolutely that you can walk for seven years minimum straight – without falling, without giving up.

Thus, understand – your process actually only start – when you walk self forgiveness and self corrective application in self honesty one and equal as you in every moment here, before then – you’re still only in a process of first establishing absolute self honesty as you here.

Self forgiveness, breathing and writing – are the first points you walk with as you – to establish self honesty, to self realize you within the manifested separate design that you have defined yourself as, as but an idea of yourself you have become. And to from here be able to walk the self corrective action as you one and equal with and as self forgiveness in and as self honesty as you.

Understand breathing – assist and support you to self stabilize you as you actually start seeing you for the first time and to within the mess of it all, the fuss of it all – have a self stability point from within which to stand to assist and support you in and as the self forgiveness process. And when breathing becomes you – you will self realize that breathing become the absolute pillar as with which you stand one and equal to actually walk through this process = breathing will become your ‘saving grace’ so to speak within what is to come – lol, you will see…

Writing the same with breathing – though breathing is the self stability self assistance and self support within structural self stabilizing whereas writing is the self stability, self assistance and self support within expression self stabilizing – thus you have an ‘inner and outer’ self stabilizing point to assist and support you within and through the phase of facing you HERE through and as self forgiveness to establish self honesty for and as you absolutely.

Thus, in writing and breathing and applying absolute self forgiveness within and as it as you walk in every moment – will monumentally assist and support you within and as the phase of establishing self honesty and carry you through to the phase of living self forgiveness and self corrective application one and equal as you here within and through and as what is to come.

Realise that those who resist the process – will only eventually get to the exact same point of self realizing for themselves that they have to, for themselves, start with self forgiveness, breathing and writing.

HEAR me – the tools as I described above, is but to assist and support you to ‘prepare the way before you’ for what you, as all equally as one, will face within and as this reality, this world as the manifested consequential experiences that is already here – playing out. This is not a solution and is not the saviour of the manifested consequential experiences that are already here that all will walk through, equally as one – but is the solution for and as you to stop the nature we’ve become and stand up and walk through absolutely with no shame, no judgment, no regret, no sorrow – what we’ve done as we face ourselves absolutely within and as this manifested reality/existence.

Until all stop and all that remain is HERE.

Again: You cannot change and you will find for yourself that it’s impossible to change what has already been done – yet we can change our experience within it, through and as living and expressing one and equal the tools provided as you here.

Thus realize, that each will inevitably self realize the self responsible stand to take for and as self within the expression of starting with self forgiveness, breathing and writing = I’d suggest doing so through self directive common sense, than to prolong your process and that of others exponentially – because you were too arrogant and selfish to consider you as all as one as equal as life here, but preferred ego above all – which only imply further suffering and pain, for you and that of all.

Understand this is how it is – this is how we’ve all equally as one accepted and allowed this process to be – because we wouldn’t unconditionally let go of and release the past and walk in unconditional absolute self forgiveness in self honesty as the living expression of who we are here.
We decided, through the very statement of the nature of our self dishonest existence – that we’ll only through much pain and suffering stand up and take self responsibility = and so it is and will be = until all equal and one, has finally stood up in self honesty, actually stopped and actually changed and proven this for and as themselves absolutely.

Though understand, what remain is the principle that you will equal and one manifest, experience and be what you accept and allow yourself to be one with and equal to through accepted and allowed self definition.

Thus realize – that we determine this process for and as ourselves, each one alone – either much, much, much more pain and suffering than what is already here as a prolonged process because of no actual unconditional self forgiveness to establish self honesty, or a ‘faster transcendence’ with not so much unnecessary pain and suffering – and walk through and stand through that which must and will be faced ‘faster’ by actually really applying unconditional self forgiveness here.

So we begin and so we walk until this is done.
Lao Tzu

– Copyright 2007 This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document.

War, Murder and Rape exposed – Part 2

A Dead Man’s Diary

War, murder and rape exposed by Jack- Part 2

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 10/04/2007


Today I am starting my story by sharing with you what I realized through experience about reality. Every day you grind away in your tiny existence and you often ask yourself: “Is this real?” Don’t lie – I know what it is you’re thinking! Just the mere fact that you’re reading my second article tells me that you’re thinking about what it is that drives me to ask questions as well. I started asking questions many thousands of years ago when I experienced myself as an interdimensional being, sometimes here on earth, sometimes in the dimensions. I required understanding on one simple question: “Where in the hell is God?” So I started looking. What I perceived God to be was in fact nothing but a bunch of beings sitting in the dimensions controlling man kind with multiple constructs of religion and different mind sets, what I mean is that within this world there are thousands of beings that have been specifically placed to prevent man kind from actually seeing, seeing the truth of who they really are? Do you notice that whenever you become slightly aware that there is something missing within this world, then suddenly some miraculous event happens that makes you stop asking questions – for a moment? Look back at when you have become aware of this world in its current situation. Are you honestly able to say that you’ve ever allowed yourself to go any further than consciousness, your mind and your thoughts? Or is each of you like everybody else remaining in the same mind-set for the rest of your lives – the same monotonous existence day in and day out? Today I will show you, while writing about war, murder and rape that through this application; you are officially being shown what it is we’re up against. Even as we type these stories the ‘beings’ that want control over this earth are becoming more and more aware of us. Soon we might have a war of our own – from the beings that are trying to control perspective. I am reminding you that nothing that happens in this world goes unplanned. There is either some ‘divine’ being or human factor controlling all of our lives – or so it has been. So, where to from here? I surely am not able to expect you to completely alone without support, fend for your existence, to take a stand, yet you have already. Are you able to see that? As you realize the things (which are common sense) and understanding what it is I mention and share with you, then you’re already going one step in the right direction. Direction has always been mankind’s greatest obstacle (other than the ever consistent, persistent mind). We are not able to overcome what we have created, but we sure as hell are able to direct what we have created through taking our power, standing up and changing our individual experiences here on earth. Doing so through stating clearly what we will accept and allow and what we will not accept and allow. Direction on earth have always been that of lambs following their leader because hey, what the hell else are they up against if they dare break away? Through fear of the unknown, let me rather remain a sheep than stand up and become a leader. So I will share with you the details that have been hidden from you about war, rape and murder. Not that you are not able see it mind you, I’m merely showing you from a different perspective.

Let’s look at war. Simple actually. Big guns great amounts of suffering and pain and to no avail. Eventually the beings in charge forget or oversee the technicalities that ‘caused’ the mess in the first place and they start all over again. War in its extreme nature could become our saving grace one day – if we’d prefer it so. Imagine – what better way to end it all, than with an atomic bomb, to end all this constant suffering and pain that exist in this world, surely that is simple. Let’s play fight for a moment. I’ll pretend to dislike you so that you become so insulted that you pretend to want to fight me and behind this fight between the two of us sits key people balancing the equations so that neither of us wins, only those that sit behind the fight between the two of us achieve wealth. Well done human race we’re all pawns in this little money making scheme – especially all those dedicated soldiers and war lords. Now let’s say for a moment you’re aware already that this is the motive behind war – the motive being money. Now I ask you a very straight forward question: Who controls war? Is it really the governments and presidents or are we just kidding ourselves? I have another question for you: When last did you look in the mirror? This morning? Yes, well now here is the shocker: This morning you saw the system responsible for rape, murder and war. All in one go you saw the entire world’s problems. Thought it couldn’t get that bad and yet here it is, the truth about each one of us. Now I will leave it up to Hitler to explain to you how we became and function as systems, but I will show you straightforward and directly what it means when we throw ourselves into the world. When did you allow yourself to become a system, let’s ask that. Was it at birth, no perhaps not that early already. Did you change when your parents started showing discipline, when they started filling you with rules and regulations? Yes and no, but it also started when we asked ourselves the question: What can I have in this world? Do you remember being a small child and your awareness became that of: “I want!”? Adults show us through allowance that wanting is an acceptable application and desire. They allow us to express that we want what they want. So then what happens is the mind creates its own little world of wants and needs. It wants attention, toys, excitement, money and eventually it wants everything that it sees. Therefore we get to the extremes of war, rape and murder. Through children accessing desires, wants and needs, which have been pre-programmed within them to believe that they’re actually really experiencing these desires, wants and needs, which have in truth been pre-programmed within their mind systems to participate within as much as possible to in this way feed the systems. The children are then feeding the systems through participating continuously and constantly within the pre-programmed applications which are not real – because they were designed and placed by systems.

The same goes for war, rape and murder, those beings who continuously participate within wants, needs and desires which pertain to these specific applications, they feed, through their constant and continuous application, the same systems as that of children which in turn creates and manifests their specific expression. Is a poor chap sitting on the street corner really able to want? Does he want for food or does he want for freedom from poverty? Both, yes and no. We want what we perceive is our dream and desire so therefore we become obsessed by dreams and desires, this is not able to be denied. I do not dream and desire for anything, well yes I must admit I am not able to dream as I am not able to sleep. I rest but I don’t sleep. I am referring to dreaming in the same context as that of wishing. So I do not wake up in the morning faced with dreams as wishes and desires to be fulfilled or achieved for the day. I want for nothing, though I am doing something about this world’s inhabitants to ensure that they stop feeding systems so that we are all able to be free from consciousness and mind bullshit. The dimensions are in oneness and equality with all that exists, therefore we are willing to give up and let go of everything, even ourselves, to ensure that all walks free from consciousness and the mind as systems which we have allowed to control and enslave us. Why did heaven decide to stand up by giving up ourselves and walking within and as each human being here on earth? Well to be frank I did it because I decided some time ago already that I am assisting human beings to not have their lives and who they really are to be completely destroyed so those that are here are able to have a chance to experience who they really are within the process to come. When I say lives and who you really are – I’m talking about the life you are not even able to imagine to be experienced as at this moment it’s hidden behind who you are now as consciousness systems manifested as your mind. They’re hidden behind everything we’ve created as enslavement and control, sits a being that wants for nothing, desires nothing, dreams for nothing and needs nothing – a being who is absolutely content and at peace. The reason why I give a fuck is that I am as all existing infinitely in this existence and I sure as hell would not like to experience myself in a world that exists like this godforsaken existence. I have the ability with the dimensions as one to change this excuse for an existence and experience of ourselves, to transform this experience into something worthwhile to participate within and to be proud of. Would it mean this world will have to release itself from everything through giving up and letting go of all that has been created, yes absolutely. We as human beings have no power now; we tremble before systems as we give ourselves to them through allowance of such mind shit which controls and enslaves. Why specifically do I use the words: We as humans? Here I am specifically stating that we as the dimensions are walking as one within and as each human being to support them in every moment of their experience of themselves here in this process on earth. Systems as the mind are not what you think they are either. They are consciousness that feeds off our participation and allowance – we have become their power source. We are not even able to move in a particular direction without some system being there to get its daily fix. So let me explain to you the reality of this world. It has been explained by Hitler and other beings where we are currently functioning from, as systems.

Now I will tell you why your systems allow for rape, war and murder. Remember when I explained to you about what the being experiences when they are committing any one of these acts? Well here is basically why they are not able to stop themselves at all. You see the same system that you allow to direct you is what makes a rapist do what he is driven to do. So, where to now? How does it feel knowing you all have the same master? The systems basically generate enough chaos in this world so that they are able to exist. An ideal situation is where everything you do is able to be traced to wants, desires and needs. That pretty much takes out everything you do is it not? So let us look at the same system for rape that generates relationship. Relationship is where the mind desires to be desired. It generates hormones in your body to make you desire another. Then it creates loneliness, an absolutely absurd feeling considering that you have only yourself and yourself is sufficient, content and at peace with who you are alone. So therefore you now desire to create a relationship for yourself, because it makes sense to have another want and desire you. Now you go out there allowing yourself to become something you truly actually are probably not. Well considering that you have no actual use for desire you have to pick yourself up from who you have become (mostly) to please another. How many times have you remained exactly who you are yet another accepts you totally? Not that it would be fun either because then what? What is the chase all about if it doesn’t throw you off balance and create all kinds of emotions and feelings? If two beings greeted each other and said: “Wow, you’re stable and certain of who you are infinitely so, I’m stable and I am certain of who I am infinitely so, let us walk this world together and express who we are unconditionally”…. well, wouldn’t that be wonderful – open honesty in communication. Now, however, it is all about who beats who and is the male or the female stronger? In essence relationship is not able to be further from who we really are as we in essence don’t desire, want or need. We just are. Take desire, want and need out of our every day lives…. well just for a moment imagine how you would fit into this world. Nothing would matter to you. Where would our economies go if people just stopped buying things, stopped desiring for anything outside themselves. When are we going to realize that what we have created isn’t real, but actually a consciousness mind created illusion? Do you understand how these simple actions of desire want and need have turned what we have allowed into absolute chaos? Everything we have created thus far has been through our allowance of consciousness manifested as the mind directing us. With the energy being created by the beings desire, want and need for something through allowance and participation they in this way feed the systems – through the creation of energy! So therefore you now understand that relationships feed just as many systems as that of rape. Yes, you ask me how I compare your relationships (with everything) to that of rape. All participations and allowances in any actions which create and manifest emotional and feeling energy – such applications feed systems. Thus whether you are in a relationship or a rapist – in both instances, energy is created that is required to be released with the cause being that of participation. The one in relationship release the compound energy of desire through sex and the rapist release the compound energy through more violent deliberate sex referred to as raping. I ask you this: When a man rapes does he rape because the energy that is created within him is not able to be contained and therefore he breaks that by ultimately destroying the image that relationships project? The image relationship project is that of a wondrous experience which all desire – to me those in relationship have mastered the ability to contain the compound energy created through participation of desiring another – the compound energy magnificently released during the act of sex. Those that rape destroy the image of relationship by showing all what relationships in truth really have become – releasing compound energy generated through the desire of another with sex – hidden with the perception of desiring for relationship. Relationships have merely become the release of compound energy through sex – that’s it. The actions and experiences of those in relationship and the rapist may differ vastly – but the cause behind their actions and experiences are exactly the same. What do you allow – relationships to convince you that you must have relationships? We have judged people for raping yet we are not able to see the simple similarity of the same situation. We live the system that drives the rapist insane. Why is he not able to control himself? Well are you honestly able to live without feeding the systems of this world as what you have defined yourselves as? Are you able to leave relationships, desires, feelings, thoughts and discard them because they have only one thing in common? I wonder whether you even see how relationships feed the exact same system.

Woman have now for the first time been given a very interesting choice (well at least the beings here on earth I work and communicate with on a daily basis who are supporting heaven with the process to come). Are you deciding to feed systems or are you asking of yourself to become something more – it’s either systems or self. That opens a very interesting can of worms because we sit here talking about the intricate details of relationship all day long. Are we able to function without being trapped by relationships? Yes we are able to do with systems what we like. We are able to direct them; we are even able to anticipate them. We are able to even destroy them but unfortunately in order for us to destroy systems we must destroy that through which they feed. Relationships, desire, money, thoughts, absolutely everything you are able to imagine as well as everything we have defined ourselves as in this world, because in truth it’s not who we really are. Thus we are only able to direct and destroy and anticipate systems as consciousness when we are not enslaved or controlled by them. Why? We are not getting any closer to becoming aware that we are indeed able to live without all these things, so now unfortunately the dimensions will have to destroy everything about this world so all may be forced to give up and let go all self-defined allowed systems who is not who anybody really is. We are stating: ‘Till here no further with the allowance and acceptance of systems in our creation. You my friend are going to have to realize that anything which happens now in your world, you will not be able to control or stop, we are bringing your world to a grinding halt –thanks to the dimensions. Not exactly what you would expect us to say now is it? I mean isn’t heaven supposed to come down on clouds with light and grace to alleviate suffering? Well yes and no, of course our ultimate goal is to alleviate this world’s suffering but what are we allowing when we do the dirty work for you? Are we creating more dependencies and reliance’s? Yes, instead of taking responsibility for your own world and realizing that we all as equal as one are responsible for earth’s situation. You will no sooner continue with your old patterns once we leave. You realize now that what I have just said makes sense and have just become aware of your own reality and how you would continue if all was cleared up for you, instead of you doing it for yourselves with our support. Are you able to imagine what would happen if all suffering was taken away but our original desires still remain? The exact same thing – we’d all start creating the exact same bullshit, because it’s all we know. So here we go the ending of what use to be your lives within consciousness. What we plan on doing is showing you that you remain when all things have been destroyed and removed. You remain intact with oh so much more than what you believe possible. When we’ve destroyed the construct of money which controls and enslaves humanity and lies and desire you will just live and be infinitely here. Nobody wants to be in this chaos, ask yourself. Don’t tell me that you agree unless you’ve honestly looked at exactly where humans have currently placed their awareness, do you think the human race is able to take care of themselves individually, equally as one if we we’re here to assist and support you? Not unless we destroy everything that has been so that you are able to see what you have allowed, take responsibility and never create such bullshit again.

Next question: what are you willing to see within yourself? Are you aware that your consciousness allows this world’s systems to exist merely by being a part of this world and participating within it? Are you aware that the murderer is the only being willing to destroy what they experience? As I have explained in my previous article I have seen the inner thoughts of the rapist, murderer and creator of wars. They all have one thing in common: They act out. Have you noticed they actually decide that this mixed up jumbling of thoughts in their mind must stop so they act out. They destroy themselves, yet in the process they destroy everything that surrounds them as well. They see themselves as the other person so that they are able to break that which is destroying them. Their minds create such chaos within them. They see themselves within how the world’s systems control them, yet they also see others as the systems and control. They lash out destroying everything – themselves and their world around them. So are we really sure that war, murder and rape are all outside and distant from ourselves? No, we are not able to be sure. I have seen from my own experience that there is a proverbial fine line between where it is we see ourselves standing regarding such matters and where we actually are. We’re just walking along feeding the systems that make other people act crazy and go insane. So where does this leave you, bewildered, shameful? No, that is not where I am taking this. I would, however prefer you to start looking at these events from a different perspective. Give yourself the opportunity to allow us to tell you and share with you more about consciousness, systems, the mind and the reason why. Soon you will realize and see how everything around you is not able to be trusted. Where does everything come from, where are you going, who are you allowing yourself to become – without our intervention. Now don’t get me wrong, I have not just made a political or religious statement. All I am stating is that we’re here in on earth amongst you to show you where things are going to now, how it works and the reason for it being the way it is. I personally have experienced what the conscious mind does; it is not able to be trusted. Your entire mind is not able to be trusted. So therefore I conclude that you are now able to see from my perspective how your entire world feeds the systems. Next I would like to explain to you how the systems of the conscious mind are able to direct you through your participation and allowance (in terms of relationship, murder and war).

When the human mind becomes a system it basically means it locks you into a pattern to be able to direct you so that it is able to ‘feed’ itself. This direction is where it gets all its energy from so that universally it’s able to thrive. Let’s say for example that your relationship is based on you needing company (which is the basis to every relationship). Your consciousness makes you believe that you require company so that you are happy and content and not lonely anymore. That in essence is like me telling you in order for happiness to become happiness it requires something. What would happiness require, if it isn’t already….. happiness. Consciousness takes what we have allowed within this world and drives you through all of it to see where you will allow yourself to be trapped. Will you be trapped into having sex? Will you feed it by going alone – defining being alone as loneliness? Loneliness is only something made up to tell you you’re wrong for not allowing systems. Are you lonely? Sure, we perceive ourselves in need of the company of another. Why? Well humans tend to think they are not able give themselves what others are able to give themselves. So they ‘want’ the company of others. Nothing wrong with company, but how far will you go to invalidate your own existence? Do you desire company because you are not able to stand alone as everything or are you expressing yourself by being in the company of others? To perceive yourself to be lonely is to make the statement that you require something outside of you to validate your existence. So what do we allow: Relationships. From sex, to marriage to infidelity – we always find something in another that ‘fulfills’ us. “So what!” you might state? Well, the last time I checked everybody on this planet had a problem with the rapist. Must I remind you that to feed the system by being in a relationship is actually not all that less of a deal than being what the rapist allows. As I have explained previously the actions and experience of relationship and rape may differ, but the cause and the reason behind it as the creation of compound energy created through desire of another – is exactly the same. Catch 22 don’t you think? We give ourselves allowance to feed the systems through acceptable methods by the wondrous beautiful magnificent projection of relationships but oh boy, the rapist who gets driven to destroy all that is represented by relationships through showing and revealing by his actions what relationships have become as release of compound energy through sex, he’s a bad, bad boy. Nonsense, look around you, how many youngsters (and adults) are almost commemorated for their abilities to have sex and be in a relationship. It has been turned into a global prize. Are you in love…well then we think you have what it takes to be the ideal human and so you all strive to be what the systems dictate you to become. A being which apparently is not able to exist without relationship and uses desire for another as motivating factor to direct you into having a relationship as a necessity. If only we could stand free of all the conscious systems and see where it is we are headed to. Do you believe that rape will end because you pray or through throwing them into prison? Will these ‘people’ stop because you say so and demand so and establish laws and regulations to find some way to trap them into stopping what they’re doing. No, they will only stop when the systems that control them within is no longer able to do so because you don’t allow the systems within them to be fed through participation. Now, am I saying break up your marriage and or relationship and run away screaming. No, I ask however that you become very, very aware about why you have a relationship. Remember everything depends on how frank, honest and directive you are and your own corrective action. Here you thought I was going to explain to you that rapists are mean, selfish bastards and instead I ask you to step up and be honest about your own relationships. Nothing like what they write in the books you’ve been reading! It’s fascinating – that which you judge, fear, resist and condemn are signs of that existing somewhere in some way inside yourself. So, those that condemn, judge, fear and resist rapists are actually stating that that which exist within and as the rapist’s expe­rience – exist within themselves and through fear of facing themselves as the rapist they lash out on them, condemn them and judge them in this way justifying their own actions being acceptable ways of feeding the systems, which are participations within relationships.

So, sit down with your partner and ask them: Why are we together? And don’t stop until you know exactly which part of the relationship system you’ve allowed yourself to fall into and how you are feeding the systems. Indicators of allowed relationship systems would be any and all forms of excuses and justifications spoken to validate the reason for why you must be in relationship with each other and why it’s apparently needed. Why are excuses used to instigate and indicate relationship systems – the answer is simple: These particular excuses and justifications are mind creations to hide the simple fact that they are actually in truth used to compound the energy of desire for another based on outside appearance and personality characteristics. Then, sex becomes an addiction, a desire, which in truth is actually compound energy created through the desire of the other by believing and participating in these excuses and justifications to validate their relationship and the compound energy created is released through sex. If your excuse is: ‘for the children’ or ‘I hate being alone’ or ‘why the hell not, we get on fine’ or ‘because you’re beautiful’ or ‘because I enjoy your company’ or ‘you have a great personality’ or ‘we always have fun together’ ask yourself where does these reasons and excuses come from? Does it sound to you as if it makes any more sense than what a rapist uses after his deed? He says to the policeman ‘but I had no other way’ or ‘they deserved it’ or ‘why the hell not, woman like sex’ these statements are also excuses made by the rapist to validate and justify the reason and the cause for what he did. So sorry, that I had to make you look at your relationship in this way. Just don’t tell me though that it doesn’t make sense, at least be honest. So would you like to defend your choice by saying: “Jack, you’re being absurd I have not contributed to rape!”? Then please realize that your ignorance will take us another thousand years before you wake up. All I want is for you to realize, be honest and admit that this world has one ginormis problem. This realization is able to be understood by the two of you communicating and through communicating with each other about the reason why you are in relationship together you will see as I have seen that all the reasons are based on excuses and that the real reason you are in relationship together is due to the desire of one another and compound energy released during sex. Sex had become the real reason for your relationship and nothing else. Now when you take this example a few steps further you’ll see that almost (except a few of course) all participations we allow will be traced to the systems that are responsible for this world. No more are you able to say well it is not my problem because I clearly am not able to rape someone, murder or deceive. Well, you’ll feed the system while another does the raping, ok? Ok, enough blaming I will show you some more of what I have seen. This of course I promise will blow your hair back.

Today I saw a child that was of course allowed by its parents to smoke. The ideal situation of course (according to you) would be for the child to never smoke, right? Well am I able to tell you something? Children are not able to be told what to do when all they see is their parents feeding consciousness systems. I find nothing wrong with smoking, due to how I understand what we’re capable of, yet I am not able to understand what conflicting messages you give children. The reason why I mention this is because I saw the parents fight with the child because their child smoked yet the parents are not able to stop giving what we have created in this world power. Remember how you took everything your parents said and you allowed it to become your life? Well if a child sees you allowing things they will do so to, because parents are the example for children. So we are currently working at allowing the child in every family to experience freedom. Freedom means something, but perhaps you don’t know what. So practically children show you where you’re allowing yourself to be influenced by systems. Are we allowing children too become tiny systems, wanting, desiring and always demanding more just as who their parents were when they were children? Look at them and see where you’re allowing systems in your life. Look at them without judgment to be able to rectify your own mistakes. Remember the systems that create war live in these children. When they (politicians)create situation of war, do you ignore the situation or are you creating more by feeding this behavior in your own child and of course yourself. How many of you have children that fight? Yet we always blame the governments for creating wars. You think your children are just being children? I beg to differ, because they are creating systems each and every time they fight, bicker and demand. Systems, each and every time. Remember the starting of conscious and allowance of anything that feeds into an apparent accepted behavior feeds these systems. One accepted behavior like the creation of conflict within the family drives eventually the citizens of society into conflict within their own country and with others. So let us now look at our own contributions towards the growing systems called war, murder and rape. Have you noticed one similar pattern? They’re very much on the increase with nothing stopping them. Do you believe that we’re going to prevent war by saying no, yet our own behavior dictates allowances of conflict? We penalize beings who murder yet we are not able to stop who we are due to how we always desire more. The rapist is not able to stop and apparently society is not able to stop creating allowance for sex, relationship and dependencies. When you are able to stand apart from all these things and say ‘till here no further and realize the consequences of your own participations and actions – then I’ll be willing to sit and talk to you about the real solutions to support you with corrective action. To convince me that we’re going to fix this world through forgiveness alone will be impossible, through merely only speaking words continuously without taking action and giving direction to that we have realized have caused existence to be what it is and change the direction in which we are experiencing ourselves now. You may forgive yourself until the cows come home, but unless you take a stand and take action as to where systems are concerned – I don’t think we’ll survive this world. What I am stating is that we will not be able to survive this world with just mere communication. We must realize, see and understand what we have allowed and the consequences that follow, through this realization we each have to stand up and take responsibility for our allowed actions and participations, through standing up and taking responsibility we find and discover ways within our own worlds and experience of ourselves – to change and give direction to that which directed and controlled us as the mind and consciousness.

Do you realize that within the dimensions there are thousands of beings currently accessing the minds and lives and experiences of beings that plan on murdering others, raping and declaring war and through this taking preventative action to not allow such applications in this world? Thousands of beings each day convince themselves that they must do these things, which it apparently is not able to be any other way – the simple reason being that they do not know of any other way of existence – they never had any examples or support showing them a different way of life. Soon we’ll not be able to stand within 3D unless awareness is reached within each and every person. Why is that? Well think for a moment about the dimensions being able to stop all of this. What are you able to do to stop your participation? We require all of you to become aware and say no, ‘till here no further. Remember when in the movie ‘The Matrix’ Neo goes up against the few systems and decides that he is no longer running away and hiding and cowering from them? The moment when the systems were coming at him in full force, he stood his ground firmly as who he is, stretched out his hand, focused on them and short-circuited them – blasting them away to a certain extent. In that moment something happened within Neo, he decided to stand up to the systems, to not run away anymore, to not hide and cower away anymore. He decided in that moment to take his power as who he is, standing his ground and stating ‘till here no further, through this taking the systems head on. Well I have news for you. This depicts exactly what you are required to become, ruthless. By standing your ground as who you are and not allowing yourself to be controlled or directed by the mind as consciousness systems through hiding, cowering and running away from them and giving your power away to them through allowance. Not the destruction of your family or your life, just constant awareness that your entire life has been a lie and illusion. Systems set up by the mind constructs that existed within the ‘White Light’ was designed to capture mankind forever. Do you even realize that everything around you (bar nature and the constructs with their laws) has been designed specifically to enslave man kind? So, we’re now being frank and brutally honest. The dimensions must tell you so that we are all able to walk together. How? Well simple actually. I am able to tell you to stop participating in your everyday life, yet I am not able to because that would be highly unrealistic. All I ask (for now) is that you realize, see and understand that all is a system of enslavement. Innocent looking hey? You may ask me: “Jack, why is my daily habit of going to work and participating in weekend activities a trap?” We’re not here to make earth sound horrible and like it’s impossible to be overcome through re-direction and support.

We are here to tell you that without you being aware – earth was used to entrap you so that other beings are able to have their status and power. Sounding somewhat familiar? I’m not even mentioning the really big guns that we found sitting right at the starting point of this mess. We found beings of such immense perceived magnitude that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Would you believe me if I told you Jesus and Buddha and Satan (but to mention a few) were pawns in a massive enslavement of man kind? Their truths of what has been allowed in their experiences will soon be shared in their own experiences that will be written. Your concern lies with somewhat shady government officials and the undercurrent of good versus evil. All of that exists, yet what sits above that will make you fall from your own little chair of understanding and comprehension. When you start seeing that demons are actually free beings and that Jesus and many others were ‘brain washed’ into enslaving you you’ll not see anything else. It’s strange how when I speak to any human beings they too are not even able to understand how it all happened. Its one thing to say to a human (who has no experience of anything different) that they must follow this earths beliefs, it’s another thing when Satan who was placed within that role now looks at me and shakes his head. He tells me that he was aware that he was being asked to overthrow mans resistance to standing up yet he allowed them (The White Light) to brain wash him. He looks at people raping others and he is not able to believe that he was apart of that. He says now that he has forgiven himself and turned away in participating and supporting such applications and that he is not able to continue to watch this game. Have you ever participated in a massive game, with thrills and laughs that continues for hours, all the while bringing you great amounts of self gratification? Well imagine one day you wake up and you realize that you were being placed within that game so that other beings are able to laugh and have their own self gratification and that you’re just a tiny pawn in their much bigger game plan. If you stop playing this game they get very, very angry. Imagine Satan’s surprise when he (‘the dark lord of existence’) looks at himself being played like a little chess piece. He was not amused because who Satan really is, is a creator, willing to be the creator of what he knows and understands. Just like you and I, he and millions of others saw only one thing in front of him, it spoke (with great booming intensity) his name and shoved his mind full of thoughts and constructs. Since that day the being called ‘Satan’ became the creator of all deceit. Simple actually. It’s called role playing and your currently role playing according to their board game.

Now do I suggest killing yourself or leaving this planet? No, where are you able to go to, the dimensions are having exactly the same problems as you do (minus of course being in the physical). So, where to now? We are not able leave because we are not able to escape our own creation. Even if I was to bring you to a new planet, all cleared of deception and said there we are, have fun, you would still not know how to escape what it is you have created. You are only able to create what you understand and soon this ‘new’ world will become like this one. Oh, do you disagree? Would you walk free of the systems that invade this new world? Because trust me their everywhere (just like in the matrix movie actually). They are everywhere in everything that exists due to how they are able to feed from your relationships and with whatever you associate yourself with. So therefore your ‘new’ planet will soon feed systems as you are already (after day one) looking at getting a mate, getting your own land and between getting frustrated with needing food and water will be the victim of whatever works, which is exactly where we are now: whatever works, for goodness sake. Soon you’ll desire to have what belongs to your mind and there will be no stopping you from establishing your own personal power and control. How long before you recon you are able to control everything so that this world is not able to be like earth. Next thing you’re fighting to make your power and control known. Need I say more? See, it’s not about where you are placed or moved to – it’s about who you are. And if you’re not sorted out within whom you are and realize, see and understand how you have created what you did – nothing will change and you will create the exact same world experience as before because you didn’t sort yourself out. The conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind delegates, directs and controls and unless we become aware of exactly how it functions we are not able to prevent this from happening again. So, one last look at murder, rape and war. What I have found through being expression as each one of those beings is that we are not able to direct and change what we are not allowing ourselves to face. If you desire, want and need you’ll create some form of system. Society is not able to direct and change war, rape and murder without releasing itself fully from all consciousness systems by realizing, seeing and understanding how it has been allowed to create, how it works and what participations and allowances within our own worlds and experiences of ourselves support such applications as war murder and rape. So from now on we as the dimensions will bring forth your entire worlds reality, bring you face to face with what it is that lies beneath all that is so you may see, realize and understand how, through our participation and allowance we have supported and created all that exist. Only then, through understanding, realization and seeing will we be able to re-direct and change what we have allowed and supported to be created.

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Systems of the World Exposed | Hello TruthSeekers!

Here the Systems of the World are Exposed.

The Truth is everywhere, within and without and all around us.

It is vital to see eye to eye when it comes to How this world functions and How we exist and co-exist in this world: because how we exist and co-exist here is what keeps the wheel keeps turning and the world as we know it.

But the question is: is this world as we know it acceptable? and would any of us be ‘okay’ with walking this world in the shoes of any other being that exists here, anywhere in the world?

We tend to seek for answers, we tend to seek for ‘the truth’ out there somewhere – But within this, we disregard the TRUTH that is HERE, that truth of this world, the truth  of you and me.

The Truth is everywhere, within and without and all around us – it only requires from us to see things for what they are; to call things by their name; and to ask ourselves “is there really no other way?” – “is this really what I want?” – “is this acceptable?”

We are educated (i.e. indoctrinated) to believe this is how the world is and this is how things are and this is how we must live and this is what we do to survive and there’s not much we can do about it – BUT IS THERE REALLY NO OTHER WAY?

Why are we buying into this acceptance – the acceptance of “the ways of the world” through which our allowance and tolerance of the Unacceptable grows – that makes us to system robots and slaves to the status quo, the ‘new world order’ that is as old as ancient, and we end up existing only to survive, to compete, to race: against ourselves and each-other, against time, against life itself.

To see and realize how we participate in this world; to see sand realize how we contribute to the recreation and maintenance of this current system – places us in a position to see and recognize that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.