Natural Selection and the current World System

Natural Selection of Nature =

Natural Selection in the World

by Sunette Spies, 08-Sept-2011

Here we’ll be discussing how the Money-System of the World-System has been designed – equal-to and one with Charles Darwin’s Theory of ‘natural selection’, particularly looking at it within the context of the point of ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

How through  the Money-System, an environment, an ecology has been created, designed and manifested as the World-System – and populated with beings to ‘play the game’ of pre-programmed nature and ‘fight for survival’ through propagating their own programme of  ‘natural selection’. And how the majority of the population is thus left to their vices, to ‘fight it out’ through their own design of natural selection in the game of ‘survival of the fittest’ as they expatiate the process of Evolution of Technology, of the world system – of money.
This, how the Money-System has been designed and programmed within the designed-programme of/as ‘natural selection’; so that the majority of the population in the World-System can expedite the process of Evolution through Money, while the minority of the Elite sit-back and reap the awards and the rest of humanity die-out.

Let’s have a more closer – yet basic and overview look at how the design of the Money-System stand equal-to and one with the programme of ‘Natural-Selection’, by standing within the premise of the Theory of Natural Selection.

We’ll be working with and looking at the following parallels:
Nature/Environment = World/Money-System
Animal/Organism Population = Human-Population
Survival of Living = Survival for Money
‘Survival of the Fittest’ in Nature = ‘Survival of the Fittest’ in World-System
Evolution of a species = Evolution of Technology

Here are some quotes from / of Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural Selection’ that we’ll utilize to draw the parallels between ‘Natural Selection’ of Nature and ‘Natural Selection’ of the World-System. The World-System as a man-created environment, populated with human-beings – let loose like animals/organisms to ‘fight for survival’ in and through the money-system for the Elite of the System to maintain control of human-beings, of wealth and of power – while the majority of humanity as a whole, suffer into extinction and those of the minority of the population ‘evolving with the system’ through becoming the ‘fittest’ are the direct-cause of the polarity-separation that exist within the world as the pyramid of elite, wealthy, poor and starving.


For those that are not familiar with Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural-Selection’:
“Theory of Natural Selection
In the 19th century, a man called Charles Darwin, a biologist from England, set off on the ship HMS Beagle to investigate species of the island.
After spending time on the islands, he soon developed a theory that would contradict the creation of man and imply that all species derived from common ancestors through a process called natural selection. Natural selection is considered to be the biggest factor resulting in the diversity of species and their genomes. The principles of Darwin’s work and his theory are stated below.
• One of the prime motives for all species is to reproduce and survive, passing on the genetic information of the species from generation to generation. When species do this they tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support.
• The lack of resources to nourish these individuals places pressure on the size of the species population, and the lack of resources means increased competition and as a consequence, some organisms will not survive.
• The organisms who die as a consequence of this competition were not totally random, Darwin found that those organisms more suited to their environment were more likely to survive.
• This resulted in the well known phrase survival of the fittest, where the organisms most suited to their environment had more chance of survival if the species falls upon hard times. (This phrase if often associated with Darwin, though on closer inspection Herbert Spencer puts the phrase in a more accurate historical context.)
• Those organisms who are better suited to their environment exhibit desirable characteristics, which is a consequence of their genome being more suitable to begin with.
This ‘weeding out’ of less suited organisms and the reward of survival to those better suited led Darwin to deduce that organisms had evolved over time, where the most desirable characteristics of a species are favoured and those organisms who exhibit them survive to pass their genes on.
As a consequence of this, a changing environment would mean different characteristics would be favourable in a changing environment. Darwin believed that organisms had ‘evolved’ to suit their environments, and occupy an ecological niche where they would be best suited to their environment and therefore have the best chance of survival.
As the above indicates, those alleles of a species that are favoured in the environment will become more frequent in the genomes of the species, due to the organisms higher likeliness of surviving as part of the species at large.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)


having a look at Darwin’s Theory of ‘Natural Selection’ in a ‘nutshell’ – the theory of evolution, as the theory of ‘natural selection’ as ‘survival of the fittest’ – interplay within the natural-environment through species and genetics as it interplay within the world-system through human-beings and money. Human-beings made equal-to and one with organism/species/population within a World-System as Environment – with Money as the Genes of the Human-Beings as Species/Organisms/Population; which is utilized in the process of evolution of the system; with human-beings thinking/believing it is them that is evolving, when all the while it’s Technology; the System evolving through them as pawns for the benefit of money in the Money-System of the World-System.

Let’s ‘break it down’ through having a look at individual parts within the quote above to illustrate the parallel between ‘Natural Selection’ in Nature and ‘Natural Selection’ in the World-System, and how we’re in fact, in our living-condition, equal-to and one with the animal-kingdom and have not in fact “evolved”:

“One of the prime motives for all species is to reproduce and survive, passing on the genetic information of the species from generation to generation. When species do this they tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)

This – obviously a situation manifesting in relation to us Humans, with the primary reason for living of most human-beings being to continue their legacy within the world through their children and so – we’ve been producing more offspring than the environment can support.
HOWEVER – what must be understood here is that – when we mention / speak of ‘environment’ within the above-context we definitely do not mean the “Earth / Natural Environment”. There is most certainly MORE than enough produce/resources available from/of the Earth to sufficiently, effectively and comfortably support all of humanity within this world.
The ‘environment’ we speak-of is the ‘environment’ as ‘closed-system’ that’s been created as the ‘World-System’ of and as Money, where produce and resources of/from the Earth are regulated, controlled and directed in accordance to the Value equated to/towards it in relation to Money, and so – because all resources/produce from/of the earth is controlled – what is produced from the resources from/of the earth is thus only ‘made available’ to those that can equal the value placed on it by/through Money. Thus – if you don’t have money, you can’t exist/survive within the ‘environment’ – that, even though the earth provide and have sufficient resources for all of humanity, because of and due to the design of the World-System, all of that is controlled by/through Money and will thus only have access to it if you have Money.

Therefore, in this world today – it’s not that human-beings are producing more offspring than the Natural Earth can support, it’s that the World-System is designed to only support the amount of human-beings that can obtain a bit of the amount of money that is in circulation within the World-System. If you don’t have a handful of the amount of money in circulation by, within and through the World-System – you’ll be those of the species that die-off and become extinct as one lose in the game of survival of the fittest, while the rest that ‘won’ continue with slaving for the evolution of the system, of Technology = of Money.

Now – you have the World-System ‘populated’ with a certain amount of human beings that have access to resources from the earth through being in the World-System with having Money – money as the relationship-tie to/towards their survival in this world. The population that currently populate the World-System as ‘Environment’ – continuing producing offspring within its primary biological motive of surviving as a species and so reproducing, causing the current amount of human-beings populating the World-System, to become “more” than the World-System as ‘Environment’ can support in relation to the amount of Money as Resources that is circulating/existing within the World-System as Environment.
This then causes the Money as resources of the World-System as Environment to be ‘spread thin’ throughout the Population as Species, thus drives the population to ‘obtain more’ Money and so spin the wheel for the games of the ‘fight for survival’; where the most ‘fit’ survive as those that can fight their way into and as secure-position within the world-system to sit-back and filter-in the money-movements towards them. As one can see here:

“The lack of resources to nourish these individuals places pressure on the size of the species population, and the lack of resources means increased competition and as a consequence, some organisms will not survive.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)


– this game of ‘fighting for survival’ is deliberately initiated by/through those that control the movement, circulation and supply of money within the world-system so that when resources as money become depleted / spread-out too thin due to the amount of human-beings that populate the world-system / have access to the resources as money, the supply as resources is momentarily throttled (a deliberate condition of ‘false lack’ is created to manifest the illusion of ‘lack,’ but the ‘lack’ is deliberately created only within the context of the World-System) so that the population scrounge, scurry and fight between and amongst themselves to remain/maintain within and as their positions in the world-system with their handful of money to continue existing/surviving; while those that lose their positions, lose their grip on their bit/handful of money, and as such fall out of the world-system and are left to their own vices. When one can’t get back into the game, they simply die-off and become extinct.
This shown here within the quote below, how the consequence of competition in the ‘game of survival’ does not manifest ‘random’ human-beings as organisms/species to die as a consequence. The conditions are deliberately created for those ‘less fortunate’ – who cannot / could-not hold-onto their handful of money / maintain a position within the world-system due to the momentary throttling of the money-supply as resources. Then – when most of the population has been diminished out of the world-system as environment – the money is again circulated within the world-system for the population as organisms/species that was fit enough to survive, to continue existing:

“The organisms who die as a consequence of this competition were not totally random, Darwin found that those organisms more suited to their environment were more likely to survive.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online )


– how “natural selection” is deliberately created / enforced within the world-system to maintain the world-system, control money and expatiate evolution through enslaving only a select few human-beings into and as the closed-system as World-System as environment.

Let’s continue:

“This resulted in the well known phrase survival of the fittest, where the organisms most suited to their environment had more chance of survival if the species falls upon hard times. (This phrase if often associated with Darwin, though on closer inspection Herbert Spencer puts the phrase in a more accurate historical context.)” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)

Let’s have a look at the words “…where the organisms most suited to their environment had more chance of survival if the species falls upon hard times” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online).

This, within the context of the World-System, is where ‘human beings most secured within their positions in the system’ in relation to money have more of a chance of surviving when the Money-System falls on hard times.
These are such human-beings who adapted, changed, compromised and deceived to the extent where they morphed / programmed themselves into ‘personality suits’  to ‘suit their environment’ in the world-system to secure themselves in the system, to secure their money, to so secure their survival. As the following quote illustrate:

“Those organisms who are better suited to their environment exhibit desirable characteristics, which is a consequence of their genome being more suitable to begin with.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online)

The ‘desirable characteristics’ as the ‘characteristics traits’ the human-beings with their predisposed / pre-programmed genomes as mind consciousness system life-designs utilized to create/programme ‘desirable personality suits’ to ‘suit their environment’ as to so secure their positions in the world-system. Therefore, human-beings now standing most secured within the world-system are there because-of and due to their genome/mind consciousness system predisposition/pre-programming, and how that was used / abused to secure their survival in the world-system as environment = equal-to and one with the play-out within and between organisms in nature, in the environment. Those that didn’t utilize their genome/mind consciousness system-pre-programming to suit themselves into personality-creations with characteristics and traits to suit their environment as position in the world-system – would fall, fade-out and die within the game of survival of the fittest.

“This ‘weeding out’ of less suited organisms and the reward of survival to those better suited led Darwin to deduce that organisms had evolved over time, where the most desirable characteristics of a species are favoured and those organisms who exhibit them survive to pass their genes on.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online )


the genes / mind consciousness system designs would then continue to be passed-on throughout the generations, of those human-beings within the genome / mind consciousness system pre-programming that is most desirable/suited to fit-into the game of survival within the world-system to secure their continued positions, and so existence within the world-system, by creating/programming the best-suited personality-suits from/of their genome make-up.

“As a consequence of this, a changing environment would mean different characteristics would be favourable in a changing environment. Darwin believed that organisms had ‘evolved’ to suit their environments, and occupy an ecological niche where they would be best suited to their environment and therefore have the best chance of survival.” Biology-online (http://www.biology-online )


– the ‘environment’ as ‘World-System’ is constantly, deliberately ‘changed’. This is done by the handful of human-beings that control the movement, circulation and direction of the money as resources. ‘Change’ is introduced into the World-System through ‘technological advancement/evolution’, with ‘technological advancement/evolution’ within the World-System being made-possible by/through the circulation, movement and direction of and as Money.
So – the more Money moves comfortably, the more ‘technological advancement/evolution’ can be made. For more Money to move  – less human-beings have to exist with the World-System, and the more money there is and the more efforts and focus can be placed on ‘technological advancement/evolution’ – where through technological advancement/evolution = more Money is made/circulated/directed and so more money, wealth and power land in the laps of the Elite.

Less human-beings = More Money / More Control/Power of Resources = Technological Evolution to secure more Control/Power/Resources of the Earth/World.

See – Human-Beings are really simply pawns in a system of Money, where they’re literally left onto man-made conditions of ‘natural selection’ to manifest the world-system into and as a specific amount of human-begins so that more money can circulate, so the Elite can have more power, control over/of the earth through Money.

Thus, the more ‘technological advancements/evolutions’ are introduced into the Wold-System to initiate ‘change’ more human-beings have to adapt/change and programme their suits as personalities to be able to specialize within the fields of ‘technological advancements/evolutions’ the World-System now function through/within. Only those human-beings with the predisposed / pre-programmed tendency to be able to utilize particular-specific characteristics of/from their mind consciousness system constructs will be able to do so – fast, quick and effectively enough to secure their position in the system – equal-to and one with the ‘technological advancement / evolution’ of/within and as the world-system. Those who can’t – fall out, fall back from the World-System, from survival, and so from money, and so die / become extinct.


Have a look at how the current World-System has been programmed – it is not in fact what is best for all as it only exists for the purpose of a select-few to have control, power and wealth over and of the Earth, and is thus abusing the majority of the population within the World-System as their Slaves through Money, placing them in the game of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ deliberately to be able to ‘create their own world of wealth, power and control’ while most of Humanity suffer, starve and die – within and upon a Earth that is more than able to provide for all – Equal and One.

The solution: An EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM – where all of Humanity receive Equal-Money from Birth to Death, so all have an opportunity to live on and from the Earth that can provide more than enough for all – equally as one.

Accepting the current Money-System is allowing All the abuse that it creates as a outflow-consequence of its existence – such as war, crime, violence, abuse, starvation, poverty…everything that exist because of and due to our acceptance, adherence and submission into and as the World-System of the Money-System today.
Stand-up – be a change for the Future of self, and all as self – equal and one. Accept only What’ll be Best for All as and Equal Money System, as through this we will allow nothing less than that, but only Equality and Oneness for All.

Be One Vote for World-Equality – Stand for an Equal Money System for All.

Bibliography: Biology Online. 2000. Theory of Natural Selection. Available at: (accessed on 08  September 2011)


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War, Murder and Rape exposed – Part 1

A Dead Man’s Diary

War, murder and rape exposed by Jack- Part 1

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 22/03/2007

My name is Jack and I am an interdimensional (3D/dimensional) being who assist within this process of bringing beings (dimensional and earth) to self- awareness. I have crossed over to the dimensions a long while ago so when I say 3D/ dimensional I mean that I have been integrated here within 3D as a dimensional being, thus I am able to be interdimensional. Therefore we call beings that pass over dimensional. I, as many others assist here in 3D (on earth).

I have decided to become apart of the new integration taking place between heaven and earth, where heaven assists earth to see and understand the truth of earth and each one’s reality in this world. Please do not confuse me with a religious follower, I have most certainly released myself from all forms of religious convictions and conformities. When I speak to you about my experiences it comes from me, specifically explaining and sharing my experience as I allow myself to expand my awareness, understanding and experience here on earth. When I share with you my experiences it is so that you are able to understand how extensively the dimensions have looked into the human mind and how it is that we are now able to assist our 3D counterparts (there is no more separation between heaven and earth).

Soon after I became aware that I wanted to assist humanity through understanding who each are as awareness, life and equality and placing practical awareness in application, I decided that it would be in the best interest of all if I used the many lives I had experienced here in 3D to give me insight into human psyche. So what I did was I reincarnated specifically to gain (through practical experience) understanding of the human experience in this world. In this story I give you an example of where I delved deep into what it is that sits within each and every human, driving them into their actions. I knew from the moment that I understood everything that we’ve perceived to be truth a lie (you’ll read more on that in Osho and Jesus channeling) I had to push myself to get answers. In the dimensions the 3D constructs existed as they do here on earth. War, religion, politics was also very prevalent in the dimensions (until recently), as there use to be parts within beings (dimensionally) that could not let go of who they were and their experience on earth because they still even in the dimensions after crossing over believed themselves to be who they are when they were still on earth. The dimensions were all living in their little imaginary worlds. Mostly beings die within a particular mind set or thought-beliefsystem construct and then upon reaching the dimensions (heaven) they appear to be caught with that same mind set or though-beliefsystem construct. Some would even come back to earth spreading more lies just so that their experience appears real to them. They appeared to revel in the idea that as long as those parts to which they have defined themselves according to mindset or thought-beliefsystem constructs existed, they would be fine. So beings would come to earth creating absolute chaos and lies so that others could create the same delusions as them to validate and justify their existences for themselves! Therefore many beings could stand within a particular application together.

The first life I had decided to experience for myself (within this application) is what occurs when you vent your frustrations into the 3D world (3D is what we call earth) striving for personal power and control of and over others. Ultimately if you look at your own ability to have strength in every given moment, it comes down to accessing some form of personal power. So I went into the mind set of the greatest personal power ‘rush’ on earth. War. It was in the time of the Great War (World War One) when all beings participating, did it with some hope of self- empowerment. If you look at war from this perspective, it might assist. War is never about good and evil, bad people versus good people or about morality conflicts. There is no such thing. So if you look at war now, you might understand that it is indeed the internal battle and conflict within self. People who desire power and control of and over others are merely stating that they do not have power over their own existence and cannot control their own existence, except through the harsh manipulation of others. The statement being: “If I can’t have power and control of and over my existence, I sure as hell will have over others.” Starting to see where I am going with this picture of war? Now imagine for a moment that I have integrated myself into the mentality thought-beliefsystem construct of an extremely volatile soldier. All that I really knew within myself, while doing this was that I was furious, filled with hatred and wanted to destroy as many realities as possible to shake the foundation of man. That was behind what I was projecting. So I chose the body of a Russian soldier so that I could fight all those who would dare defend themselves with their anarchy and lies! If you look at war you will see that each being believes this to be true within their experience of ‘fighting for what is right!’ Everyone else is wrong and they have the right to murder and kill another for their belief. So when I was still in the dimensions choosing my body I inserted that mentality as myself, so that I could understand taking ones inner battle and conflict, self hatred and fury to the extreme.

What better place to take such applications to the extreme than in the middle of a war! So off I went creating what appeared to be the angriest most furious soldier ever. By create I mean chose my personality, body, anger, fury and self-hatred levels! I was the meanest most inconsiderate, self-centered man, with no respect to others. I killed many soldiers. I however also became so overwrought with sorrow that I realised that it was not within me to actually follow this path (forever) and soon died on the battle ground from a single shot to my chest (this moment was an actual decision to leave). What started as an exercise to prove anger ‘right’ I ended up back in the dimensions with such sorrow. Indeed it was sorrow; I walked with my pride and my soul in tatters. Hanging from me in mere shadows, was what use to be the original man, filled with the desire to be proud. What I did realize was the following: no matter where I go or who I become I will always find the truth behind every lie. Therefore today I always look back at those moments where I lost the truth. I had seen from the dimensions how humans were destroying everything and I realized in those moments that within me was such anger that it would never go away. I experienced such anger that I never even saw the gentler route, and perceived my only understanding of the solution to be anger. So it was well into this anger that I decided to go partake in some fighting and brutal slaying! Not even then did I recognize what it was that I was not willing to see. I was never even once willing to perceive myself able of the gentler way of dealing with this intense anger. Therefore off I went! I partook in one of the greatest wars ever conceived in human history. I was merely there to show myself that I was not this, and unfortunately had to take this extensive route.

You see as part of our training for process (what has currently stepped forth between heaven and earth) we prepared ourselves by delving deep into our own desires, beliefsystems, perceptions and thoughts. We would delve into the extremes of feelings and emotions to ensure that we could stand when faced with these points again. Now, from this realization I came to the understanding that war however bloody and gruesome, is not the solution to your inner battles and conflicts. The battle with inner demons and conflicts is however the foundation of creation that steps forth when you place this experience of oneself outside (as if fighting and battling with others) and is not the solution. There in was how I became myself from realizing that nothing matters but who I am in any given moment. I realized when I became so angry that as all humans do I wanted to project the anger, fury, self-hatred, inner conflicts and battles outside myself through beating or punching something! So I did, however brutal, but it was necessary for me to transcend my fear of anger. Anger is not my enemy, for as we awaken this reality through this process I have stood before anger so many times, watching as humans destroys themselves. However within those moments I would immediately remember who I am and who I had become and where it is that I am heading. I cannot justify the brutality of war and I most certainly cannot permit those that unleash their anger, fury and self-hatred through the deliberate murdering of the innocent. I do however see what the experience of war did for me, as I grew from being furious to being able to give constructive direction.

Now I realise that process cannot work unless we experience where it is we’re going to. Process by the way is what we refer to as the self-realization as awareness, life and equality that each being will be experiencing through understanding, seeing and realising that they cannot live within this world’s lies, destruction and deceit anymore. We experience the pain of this reality (even in the dimensions) we understand suffering and pain as we strive to clear that which has beings in so much constant turmoil. All because we took ourselves to the extremes of each within our lives. From abuse, to murder, to rape, to war I have experienced it all, so that I can now stand clear and direct this world and each who experience themselves within it, out of it. It was my greatest obstacle that, to rape and torture another. I had to do that so that both my fears could be transcended. That which I was not willing to see within myself was the rapist, the man who dominates another into giving up all their integrity. The murderer is the being that takes life so that he can destroy himself. I have seen within both that it was not the man within me that desired the woman or lusts for blood, but rather the soul within me shedding the human mind. Now I realize that the judgment that I projected towards both incidents was unnecessary as well as cruel because for ‘years’ I had to work through my guilt. You see in the dimensions there is no forgiveness from God as there is no God, there’s only you. There is nothing that gives you the relief and peace that comes from being the so called ‘God’s children’. What forgives you of all doings is the God within yourself. The ability to realize where you come from when you do what you do as well as when you realize you have freedom from your experiences one you have forgiven yourself. Then you forgive yourself from the perspective that you now see where your experiences fit into your process of self-realisation as equality, life and awareness. Sometimes though beings project such anger toward themselves that they cannot forgive themselves. They hold onto their anger as if they can prevent these things from occurring again, like self-punishment of some sorts. Within that I found that it was highly upsetting and unnecessary to please others by holding onto your anger and through self-punishment, assuming you deserve such self-damnation!

Nobody on earth actually cares, because if they did they would ask you to set yourself free, assist you and support you. Instead humans deliberately keep each other locked within guilt, sorrow and self-punishment creating the ultimate inner conflict and battle to erupt eventually. You may let go of what it is you have done, forgive yourself, because you have freedom from all such things once you see and then stand up within yourself to never allow such applications and experiences again in your world. You may give up all the shame and judgment and create the new existence within yourself and therefore show others how it is possible to transcend through forgiveness, standing up, and living who you are as equality, life and awareness. By show I don’t mean become a religious leader waving your banner about either! Just be the freedom, equality and standing as who you are and you’ll see others see that within you. Do not hang onto the shame, sorrow and quilt that others tell you to hold onto, break free, set yourself free so that those that condemn you may walk free as well. We have all at some stage created things we later regret, that is for sure! I have walked the strangest paths from possessions to fears, to obsessions, to inner battles and conflicts, to anger, to self-hatred just so that I can now understand them and assist others who have experienced the same. I judge not that which I knew. I judge not that I allowed the rapist to exist within me because now I assist those that rape to free themselves from their own inner battles and conflicts, mindsets and thought-beliefsystems constructs which is not who they are. Those that assist other beings cannot even comprehend what it means to be that being as it is not within any being to conceive or comprehend of their experience. Do you realize that the rapist cannot control himself? Do you even understand why they do that? It came as a great shock to me to even start delving into the mind set of a rapist.

The greatest, most prominent application that exists in the mind of a rapist is control. They fear control so much that they actually attempt to destroy that which exists within them they cannot control, that being their own fears about who they have allowed themselves to become. Generally (I say generally as there are various forms of rapist) they cannot face themselves, it’s impossible for them. These feelings start when their parents (and society) project onto them the dislike we’re so use to experiencing in this world. Nobody is good enough. The rapist stands within a time loop, you see. Playing within these beings over and over is that which they cannot face about themselves and who they are. They cannot face their lack of control and power over what they have come to understand within themselves as their existence and relationship with others. They fear it’s potential and therefore they attempt through the action of rape to finally control and regain power within themselves and their existence. By potential I mean the inner consummation that occurs at the point where your mind allows thoughts to consume you, driving you to insanity. To us however (with good reason) it appears as if the rapist does it for lust. That is not entirely so, as the beings mind created the infatuation of sex to drive the being to losing control and power of themselves. Have you noticed how within the act of sex there is always the battle over control, the intertwining of limbs creating momentary fusion, through which the media have portrayed it as a form of control. Sex being a game of control. That is why sex is such a dominant issue within this world. The beings that want to control other beings (those seeking to control mind sets), just imprint images of continual sexual gratification into the minds of beings and they will become so obsessed and addicted that within that, can be controlled. From food, to jobs, to cars, men and woman are all driven to the idea of sex. So therefore the rapist can identify within him the need to not be controlled and unfortunately perceives the object of sex (the woman) to be the point of control. It is the greatest driving force within the mentality in society. Therefore the rapist will destroy the image that has been used to control, therefore destroying (mostly) the woman. The rape of children and men can be described within how the rapist perceives themselves. Almost like murder. If a man rapes a child, he actually destroys himself, as an innocent. To rape another man is to take away the ego that screams abuse at him all day. When a woman ‘rapes’ it can be linked to her extreme expression of herself, within the desire to break free from all controls. A form of standing up for herself! The actual act of rape is therefore the rapist destroying that which is the control and not for the sexual pleasure.

So, therefore I now work through these points with anybody. I work through them because I understand where they are projecting their desires from. Even though we work directly with the beings infinite (that part of you that we access that is dimensional and aware of your intentions), it takes quite a lot of pushing to get the being to understand their need to control and dominate. The beings that I have assisted thus far have been rapists, murderers and psychopaths (amongst many). I go right into their entire mind set as I speak to their infinites and I tell them what it is I see. It is fascinating watching the power that comes from mere thoughts and how it directs beings. It always fascinates me (excuse my frankness) to watch a murderer plan his/her ‘next’ attack. You see to murder another is yet again the example that I use, when a being cries within them to be released from their own minds. Unfortunately a person cannot just throw away the mind, therefore some get so obsessed with internalizing their inner conflicts and battles that they in turn externalise the desire for it to end. The being becomes very quiet as if they have nothing within them but this one thought. Then they appear to be dead within as if the dying of their victim occurs within the murderer first. They actually experience the death of themselves before they strike. Then as they kill the being it becomes them they see dying and not the victim! As they plunge that knife into their victim, it plays out in slow motion. I have seen the entire act as if it moves very slowly. It plays out slowly as the mind of the murderer ‘needs’ to be fully aware of what it is that is happening. I have often stood within a murderer whilst in the act and seen myself standing over ‘myself’ as I bleed to death. Remember that when I fully integrate into a being I can no longer see myself as separate, I fully experience myself within the beings experience. Initially this use to scare the living day lights out of me, as it takes a bit of adjusting to seeing yourself being murdered! It doesn’t even register to the murderer that in that given moment the being is indeed the victim and not themselves. Only once the murder is complete then they appeared to snap out of that moment and are then filled with guilt (sometimes, depending on their level of awareness). Some times I even found myself leaning over the victim (after wards) and crying due to the sheer magnitude of this deed. Yet, the desire to continuously murder themselves drives the murderer forward to do it again and again.

The psychopath can do nothing about not being obsessed. Often psychopaths are so deranged by their minds that no sense can be obtained about anything. I walked within a psychopath one day and it left me so bewildered! I was constantly confused. I had no clear thoughts, not even a murderer experiences such inner confusion. It is the continual battle between thoughts occurring as they twirl around inside the persons mind. There was once this man that I walked in for a week. Boy oh boy was I glad to walk out of that! He was this lonesome man living in the city, far removed from anything we perceive ‘everyday life’. He had no job (he lived on the ‘dole’), had no ‘friends’, no family and lived within a picture. This picture consisted of himself, a tiny figure, living in a room filled with more pictures. Literally his walls were covered with hundreds of pictures. From naked woman, to cars, to machinery. All pictures that the mind uses to depict power. So this tiny man would become engulfed within all these pictures. Day in and day out he was the object of whichever picture he glanced at. I found within myself that when ‘we’ looked at a picture I actually experienced a reality within that picture. This of course is the mind trapped in absolute confusion. Therefore the likeliness that a psychopath kills is much less than that of a murderer, due to their inability to focus. Once the picture plays itself out then they step out of the image again. It is the loneliest existence imaginable. Think for a moment about yourself trapped in the mind’s inability to focus, direct or even communicate. Only brief moments where they access reality (when they do manage to work or socialize). Therefore you’ll find psychopaths mostly reclusive and unable to communicate (words are not valid as they mind cannot find sense in them). The communication for such a being lies within how they perceive these pictures and thoughts. Therefore, they won’t speak much as they see and experience their thoughts. Of course in a psychopaths experience within their interaction with others it lies within their silence that they actually can communicate. You think a psychopath is quiet. No, they have so much movement in their minds. Entire realities playing out, it is incredibly disturbing to be in their minds. Non stop realities, repeating themselves and often interlinking. The psychopath cannot direct these thoughts, they are the minds own creation (even though their directional abilities would be the mind). They seem unable to even break any one of these realities as they have no other reality to refer to! They watch you living your reality and it ‘seems’ normal to them that they cannot escape from theirs. Seems society cannot blame just the psychopath for being caught up in stories, hey? The man I walked in was fond of cats. I kid you not. How often do you watch a movie where the psychopath is fond of cats, cooped up in a little flat with fifteen cats? Seriously though they find animals very relaxing, especially cats, as cats generally have very low energy levels and tend to project calmness (more so then dogs). So he did indeed have two cats which he found as little kittens behind a dumpster. He found within them the peace that otherwise he would not have had. They lived day in and day out as near to him as possible (to assist him in being calm). Unfortunately this man was actually murdered (ironic actually as you now look at the mind set of the murderer) for his dole money. All because he stopped to look at a picture pasted on a wall. It was of a man riding on a motor cycle. He was so transfixed by this image (of himself racing about on this motor bike) that four thugs jumped out and robbed him, stabbing him in the chest. Even as he fell to the ground clutching at the bleeding wound, he never once left his vivid experience he was in with the motor bike.

It was not for many years after I realised my choices that I walk freely from these actions. Therefore I walked with many regrets. I had to realize that what I had allowed was not the murder or rape itself but rather the opportunity to understand every possible inch within such a person’s mind. Now I use these ‘skill’s’ to assist the beings caught up in these spirals. I cannot begin to tell you the gratitude that I experience within me when I turn a murderer against his/her own mind. I once walked beside a man for four weeks, day in and day out just to speak to him when those thoughts arose. I would stay by his side, just incase the infinite was not aware and therefore could not stop him (the mind can be much stronger than the desires of either myself or an infinite). You see even though the infinite part of yourself feels everything occurring with you it still occurs that they miss the smallest refractions. Sometimes infinites miss entire actions due to how a beings mind is able to project their intentions. In order for the infinite (that dimensional part of you that is fully aware of your every move) to control/direct a being they have to stand clear of all thoughts, therefore the mind must be locked within a slow movement so that all movements are detected. You see the mind has the ability to project thoughts, leading the being along until they then strike, creating only mere moments within which the infinite must intervene. Often not an easy task. So I have since the beginning of this process used everything I have learned to control and direct the beings minds. I have walked beside those with immense sorrow, I have touched a child’s face when nobody knew of it’s pain, when all the child feel is it’s detriment creeping through like a final swoop. Often I have prevented children from collapsing with shock by merely staying within them, keeping them calm. It has been a long road from my perspective due to all the things I have had to face within humanity. I have even been the man responsible for the murdering of many, having beings executed by cross fire. I have made decisions that would affect beings lives and I have walked beside beings to their death. I have been inside a woman walking to the edge of a building and watched as we jumped to our death, with only mere thought going through the mind. The being only sees this one option, death to bring relief to their constant fear.

All done so that with what is to come I walk tall and strong as it takes absolute focus and specificity within those moments to reach clarity. By clarity I mean clearing the effects within this world when one being experiences something. When a being takes their life (for example) the effects spread throughout the world. Nothing that happens within this world, does not affect another, it is that simple. We are one therefore all share within each the actions of others. That means however that the moment something becomes a factual deed (meaning it occurred and there is no going back) all of existence experiences (just for a moment) the actual meaning of that deed. Hence the fact that beings in this world are trapped so extensively, due to the extensive nature of the current mind sets within us all on earth. The deed (e.g. suicide) projects from there the actual meaning of that deed to the world that all you can do when you’re world is apparently coming to an end is to commit suicide. That projection then floats throughout the world and all beings then get subjected to that energetic. Therefore the next being that thinks about their ‘world coming to an end’ will then interpret this experience with suicide! Fascinating watching the energy flow into a beings mind and become their thoughts. So what I do(and many thousands of beings do that assist 3D) is walk beside the being and redirect the intention away as the deed is done so that this may not occur again and all are free within their own processes of self-realization and awareness as equality and life.

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