Transcending The Duality Paradigm

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ByDavid Nova | Deus Nexus


And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.

    – Mark 3:24-26


Yin-YangWhat is a duality paradigm, and why do we need to transcend it?

Duality exists in nearly every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual existence. We have day and night, light and dark, sun and moon, proton and electron, matter and energy – all examples of natural duality.

We are born male and female, with two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils. Even our brains are divided into hemispheres, left and right, one side generally considered analytical and the other creative.

For the most part, we are programed to prejudge all things in creation as either good or bad, better…

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Deprogramming (Part 4)


Observer Dependent

It is highly fair to say everything that stands as an upholded construct in this reality we are experiencing is completely dependent on us to give it its dominion over us. All the rules, laws and regulations that are used to govern humanity within a fixed system are only doing so because of our consent, this is obvious.

But why do we concede ourselves to a world that we are not particularly fond of or in agreement with? Why do we feel so powerless to have any effect on a virtual-reality that is completely observer dependent?

The Observer dependent field can be classified as all the items that need our validation in order to actually exist together with our validation. Things such as money, computers, global networking systems, stock markets, media outlets, governments etc, can only function together with our contribution, our partaking. Things that are not “alive”…

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Rectify your Agent Smith


Judgment, an autonomous function of the mind that serves to cement constructs in time together with its user, is a much more powerful mechanism than anyone would have ever thought. Judgment is an attempt by the mind to get you to agree to what the ego/mind-co-operator wants you (the I) to agree with. Remember, the mind and the digital hologram of the mind is built negative and this illusory veil is easy to succumb to for the novice neophyte.

Judgment occurring mentally functions via words, and behind the significance of the words that are being used to judge constructs within the hologram is unconscious detail ( the devil is in the detail) and  a form of energy you are projecting into materialization!  All thought contain energy and since everything “out there” is actually a projection from the  mind (All Mind), whatever you label it as, you label yourself as (agree)…

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